The Omega Who Fought the Alpha

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"If these filthy whores want to f**k around let them f**k, but on my terms. Their holes get filled, my warriors can get the release they need, and I get a strong army," Alpha Nox smirked. The Alphas of this pack believe females were created to just serve and pleasure the male population. The selected women who service and serve the pack are sexually abused for pleasure and enhancing the Alpha's army. Amelie is an Omega born into Alpha Nero's pack. She was the one mistake that the Alpha made sure he would never repeat. She was adopted by an unexpected saviour but it wasn't enough to shield her from years of abuse and violence. Is she able to fight hard enough to take control of her body back and make a difference?

Fantasy / Erotica
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Alpha Nero and Alpha Nox

The Emperor Nero of ancient Rome was a tyrant. His reign was considered to be a dictatorship and his lifestyle full of decadence and debauchery. Alpha Nero wasn’t so different; in some ways, he was.

Standing at 6′4″ tall, slightly tan, dark brown eyes and matching hair, he was built like a Roman gladiator. He was the new Alpha of the Howling Moon pack. Although unlike Emperor Nero, Alpha Nero didn’t quite live such an opulent lifestyle, he didn’t really approve of debauchery but had grown to realise that it had its uses. It was a useful resource he used to buy his way into certain circles or to gain access to certain information.

He only just recently became an Alpha when he turned 18, as his father was unwell and his mother requested that he retire early. Nero was very much his father’s son and carried on in his footsteps as he was groomed to do. He was the eldest of three sons. His opinion of women, the world, his pack and what it should be was all very much derived from the grooming and tutelage of his father. His father, Alpha Nox not only content with successfully running a large and strong werewolf pack, was also a pioneer in research; he was not specifically a scientist himself but rather driving evolutionary improvements through research. By funding projects in his own pack, he had been able to facilitate some research programmes which were ethically questionable in nature. He had been a great believer that werewolves were a superior race, but not perfect. That through genetic research some of these imperfections or improvements could enhance their superiority. From a young age, Nero had been educated about these programmes and he had also played a role in developing them. The main objective from all of this was to become the strongest pack in the world - a cause dear to Nox’s heart. Nero was to pick up the baton and continue his legacy.

The most successful programme pioneered in the pack conceived by Nox was initially focused around healing, immunity and strength.

There is a treatment which when given to women, causes their breasts to swell up and lactate. Normal breastmilk is known to confer immunity to babies and to those that drink it. This modified milk that is produced is infused with antibodies that produce an immunity to silver and wolfsbane which are usually otherwise damaging and lethal to werewolves. The women used in the studies were mainly the promiscuous she-wolves of the pack. When the treatment was administered to male wolves it didn’t quite have the desired effect.

Another treatment programme building on the first one to use the same women with this immunity giving milk and getting them pregnant by a strong male. By then injecting the foetus with further enhancing treatments, it would make them not only immune, but stronger and faster. The end goal - use these loose women as breeding machines. There were pack sluts and whores aplenty that were always looking to spread their legs and fill their holes with meat. Nox looked down on these women and was disgusted by them, but he realised even they could contribute to society in their own valuable way.

Nero’s father was known for saying “If these filthy whores want to f**k around let them f**k, but on my terms. They can get all their holes get filled, my warriors can get the release they need, and I get a stronger army.”

In this way, new borns were born with the immunity and and stronger, the existing wolves could have conferred immunity through drinking breastmilk regularly.

The amount of brutality and lack of respect for human life during the programme (given they are trying to create life), was shocking. As an initial test experiment, one of the whores who had successfully produced silver and wolfsbane resistant antibodies was breastfeeding warriors who were showing increasing immunity to silver and wolfsbane. She was removed from her duties, placed in a room, and was fucked (raped) daily by the pack’s best warriors until she fell pregnant. Six months later, she gave birth to a baby girl. Although they knew it was a girl beforehand, they needed to test her. She tested positive for enhanced healing. immunity, strength and resilience but she was unfortunately, the wrong gender.

Nox was proud of his creation and yet hugely disappointed that such skills were wasted on a female. He ordered for the baby girl to be terminated. The chief scientist involved in the project Dr. Christian Conway loved his creation and couldn’t bear to see such a cruel disposal of life. Christian offered to adopt her as her poor mother was no state to look after her and he felt responsible for her predicament. Nox agreed reluctantly but in return pushed Christian to research ways into manipulating gender as he didn’t want an army of girls. Although this wasn’t strictly possible, Christian proposed that if he could deduce the gender of the child early enough he would know whether to inject the foetus with the enhancers or not.

Nox unfortunately had even more advanced ideas which really allowed him to put women in the place he felt they ought to be. It was decided that all the girls that were born from this programme would be trained to be whores. They would learn by the tender age of 16 how to please a man and would start off by pleasuring the warriors and feeding them their breastmilk. If they get pregnant along the way it was deemed a bonus. From 18 years of age, they would be expected to get pregnant. Beyond a certain age, once they had outlived their usefulness they would retire. Over the years, the system was perfected by Nox and by a growing Nero to a more efficient operation through trial and error to optimise the dosages and the test subjects. Now the first real batch of true warriors were going to mature into werewolves the same year Nero became Alpha.

To Nero, the process of perfecting evolution seemed a logical one. Although this conflicted with the idea of a supreme being creating werewolves in their image and that every wolf’s fate and mate is determined by them. Surely some mortal intervention could only help. As Nox watched women of questionable morals in the pack be thrown into servicing the pack and well serving the pack too one could say, he had noticed a decline in the numbers of women providing him his army. As the years passed by he and his father noticed that the life expectancy or usefulness of their so-called ‘factories’ were much lower than originally projected. Many women committed suicide, suffered from depression or other mental illnesses and this made them a lot less compliant even when they were drugged. This initial setback caused some delays and so Nox proposed to fill the gap by sentencing female offenders in the pack to a certain number of years of service which when rolled out was immensely unpopular but acted as good deterrent. So effective was this deterrent that female offenders quickly declined after this leaving another gap that needed to be filled.

Nox then proposed that for this dream to be realised, that unmated women from the pack would have to be nominated from each district on a rotational basis for a fixed number of years. There was a huge uproar at this from a majority of pack members and more so by the women. They felt it was a violation of their basic rights. As a result, the Alpha was forced to reconsider his approach as he felt he might lose pack membersand their support, and so he looked to those right at the end of the food chain; he looked to the unmated Omegas which were quite abundant in their numbers. They bore the brunt of pain and abuse inflicted. Unfortunately, being naturally submissive in nature and somewhat weaker, unpopular members of the pack their protests did not carry much traction or weight. Sadly, their fate became sealed and because nobody cared enough, they were left to suffer in silence while the rest of the pack slept safely and peacefully in their beds at night.

Nero took over Alpha as the time this new practice was agreed and he was curious to see how it would work. His Gamma would no doubt share the experiences from the warriors and the stories were usually quite graphic. It excited him. It would be inaccurate to say he hadn’t considered participating in the programme. After all his genes would guarantee strong and healthy offspring and his sexual needs would be fulfilled, but they would be his heirs not his soldiers. Sex was as pleasurable to him as it was to the next man. Nero had yet to find his mate and he didn’t indulge in sex often as he would have liked as he had a reputation to maintain. He considered taking on a mistress sometimes who he dreamt could become his chosen mate but nobody yet quite fit the bill. He didn’t hold a high opinion of women. Most of them he dismissed as his subordinates who he believed were placed on this earth for serving and pleasuring men and the stronger ones were for providing heirs.

Like father, like son....

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