The Red Sun

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The Red Sun is the second book in the Chainbreaker Series.

The Chainbreaker Series:

The Grey Ones
The Red Sun

Inspired by classical medieval fantasy, this story is an attempt to discover and analyse political as well as existential ideas—all wrapped up in a classic love story.

Whereas the first book mainly focused on the romantic development between two people of different cultures, this book is a deep-dive into the cultural differences and the tests a relationship in such a world could encounter. The conflicts, the tension, the politics; it all intensifies as the issues now enfolds more people. Drawing heavily from philosophical inspiration, all characters act upon beliefs and morals that create the foundations for their different cultures. The main questions explored are here: what is justice, what is solidarity, what is family, what is duty, what is belief, and what is the individual?

I hope you will enjoy this book, the world, and the conflicts and characters therein. I would be ever so grateful if you would leave a comment and a review!

L. E. Pearson

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