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At the intersection of St Lucia Street and Barnett Street in the town Felicity, Killian appeared. Firmly holding LeAnn in his arms like a mother holding her child. He smiled obscenely looking down at the frightened LeAnn trying to catch her breath. “Did you enjoy the ride?”

“Don’t ever, do that again.” LeAnn pounded his chest to let her down to her feet and that he did.

“Is that your first real time ridding with a true vampire?” Killian teased.

“How are we going to find Riddian?” LeAnn asked to avoid his creepy flirting.

“Well for starters I could tear into the mind of everyone who resided in this town until I find out where those bitches have taken my brother.” Killian responded as he walked along the side-walk, heading down St Lucia Street. “Or my favourite way, destroy everything until I stumbled on my brother.”

LeAnn tagged along behind him. “You don’t need to get that violent.”

“Then lets asked around for clues,” Killian turned to face LeAnn and say amused.

He then quickly seized a suspicious male vampire by the neck from behind an alley and returned to the spot where he left LeAnn standing a bit petrified.

“Why are you following us?” Glaring into the vampire eyes, he asked.

“Lady Skylar had assigned every vampire in town to track you down and report your whereabouts to her,” the vampire replied under the influence of Killian’s becharming powers.

“Tell me where I can find Maria?” Killian asked in a more aggressive tone.

“I don’t know. But all her vampire followers including myself always meet with her at the underground Tavern below Felicity Hotel, the Dark Allen.”

After ripping the vampire’s head from his body, Killian confronted LeAnn with a board smile plastered across his face. “Let’s go little witch.”

“Oh no,” LeAnn protested. “I’ll walk this time.”

“Suit yourself little witch.” He smirked.

Terror overwhelmed the crowd of vampires gathered inside Dark Allen at the sight of Killian; who wears the smile of a mass murderer entering alongside his beautiful female companion LeAnn. Skylar, who sat at the bar counter tried to dodge Killian, but she was intercepted by him before she could take a step out the back exit.

“Look who I’ve run into again,” Killian said tauntingly.

Skylar felt as if she was being crushed by a mountain under the gaze of the menacing figure before her. It was so damn hard to even breathe.

“If you hurt me then you will never see your brother again.”

“You shouldn’t have done that love.” Killian pinned Skylar to the wall by the neck strangling her, “Where is Riddian?”

Ten vampires charged towards LeAnn. And the minute they got close enough to her, they disperse to ash by telekinetic energy.

“If anyone thinks they are dumb enough,” Killian addressed all the remaining vampires inside the tavern with a smile. “Touch one strand of hair on that pretty little witch’s head and the consequences will be severe.”

The vampires that were cautiously waiting for a chance to strike: lost all their wits to fight after bathing in Killian’s vicious dark aura that spreads about the room like a dense fog.

“I see Peru has put a lock on your mind,” Killian said, setting his focus back to Skylar. “I guess I can’t just easily becharmed the information of her whereabouts out of you either.

A cold grin displayed on his lips. “Oh well, I guess I have to continue ripped into your skull until I find what I want.”

“I’ll tell you what you want to know.” Skylar yelled agonisingly. Her head felt like it was being hammered into. Not by a jackhammer, but by Killian’s telepathic powers. “Just please make it stop.” But the pain got even worse. “Your brother is deep within the woods inside Rockwood cave.”

Piercing one of the anguish daggers into Skylar stomach, Killian smile wretchedly watching Skylar, who is now on the ground screaming endlessly. Due to the sudden overwhelming pain that writhes her body. “Hurt like a bitch doesn’t it?”

“What the hell is that dagger?” LeAnn trembled, feeling a bad vibe from the anguish dagger.

“It’s called the anguish dagger,” Killian answered. “It’s able to cause endless pain with the slightest cut.”

“Let’s just go rescue Riddian,” LeAnn said. The sooner she finds Riddian, the sooner she gets to be away from Killian.

“Yes, but first.” Killian used his telekinetic powers to slaughter all the vampires, then marched over to the bar shelf taking a bottle of vodka and have a long drink.

He belched aloud after removing the bottle from his mouth. “That was fun.”

“Was that even necessary?” LeAnn frowned disgusted by Killian’s cold-blooded fetish for destruction and death. “You already get the information you wanted to know.

“Why are you so cruel?”

His annoyed gaze settled on LeAnn. If he knew this witch was going to be a thorn in his side, he would have left her at that damn cabin. He could just kill her, but for Riddian’s sake he won’t. But she’s begging for death pestering him about meaningless things.

“You know she is not dead right.” LeAnn gazed down at Skylar on the floor suffering from an epileptic seizure. Then her eyes settled on the anguish dagger. “She is just suffering because of that dagger.”

Killian took another drink from the vodka bottle. It’s the only way he could bear with this witch at the moment. “Believe me I can relate to how it feels.”

“What are you going to with her?” LeAnn asked though she knew it was nothing good.

“I never really thought about that.” Killian paused for thought. “I guess I’ll just toss her into the lake on my way to the woods. So she can drown for all eternity.

“The perfect punishment for her, don’t you think? After all she did conspire to kill me not once, but twice.”

“Can we just go now?” LeAnn asked impatiently.

“Very well little witchy.” Killian scooped her up in his arms. “But this time we are travelling first class via vampire speed.” He then flashed away from the scene before she could protest.

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