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“Oh God, Just when it was about to get to the good part.” Killian stood facing the front door with his palms held out.

“What’s going on, Killian,” Declan asked.

“The Gods are breaking through my spell.”

“I thought they couldn’t break it,” Thomas snorted.

“They shouldn’t be able to break it, since this is a containment barrier, like the void. And I know what you are thinking, Vee Naa broke the Gods out of the void, but this barrier is even stronger than the void. Oh well, it can’t be help.”

“What do we do now, then?” Heartimist asked.

“It’s obvious. Prepare for battle,” Killian replied.

The front door blast opened and entered the Darrnavian Gods, Tot Tian, Raid DaLee, Ka DAar, Aaid Den and Vee Naa.

“It seems you’re a warlock again,” Vee Naa gazed at Killian amorously from head to toes.

The demi God’s were all in battle mood.

“I thought I had already killed some of these pest,” Ka DAar scoffed. “Oh well.” He took out the flaming Phoenix blade. “It seems I have the opportunity to kill you all again.”

“You two out of here.” Killian snapped his fingers at Caitlyn and Tamarin, and they were teleported out the room.

“Where is the amulet of lost soul?” Vee Naa demanded. “We searched all over the world, and she was nowhere to be found. It’s like she has vanished from off the face of the earth. Since you are a warlock again, Killian. I bet you have something to do with this.”

“And what if I did?” Killian goaded.

“For a mortal, you are quite cocky.” Vee Naa quickly stood before Killian, taking a hold of his neck, lifting him from the floor.

Killian shoved Vee Naa backward with a powerful force of magic. “It seems you have mistaken. I may be mortal now, but I’m not as weak as I was three thousand years ago.”

“Make sense since you not only possess Delikia magic which is said to be the most powerful magic of all, but you have the knowledge to execute strong spell that can be harmful to even our Godly vessels,” Ka DAar voiced impressed. “That is why you and your brothers. And all these demi trash need to die here.” He opened a palm, and everyone in the room was shoved back to the wall by a powerful wave of energy.

The demi God’s, who have instantly recovered from the earlier blast, each took on a Darrnavian God for battle. Heartimist against Vee Naa. Maurice and Panton against Tot Tian. Alia against Ka DAar. Thomas and Edward against Aaid Den. Declan against Raid DeLee.

They all engaged in a brutal combat, punching and kicking each other. But their strength seemed equally matched and so were their speed. And the force from their blows break the mansion apart. Piece by piece.

Thomas and Aaid Den fist collided and there was a great tremor that quakes the earth. Afterwards, lightening blasted Thomas away. Vee Naa punched Heartimist to the ground and blocked Carla attack from behind, tossing her to the floor.

Maurice and Panton simultaneously punched Tot Tian in the stomach and, the god blasted right through the wall. Tot Tian appeared behind the two in an instant, blasting them with a ball of light. Killian take hold of Tot Tian in his telekinetic magic and blasted him with powerful lightening magic.

“Enough of this!” Vee Naa yelled, shattering what’s left of the mansion to pieces. “We came here for the amulet of lost soul, not to fight an endless battle.”

All the Gods appeared at Vee Naa’s side. Synching their powers to locate the Amulet of lost soul. In the battle earlier, Vee Naa sensed for a brief moment it’s presence close by. So she concluded that Killian’s magic was masking it somehow, therefore she requested the help of her fellow Gods to locate it.

“Stop them before they find her?” Killian yelled at the demi god’s, but it was too late. Before they could react, the world around them crumbled. Then it as if they were transported from one dimension to another. To be more precise, in the living room of the McHale brothers home. It was in perfect condition, as if there wasn’t a battle there just now.

“As I thought, we were in some alternate realm created by magic,” Vee Naa said. “Impressive, Killian, but this is where it ends for you all.” In a blink, she went up to Riddian’s room. Retrieve Le Ann and return to the side of her fellow Gods.

“No!” Riddian with all his might speed towards Vee Na, with the intention to kill. However, Aaid Den got in his way, knocking him down on his ass. Sealing him in a field of lightening. And when he tried to break free, Jullian who arrived at the scene just now, assist the God to keep Riddian at bay.

“Brother, why?” Riddian felt a sense of betrayal and confusion. “Why are you helping the Gods?”

“I’m sorry, little brother,” Jullian stated apologetically to Riddian. He then shouted. “Now!” Then tossed a golden marble (The stone of gin) toward Vee Naa and her fellow gods. And Aaid Den instantly unleashed his lightening powers to its max, trapping his fellow Gods in a field of lightening. The mansion didn’t survive the blast. Killian also used a spell to strengthened Aaid Den’s powers to ensure the gods has no path of escape from what about to happen next.

“What’s the meaning of this Aaid Den?” Ka Daar gnashed his teeth. Pissed that he didn’t notice that they had walked into a trap until it’s too late.

The demi Gods wanted to take the opportunity to rescue Le Ann, but Jullian demanded that they stood their ground if they want to live. And they did.

“This is pointless.” The arrogant Vee Naa tried to break free from the lightening field, but find it very difficult. It was as if something was devouring her strength. It was that mysterious golden stone. Just what the hell is it?

Ka Daar and the other two gods who tried to free themselves but was unable to. Their powers were being devoured as well. But that didn’t stop them from continue trying to gain their freedom.

“You bastards!” Vee Naa voiced her displeasure.

“Don’t feel too bad, Vee Naa that your scheme has fail. Oh, and remember earlier you were bragging about how this is where it ends for all us,” Killian smirked. “Tsk tsk. You poor soul. But you were somewhat right. This is where it ends. For you and your comrades, that is.”

“If you don’t let us out of here, Aaid Den, I will kill that mortal lover of yours.” Vee Naa threatened.

“I know she’s already dead,” Aaid Den voiced angrily. “And for that you two (Ka Daar and Vee Naa) will suffer for all eternity.”

“Jullian, what’s going on here?” Thomas asked.

“Long story short, Killian and I came up with a way to trap these Darrnavian Gods. But to do so we had to use Le Ann as bait,” Jullian explained.

“Not only was she bait, but she is fuel. She will be a sacrifice to assure the successful imprisonment of the rogue gods,” Killian added.

“No!” Riddian uttered terrified. He was even trembling. The thought of losing Le Ann is too frightening. “Don’t do this. Please.”

“I’m sorry Riddian it’s the only way to keep this world safe,” Jullian stated firmly.

“No. There must be another way.”

“Killian, complete the spell right now,” Aaid Den command. Even though his fellow gods powers are being weakened by the stone of Gin (the golden marble) he can feel them fighting with all their might to break free of his power.

And as Killian was about to do something. Riddian, who manage to overcome the powers that was holding him at bay, Sprang at Killian. However, he was stopped by the combined force of the demi gods. If what Jullian and Killian plans help protect this world. Then, of course, they will all see it right through to the end. No matter the cost.

“Killian, don’t do this, please. Please!!!” Riddian screamed.

But Killian ignored Riddian. No matter how it wrung his heart to do this to his little brother. Take away the woman he loves. But he has no choice. Sure, Riddian will hate him even more for this. But it is what it is.

He chants a few words and Le Ann body light up like a bulb and her screams were ear-piercing and agonizing. And It destroys Riddian’s heart and soul that he was powerless to stop her sufferings. Stop this from happening.

Afterwards, she broke apart, and her pieces became like a blanket, enveloping the four trapped Gods. Shrink to the size of a marble before getting devoured by the stone of gin. The stone of gin then vanished out of existence due to a spell that Killian cast.
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