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“Where is that Skylar?” Peru stated disgruntled upon entering the Rock wood cave. “There was a sighting of Killian in town.”

Maria observed Riddian’s mummified corpse shackled to the boulder before her, then said, “She went to Dark Allen earlier.”

“There was a massacre at the Dark Allen a moment ago. Killian slaughtered every vampire there.”

“Where is Killian right now?” Maria was a bit tense and frightened inwardly, but she kept a calm posture when she turned to regard Peru.

“I’m right here.” Killian placed LeAnn to stand then glanced over to the mummified corpse shackled to the boulder behind Maria and instantly he knew it was his younger brother. His eyes glowed red with fury. “What have you done to him?!”

“We told you he was dead, but you didn’t believe us.” Peru pointed at the boulder where Riddian’s corpse is bind. “There is your proof now. He’s been like this all day.” She was curious to know how Killian was able to remove the anguish daggers, but his female companion answered that question. It was faint, but she can sense magic coming from her.

“No.” LeAnn shuddered to her knees at the sight of Riddian’s corpse. She could sense a strong dark magic emitting from the corpse. That must be what killed him.

Killian groaned agonizing. Suddenly, his body ache and his powers weakened, due to being in the presence of the thorn blade and the demolisher that Maria had stashed away close by. However, he somehow managed to maintain his overpowering status. “My brother can’t be killed, Peru.”

An amused smile curved Peru lips. “I’m sure if he wasn’t dead, he would be revived by now. Instead, he remained a mummified corpse.”

“He is cursed.” Killian clutched his fist tightly. It’s the only way to explain the state Riddian is in. It better be.

“Then that’s all the more reason to believe he’s dead,” Peru responded elated, making eye contact with the furious Killian. “The blade Maria used to impale him. The demolisher was designed to kill a full powered elemental like your self. Imagine the effect on one who is much weaker than you are.”

Swiftly, Killian charged at Maria. But before he could land a lethal blow, Maria quickly pulled out the in the demolisher strapped beneath her dress, and he prostrated to the ground.

With the little strength he could muster, Killian attempted to attack Maria once more, but he stumbled yet again before he could hit his target. His skin turned charcoal-grey.

“What’s the matter Killian?” a humorous smile expressed on Maria’s lips. “You look really sick.

“Allow me to cure your illness.” Swiftly, Maria move towards Killian. Targeting the demolisher for his heart. However, LeAnn intervened. Hitting her with a powerful energy wave of light before the blade could penetrate Killian’s chest.

“Stay out of this little witch.” Peru used magic to tossed LeAnn aside like the wind would a plastic bag.

“I’ll make you both suffer for killing Riddian.” LeAnn managed to stand though her body ache with pain. And with a powerful blast of light, hit Peru who was about to attack her to the ground. She then used a magical shield she conjured up to blocked Maria’s sudden attack from behind.

Colliding against the shield, Maria was tossed backward by a powerful force of magic to the ground.

“You impudent brat!” At the sound of Peru’s voice and vicious aura, the whole cave rumbled. Dark energy emits from her palms, blasting LeAnn back to the wall of the cave.

The charred Killian who gravelled on the ground eyes was portraying disbelief as he gazed up at his younger brother mummified corpse clinging to the boulder before him. He wanted to believe his brother is not dead, but the more he thinks about it. The more it became clearer to him that Riddian is.

“No. Wake up Riddian!”

In a flashed, Maria picked up Killian by the neck, raised him from the ground. Holding the demolisher to his chest and chuckled. “Poor thing. It seems being in a weakened state made you finally realized that your brother is truly gone forever.”

“Don’t be ludicrous.” Killian produced a small laugher though it pained his chest doing so. It’s been a very long time since he has ever felt this human feeling. Grief. And it made him sick. “My brother is not dead.”

Two powerful balls of light conjured by LeAnn, targeted Maria. Unfortunately, they vanished due to Peru’s magic before they could do any damage. Peru then violently smashed and glued LeAnn to the cave wall with binding magic to prevent her from further interfering in Killian’s demised.

“You still can’t come to the reality that your brother is dead?” Maria faked being concerned. “That’s so sad. Allow me to put you out of your misery forever Killian McHale.”

She pierced Killian with the demolisher to the heart and his body instantly drowned with pain beyond that of the two anguish daggers combined. His charcoal skin slash open from the inside out. Bones cracked into fragments and his cries were loud and mournful like a slaughtered beast.

This seemingly endless torture lasted for approximately twenty-five minutes. He took one final breath, and then it was over. Killian is dead.

Maria and Peru exchanged looks of satisfaction. Afterwards, Maria released Killian’s corpse to the ground which shattered into many small pieces like a broken glass and in a jiffy stand next to Peru.

“What should we do with her?” Peru questioned Maria regarding LeAnn.

“I don’t care about her. Killian is dead. Let’s get out of here and celebrate the good news with everyone.”

At the snapped of Peru fingers LeAnn was freed from the magic that bind her. “Consider yourself a lucky young witch.”

And just has both women were getting ready to leave, an outburst of visible dark aura gathered within the cave. Evoking a massive earthquake, cracking the walls and blasted the three women to the ground.

“Peru, what is happening?” Maria shockingly gazed across at Peru who lay next to her on the ground vomiting blood. “Why can I still feel that monster’s aura? He’s dead, isn’t he?”

Perceiving the nude figure of Killian forming from the vicious dark aura, Maria and Peru was stunned to the point of having a heart attack.

His scary dark eyes targeted both women, and they were lifted from the ground by the violent aura present in the cave. Tossed all about like a bouncing ball before crashing to the quaking ground.

Peru tried to bind Killian with her magic, but it was ineffective.

Killian slightly gazed back at Peru, and she was hit to the wall by the black aura. The witch was then lifted from the ground, stretched apart until her arms and legs were torn from her limbs. Her head savagely wrung from her shoulders and as for the rest of her body it dispersed into the air like grains of sand.

Maria attempted escaping, but Killian blocked her only route of exit. Seizing her by the neck. She stabbed at him with the demolisher and the black aura like a protective armour cloaked his skin preventing the blade from piercing him.

The aura then like little worms crawl up the blade to the handle and Maria was force to release it, but it didn’t fall to the ground. It remained the same forcing itself to penetrate through Killian’s barrier of aura.

The cloak of dark aura then injected itself into the blade until the blade was filled to the capacity with power and shattered to pieces.

Maria eyes almost fell from the head watching her great weapon destroyed as if it was nothing.

Killian took the thorn blade from beneath Maria dress strapped to her right thigh, stabbing her to the heart, and she burst into flames. Burning to ash.

Fixing his gazed at the severely injured LeAnn, who was crawling in the direction where Riddian’s corpse situated. Killian attacked her mind with a strong telepathic energy, which caused her head to feel as if it was about to explode.

Her body was then clasped and lifted from the ground as if by an enormous invisible hand.

“Killian! You’re hurting me,” She screamed before passing out.

And just as he was about to finish her off, a young male identical to Killian with glowing crimson eyes stood before the berserk Killian with a vague smile. “Everything will be fine little Kill. There is no need to be angry or sad any more.”

“Jullian,” Killian muttered before passing out on the ground. Shortly after all the shaking and breaking came to an end.

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