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Riddian stealthily sneak up behind Le Ann, who was inside the cabin at Saltiago town, reading from a spell book. Placed his arms around her waist, kissing her left cheek.

“You came here for me.” She smiled and turned to face him, tasting his lips.

“Yes,” Riddian replied.

“I’m scared Riddian,” Le Ann spoke, a bit jittery.

“Me too.” He embraced her and gently kissed her forehead. “But as long as I’m alive, I won’t let you get hurt.”

“I appreciate that. But-”

“I won’t lose you.” Riddian squeeze her tighter, never wanting to let her go. “I refuse to let these God’s use you for their own purpose.”

“You won’t lose me.” Le Ann smile, her eyes drenched in tears, hugging him back.

Their forehead meets each other and so did their gaze that ignite like sulphur under heat. He kissed her lips while removing her top. She removed his shirt and he quickly takes her to bed. Placed her to lie and hovered her, gazing down sadly at her. She looked up at him with relent eyes and take hold of him, pulling him next to her. Kissing him deeply and passionately.

He flips over to lie on his back and placed her on top of him. She started to nibbling at his neck and he took hold of her hair and gently stroking it. Riddian sit up suddenly, kissing Le Ann turbulently with the eyes closed.

“What are you doing here?” Riddian asked.

Le Ann was embarrassed seeing Killian seated at the burgundy Sofa well relax, staring at them with obscene eyes like he was a kid watching porn. She hastily gets off Riddian and covered herself.

“Oh, don’t stop on my account,” Killian voiced elated. “It was just getting to the good part.”

“Couldn’t you just knock?”

“It’s my cabin Riddian. Besides, it’s not everyday you get to watch live porn in this era. I was starting to have a hard on.”

“Get out of here, Killian?”

“So you leave me to babysit while you comfort your miserable sea serpent in her sea of paradise. That’s not nice, little brother.”

“Let’s just get out of here.” Riddian get out of bed, pick up his shirt from the floor and put it on.

“Well, don’t be shy darling,” Killian said, gazing at Le Ann obscenely. “You can get dressed too. After all, you don’t have nothing I haven’t seen plenty of times before.”

“I see your memories have returned,” Le Ann said, marching over to her blouse and get dressed. “I like it best when you don’t have them.”

“Then you wouldn’t have a powerful warlock who could protect you from the rogue Gods.”

“Did you find out how to ward off Le Ann from the God s radar,” Riddian asked earnestly.

“I can do better than that. I can make it seems like she doesn’t even exist.”

“You’re joking.”

“I never joke, little brother.”

“Anyway, what happened to the kids?”

“Now you ask about them.”

“Stop fooling around.”

“I left them home alone the minute you left. And don’t worry. No one can leave or get in that mansion without my approval. After all, it’s supposed to be Darrnavian God proof and more.”

“So you already did the spell.”

“Yes. Now all is missing is your little witch girlfriend, some booze and some pussy for my dick.”

“Is he always this enthusiastic,” Le Ann whispered to Riddian disturbed.

“Pretty much,” Riddian responded dully.

“Stop talking behind my back,” Killian complained. “Now let’s go to the mansion.” He appeared next to Riddian and Le Ann, taking hold of the two, then vanished from the cabin with them.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea wanting to stay here?” insecurely asked Tamarin, who was seated next to her little sister on a three seater sofa in the living room of Garden Villa mansion.

“Yes,” answered Caitlyn. “I thought you were over that earlier.”

“I tried to go outside, but the doors won’t open. I think they have made us their prisoners.”

“Relax Tamarin.”

“How can I relax? We are staying in the home of vampires,” Tamarin was beyond terrified. “It’s your fault why I agree to stay here. Now I’m starting to regret that decision. I should have to leave with you when I have the chance.”

“Stop being so dramatic.” Caitlyn chortled.

“This is not funny, Caitlyn. I mean, I need something to drink, but there weren’t anything but alcohol. It’s like this is a big liquor store.”

“Have you tried the pipes?”

“No.” Tamarin gazed at her sister, irritated.

“Doesn’t it feel nice to actually be somewhere for the first time in a long time where we don’t have to worry about being chased or exposed?”

“I’m still worried, Caitlyn. As long as Aldine is out there, we are never safe.”

