Truth's Shackles

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Lies. You either tell them or don’t. They’re black and white they’re there or they’re not. Eboni is someone who always knows if you are telling them the truth and you would think her life would be pain-free and easy because of it. After all, there isn’t anyone who can trick her. And since her nation is at the brink of war with the neighboring Kingdom her gift would certainly come in handy. However, when plans change and the ruling council decides she should be taken as collateral by Drevenel she is forced to work as a spy. Her goal is to find the weapon that is rumored to be powerful enough to take down Xochi but to do that she has to say goodbye to her current life forever. Will Eboni be able to save her nation or will she be the first to succumb to this weapon?

Fantasy / Adventure
Chaos by Ollie
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

This is the first book I have ever written so comments and suggestions are welcome. I hope you enjoy it!


Chapter 1

It was pitch black in the house again, as it seemed to be every night, something about a mandatory curfew or whatever. No matter, I know my way around this place blindfolded. Besides, getting through the house silently isn’t exactly my problem. Silence is just one of my specialties. No, my problem was getting out of a military stronghold without getting caught. Tricky? Yes. Impossible? No, and in this case the darkness was more an asset than anything else. So I might actually be lucky for once.

I slowed down as I was about ten feet away from my exit and stopped. At first glance it was just a random window in an empty hall but to me it was something else, my favorite exit. It came complete with the least amount of guards and was more than likely the only possible way to sneak out. Granted there is bound to be a guard on patrol for this hallway, the General is not an idiot, in fact he is far from it.

Upon entering the hall, I quickly pushed myself against a wall to avoid the possible guard’s notice, silenced my other thoughts and concentrated. My ears strained as I listened for the guard to give away his position, or more accurately put, my ears strained hoping the guard would give away his position, everyone here is too well trained, which is not exactly the best thing for me at the moment, and I am too close to getting out to get caught now.

Come on lucky ravens, please let it be a trainee stationed here, please! I mentally begged. Is it really too much to ask to not be locked up here anymore? I don’t think it’s too much, in fact it’s perfectly reasonable in my opinion. Granted I know a few people who wouldn’t have the same opinion, but who cares about them. It took a moment but then I heard her. Just walking as if she was taking a stroll. I pushed myself further against the wall into the shadows again sending out prayers that this seemed a low risk area and it was just a trainee tonight.

The footsteps got closer as the guard continued her patrol route. Please by an idiot, please be unaware of your surroundings. I look around where I am and silently curse the General for his lack of decorating and making this such an empty hallway. I was so close! Dang it! The footsteps just get closer and closer. Her pace steady and unhurried. At least that’s one plus side for me if she isn’t running the General is probably still unaware I am no longer locked in that room. All I can do is hope that my black outfit is enough to hide me long enough to knock the guard out without alerting anyone else. I tense as I see the guard passing the hallway I am in and just as I am about to knock her out she keeps walking.

I pull myself away from the wall in shock. That was the most anticlimactic thing I have ever experienced, so much for being a military stronghold. If I ever have to retell this moment to anyone I might just embellish somethings. She escaped because of a lazy guard doesn’t exactly make me out to be some badass bitch, just a lucky one. I am almost disappointed. Whatever, I am still getting out of here.

I quietly walk over to the window, unlatch it, and climb out. I closed the window slowly, no matter how idiotic the guard was, I am not taking any chances she might actually do her job. Now all I had to do is creep through these bushes and over the wall that surrounds this place. Theoretically getting out of that house should have been the hardest part but I don’t think anything can possibly be easier than that. Seriously who walks past a hallway and doesn’t notice someone is there in plain view because there is literally nothing to hide behind. Nothing! Whatever it’s not that important I just need to get out of here. I start creeping through the bushes, as silent and as invisible as a gnat, but one that doesn’t annoyingly fly in front of your face because that would make me more of an idiot than that guard.

I make it a good halfway around the house’s perimeter when I hear his voice, and that would be where my luck runs out. Why can nothing ever go as planned!?

“I know you’re there, Eboni. You are not as sneaky as you would like to think.” He paused, his voice barely making any sounds, “Well not from me at least.” Is it possible to hear someone smirking? I swear I can hear his smirk.

I quickly thought through my options now that he knows for certain I’m here. The most obvious option is to just pretend I was never here and go back to that room, he wouldn’t say anything about it, he’d hold it over me but I wouldn’t be severely punished, but let’s be real I just got out of that room I am not going back just yet, even if I would like to see how many times I could get past that guard without her noticing. I could still sneak out I suppose; he is facing the other direction after all, but that’s not likely to work. I don’t have that much luck. The moon is out making everything quite visible and this one actually does observe his surroundings, for the most part, and he’d see me and probably still follow me. Screw it! I’ve got one real option now.

