The Red Sun

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Honour thy God whose name is long forgotten, He who built paradise for Men to thrive.

Seek truth in the Vault and the Pillars, in the Structure that holds the Heavens and shelters Men.

Perform thy Duty to Him Who Builds and know thy place beneath the Vault that holds.

Honour thy Father, for he carries the wisdom of History and Future.

Honour thy Mother, for she carries the fruit of Labour and Suffering.

Obey thy Husband, he who shalt Lead.

Respect thy Wife, she who shalt Follow.

Carry thy Son, he who shalt Become.

Teach thy Daughter, she who shalt Give.

Love thy Peers, for they shalt love thee, and share with them the Grace which has been bestowed upon thee.

Protect the Frail as thine own, for Life shalt be held in Reverence above all.

These art the Pillars that erect the Vault; these art the Pillars that hold the Structure. Maintain them all thy life and earn thy place beyond the Void, for He Who Builds sees thee as thou shalt see Him. He Who Builds loves thee as thou shalt love Him.”

— The Pillars of the Vault, 1:1-12

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