“You know, Luka promised last night he would take me here today. It’s not how I imagined it would be once I’m here, but I’m still here.”

“You are smitten by that vampire boy, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Are you sure you’re not under his becharming powers, because it seems so sudden.”

“Dryads can’t be becharmed.”

Tamarin smiles a bit and then hugged Caitlyn. “I know.”

“Speaking of boys. That Luke boy seems to like you very much.”

“I’m not into vampire boys.”

“I’m just saying.”

“What are you girls plotting?” asked Killian upon appearing in the room with Riddian and Le Ann. “I hope you’re not planning on running away.”

“I’ll be in you’re room.” Le Ann kissed Riddian’s cheeks and then headed up the staircase.

“I see she’s upset with me,” Killian chortled, amused. “A woman can get really cranky when she gets aroused and not have an orgasm.”

“Killian! There are children in the room.” Riddian voiced sternly.

“Where?” Killian uttered humorously. “Oh! The dryad sisters.”

Riddian gazed over at Killian with disapproving eyes before racing over to smack his forehead with a finger, softly as possible but enough to make it hurt.

“That hurt,” Killian complain, rubbing his forehead gently. He then turned a palm slightly and Riddian left leg break, and he fell to the floor in pain. “Never pissed off a powerful warlock. Even if he’s your brother.”

Killian’s release Riddian from the spell and smiled chirpily. “It seems like we have guess.” He pointed a hand towards the front door, and it opened and outside on the porch was eight demi Gods. Thomas, Maurice, Declan and Heartimist was included. The other four are known as Edward, Panton, Carla and Alia. All looked no older than eighteen and very pleasing to the eyes. “Oh it’s them.”

The demi god’s all entered the living room and the front door closed shut. They all in an instant take a seat at the available sofas except for Declan who preferred to stand.

“Where is the witch?” Declan demanded.

“Don’t worry about her,” Killian answered. “She is safe here.”

“I see you are no longer a vampire, Killian McHale.”

“You have sharp eyes has usual, Declan,” Killian stated with a smirk all over his face.

“Did you create the spell?” Thomas questioned.

“No,” Killian answered. He then walked over to where Maurice, who looked way younger than he was before, about seventeen years old. Sit and make sneering eye contact. “I see. You managed to reincarnate the dead demi god’s, Thomas. How on earth did you do that?”

“That’s a secret, Killian,” Thomas replied.

“So now that we are all gathered here,” Riddian said. “What now?”

“We wait until the Gods make their moves,” Thomas said.

“Does that mean you are all staying here?”

“Is that a problem?” Declan asked sternly.

“Not at all.” Riddian chortled tensely.

“Now I need to see the witch.”

“OK.” Killian snapped a finger and Le Ann appeared in the room with a shocking expression on her face. “Happy now Declan.”

Le Ann gazed at Killian pissed, “Don’t ever do that again.”

“You just have to show off, don’t you?” Thomas voiced amused.

“Yes,” answered Killian proudly.

“Where is Jullian McHale by the way?”

“Who knows, he’s probably out having sex.” Killian laughed hard. “The possibility of Jullian out having casual and random sex is nil. He’s probably out doing whatever.”

“These girls,” Heartimist said gazing at Caitlyn and Tamarin who were brimming with fear, observantly. “They are dryads, aren’t they?”

“Yes they are,” Riddian responded. “But they are off limits, do I make myself clear?”

“Of course they are.” Heartimist smirked.

“I’ll be taking Le Ann with me if anyone doesn’t mind.” Riddian took hold of Le Ann arms, heading up the staircase.

“Don’t go having sex without me watching,” Killian teased.

Heartimist speed over to Killian poking his chest flirtatiously, “So you are mortal now. I wonder if you can still keep up with me.”

“I have a mortal dick now, so please don’t crucify it.”

“Let’s have se-” Heartimist gazed back at Caitlyn and Tamarin, just remembering there were children in the room. “Coitus.”

“I would speed you up my room, but I’m no longer a vampire.”

Heartimist picked Killian up in her arms.

Remember to use protections kids,” Thomas chortled obscenely.

Suddenly the entire mansion started to rumbled and Caitlyn and Tamarin was scared.

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