I silently stepped out of the shrubs, away from the shadows, slid the dagger out from within my boot and held it up to his neck from behind and whispered in his ear a bit dramatically, “Well I hate to say this Coren, but you’re just not as observant as you would like to believe either,” I laughed a little and removed my dagger “Oh, and you might want to turn around I am behind you after all.”

He quickly turned around and stared straight into my eyes. His emerald eyes flashed in annoyance, probably due to the fact he really thought he had me this time, and truthfully he would have if I hadn’t been behind him. He got over it quickly enough, sadly, and said, “Now that, my dear little sister, is where you are wrong, I am plenty observant. I am observant enough to know you would be here tonight, intelligent enough to know you would attempt to use that exact exit, and caring enough to accompany you on your little quest,” he put the word quest in air quotes and said it as if he believed it was anything but what I should be doing, all while staring down at me. No worries though, he received the same exact stare from me, it just wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

He, like I, was wearing all black. Not so much his combat clothes which are good for gunfire but his stealth clothes which are better for when you need to move quickly and quietly. Which showed that he, of course, knew what I had planned tonight. I swear one day I’ll get him to tell me how he always knows. Everything about him was neat and orderly, as it tends to be when one is in the military. Except for his hair of course. We both had thick loosely curled hair, probably with more of a wave then a curl really but where mine was long and needed to be pulled back into a tight ponytail, his was only a couple inches and naturally stacked on top of his head. Where mine was a deep chocolate brown like our father’s his took after our mother’s with a more dirty blond shade. Although I am not completely sure if his hair is actually dirty blond or it just looks that way because he always has dirt in it from training in the sandpit outback. And of course, his defining feature, it is always messy. He is always the perfect poster child for a clean shaven, neat, and orderly soldier but his hair makes an exception. It always makes an exception. No matter how many times I pester him to cut it, or at least maintain it he always responds with how the ladies like a bit of mischief in a man. He is truly insufferable.

I probably could have kept staring him into submission but I didn’t want the real guards posted in this area to come and spot us, I couldn’t possibly be lucky enough to encounter two completely useless guards in a row, so I ended our little stare down and responded with, “I’m going to have to stop you right there. One I never said anything against your intelligence nor your ability to care so your last two points are invalid to the argument. Two you are not coming with me, three you know this is the only available exit so who cares, and four you knew after what happened I would inevitably be leaving soon. So, I do believe that makes all your precious little points, my dearest brother, invalid. Now if you would kindly step aside and let me get off of these grounds, I will be on my way before the General is any the wiser.” I made to move around him, but he shifted his position to block my path.

“I’m coming with you and that is final. If you would like to continue our idiotic little tiff, I suggest you do so when we are both farther away or else the General really will catch on.” He gave me that smug expression that told me he knew he had just won. Afterall picking a fight with Coren was useless, he always won.

“Fine, just stay out of my way” I tried to sound frustrated but in all honesty, I was glad he was joining me, I wouldn’t be anywhere without Coren.

“You know for someone who makes a living in lies you would think you would be better at telling them,” he laughed.

“Oh shut up and let’s get going,” I stated, continuing on my way.

“Honestly I don’t even know why you still bother to pick a fight with me,” he said following behind me.

Ignoring him I continue making my way over to the gates when Coren grabbed my arm and pulled me back, “Hold up we can’t go that way tonight, he suspected you would try something stupid and has more guards out than usual over there. We have to go this way instead and scale the fence.”

“Shit! That fence is twelve feet high!” I groaned but headed in the direction he had just suggested anyways, when I realized something and stopped in my tracks, “Wait, are you actually being helpful for once?” I said with fake astonishment.

“Oh shut up would you.”

I just laughed and we crept back around the house to scale the fence to the east instead, and I must say we were over it quite speedily. The General must have really put all the extra guards up front tonight, what good that did. Well and the fact that Coren was more than six feet tall helped a lot too, but he doesn’t need to know that.

Once we were over Coren turned to me and all the amusement and sibling banter left his eyes as he said, “I’ll give you the respect of only asking this once, are you absolutely sure you want to do this, today of all days?”

I looked down at my feet for a couple seconds and I definitely looked ready. I was wearing all black from my combat boots to my leather jacket. Even my brown hair looked black in the shadows of the moonlight. But I knew my brother wasn’t referring to if I was dressed for this, he was asking if I was mentally stable enough today. I shifted my gaze to the sky before looking him straight in the eyes and saying, “Yes, it’s what I need to do right now. Are you?”

He too looked at the sky briefly before giving me a curt nod and saying, “Well alright then let’s get going, the sooner we start the sooner we get back.” I simply scoffed in response and we both slid behind our masks of a commander that we readily put on every single day. I’d rather we didn’t go back.

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