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“I was getting there.” Jullian paused to grin before continue saying. “I used the power of your newly evolved core to cancel the magical effects of the demolisher and to dispel the subvert hex, thus fitting his four remaining pieces of the core back together and now is core is in the process of restoring itself completely.

“However, if I had waited a day longer. Then Riddian’s core fragments would have been completely destroyed by the lingering powers of demolisher that remained in his body. Then he would have truly died.”

Tears gathered in Killian’s eyes, but he quickly wiped it away so that Jullian wouldn’t notice, but he did.

“Are you crying?” Jullian face lit with amusement.

“Where is Riddian? I need to see him.” Killian steered the topic of their conversation back to Riddian to dodge Jullian’s childish taunting.

“He’s at home resting.” Jullian lips curled at the sight of the awkward expression on Killian’s face. For a brief moment Killian reminded him of the former Killian. The brother he loved whole-heartedly.

“Then I’ll get going.”

“Wait.” Jullian took hold of Killian before he could leave and hugged him tightly. A feeling of joy and sadness dwells within his heart, tears gathered in his eyes even. It was then he had truly realized that he missed his brother dearly despite their differences.

“What is it?” Killian wanted to return the warm hug, but was hesitant due to the resentment he had buried deep inside his heart for Jullian, but still he was somewhat pleased.

“There are things that you, Riddian and I need to talk about concerning the Darrnavian Gods.” Slightly, Jullian pulled away from Killian with both his hands perched on Killian’s shoulder and smiled which made Killian felt even more uneasy. “But for now, I think it’s time for the three of us to catch up on things after being apart for so long.”

Clearing his throat, Quinn gained the attention of the brothers. “I hope I’m not intruding on anything special, but I heard what happened to Riddian. And I’m here to give my sincere condolence.

“You two must be devastated right now.” His tone was sad, but his face expressed pleasure.

“Ka Daar.” A bitter smile curled Jullian lips as he acknowledged the deity situated above. Laying in a relaxing posture with his right cheek rested against his palm as if he was on a divan. “Are you here to gloat about Riddian’s death?”

“To be honest, yes,” Quinn sounded elated.

“You worm.” Killian positioned himself to charge upward at Quinn, but Jullian stopped him. His fierce gazed settled on his older brother. “What do you think you are doing?

“Do you want to die that badly?”

“Calm yourself,” Jullian said to Killian. He then turned his attention back to Quinn after getting his brother to stand down. “Is that what you think happened Ka Daar? That Riddian is dead?”

“Are you trying to say I’m a liar?” Quinn chortled. “Well I know I am occasionally, but there is no way he could be alive after being pierced by that malevolent dagger in his vulnerable state. Besides, I saw him died through the eyes of that witch Peru yesterday morning.”

“Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Riddian is very much alive and well,” Jullian stated cockily. “He’s also no longer vulnerable, which means you lose your only chance of killing an elemental.”

“You are lying.” Quinn was stunned for a brief moment before returning to his normal jovial self.

“If my brother was truly dead,” Jullian voice chills the atmosphere. “Do you really think I’d be here wasting my time with you?”

Quinn scoffed annoyed. “This is irritating.”

“You have gained your freedom from the void to do as you are pleased and the first thing you could think of is to destroy my brothers and me? Don’t you have anything better to do with your eternal life?”

A spark of hatred burned Quinn’s eyes as he gazed down at the brothers. But his egotistical smile never faded. “Well, you and your brothers did trap me in the void for decades and let me just say that place stinks!”

“It seems three thousand years in the void didn’t teach you any good morals,” Jullian said.

“Nope, just revenge. Just know that I won’t stop until I eradicate you and your brothers from the face of the earth.”

A sudden gust of wind gathered at the scene and when it has calmed, a divine figure appeared levitating in the sky a few metres away from Quinn.

“Ric QuaAn.” Quinn was a bit astonished and yet curious by the presence of the young God. “What brought you here?”

“Haven’t you caused enough mischief for one day Ka Daar?” Ric QuaAn asked. His voice lacked warmth, and his appealing face was stern.

“Let’s play again some other time, Delikia brothers.” A dark hole appeared in the sky next to Quinn, and the minute he entered, it vanished.

“Are you alright?” Jullian addressed his little brother very concerned.

“Don’t pretend to be concern about me, brother. Because we both know you’re not,” Killian replied devilled. He shot a look of disdain up at Ric QuaAn before dashing away.

“You summoned me here because you want me to inform you about what Vee Naa and Ka Daar are planning.” Ric QuaAn with Godly speed appeared before Jullian. “Correct.”

“Yes,” Jullian replied firmly.

“I’m sure you are already aware that I cannot do so even if I wanted to. It’s against the law of Darrnavia to interfere in other Gods affairs.”

“I’m aware.” A vague smile appeared on Jullian’s lips. “But Vee Naa and Ka Daar are scheming something big, and I need to know what, so I can stop them.”

“You and your brothers are powerful vampires now, surely you can give Vee Naa and Ka Daar a much better fight than you did three thousand years ago.”

“Yes, but it still won’t be easy. Besides, I want to stop them without much damage to this world.”

“I won’t do anything that would jeopardize my status amongst the Gods,” Ric QuaAn voiced firmly.

“And I would never ask you to do such a thing.” Jullian smirked. “But could you do me a favour?”

“Name it.”

“Please come with me to Orphic Garden.”

“Why?” Ric QuaAn was a bit curious.

“No reason.” Jullian smile. “I just want to chill with my friend and have a drink.”

“Very well, I’ll accompany you to Orphic Garden.” Violent wind gathered about Ric QuaAn and Jullian, sweeping them away from the scene.

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