how does it snow?

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when your grandkid ask how does it snow, so you make it fun

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chapter 1- story time

“Grandpa? Could you tell me a bed time story?” Tommy asked.

“Yes Tommy I can. What would you like to hear?” Grandpa asked.

Tommy thought for a little bit then asked. “Grandpa, How does it snow?”

Confused by the question grandpa asks one his self. “Don’t you know how it snows?”

“No Grandpa.” Tommy confessed sadly.

Still confused Grandpa asked. “Didn’t they tell you in school?”

once again Tommy confessed sadly. “Well.... no.”

With a shocked look on his face grandpa said. “Well don’t worry because I know how it snows and I’ll tell.”

“Okay Grandpa.” Tommy replied happily.

Thinking on how to start the story. Grandpa replied. “Now tommy this is story might be long so I’ll break it up for you. Is that ok?”

Bouncing with joy Tommy replied. “Yes!”

“Okay now the story went like this.”




It was a long time ago. There was a very beautiful girl named Snow. Snow got everything she ever wanted when she wanted no matter the price or who she hurt in the process. She didn’t care because it was her way or no way at all. But the only reason she got what she wanted was because of her father. I don’t know exactly why he did it, but I’m guessing it’s because Snows mother passed way and he was away on business a lot so he gave her what she asked for.

One day Snow came home from school and noticed her father’s car was home. But so was someone else’s car was there too. Snows first thought was that he had got her a car. She ran inside to get the keys but as soon as she got inside she noticed something was totally wrong her father was sitting on the coach with some woman.

“Daddy who is she?” Snow demanded.

“Snow sweetie. This is Kelly my fiancée.” He replied.

“What!” Snow screamed.

“Now Snow honey.” Snows father started to say but Snow interrupted.

“I don’t care I want her out of here! You can’t marry her. Your suppose to love mom forever and always’s!” Snow yelled.

Snows father was not going to take it anymore he was starting to regret giving her everything she wanted and it was going to change now.

“No Snow. Kelly’s not leaving where getting married and I would hope that you would be mature about this. But I guess not, so if you’re going to be rude then go to your room.” He replied in a stern voice.

Snow stormed off to her room. As she was going she mumbled “I’ll never call her mom.”

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