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Fantasy / Adventure
I.K Scott
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who is she

Nil-ah ran through the forbidden dark-forest the dim moonlight, becoming beautifully luminescent, as it reflected the thousands of leaves, lighting the dark sodden forest floor. the coldness of the night draping over the forest like a blanket, the scent of wet earth filled the air

She used her forearms to shove aside the branches that reached out like claws, keeping her from escaping! the TERRIFYING sound of a wet snarling growl,, vibrated her eardrums sending a jolt of fear into her bones. " HURRY! GO!GO! FASTER! she thought.

Her lungs burned, but she could breathe. The cramp In her stomach hurt but she can keep running. she stumbled over a fallen tree as she tried to jump over it, SHREIKINGin fear as she felt spit from the creature hit the back of her neck.
Catching her self on one of the extended branches of the fallen tree she swung her self upright, and changed direction, she wouldn't be eaten or mauled, by whatever monstrous beast was praying upon her. no she had a plan

she could sense it gaining on her!

NO! she thought NO! RUN NIL-AH! RUN!
her white billowy dress now torn to shreds by the roughage and the cold chill tightening her muscles. but the terror of not knowing what she was being chased by drove her on.

She turned her head back to try and get a glimpse of the monster as she did that, her foot slid neatly into a old oaks root,
it got caught.

and Nil-ahs momentum sent her flying forward, over the root and her stuck foot, the fibula bone popped out of the side of her ankle, at that moment she hadn't realized. Her adrenaline coursing through her veins and as she fell she was able to see what it was chasing her.

The largest wolf she had ever seen it looked a little like a human, with a glowing little bug hovering in the air above. it had lunged at her just as she had fallen down and the flying little thing flew right into her face to quickly for her to get a good look at it, but she swatted at it anyway while trying to pull her footlooseto panicked to feel the full extent of the pain.

she glanced up to see the creature had landed a ways away and she could see, the massive body, muscles the strength, its ears twitched and pointed back in her direction before it whipped its head around meeting her eyes,fear struck her like train.

the golden iris of the wolf-like creature shined like a beacon on the sea and it bored straight into hers and she felt a dark coldness come over her frightening yet somehow familiar before she could think another thought, the creature turned its back, rose onto its hind legs and leaped a foot away from her!

she screamed and struggled to free her self, by now her fear was high but the adrenaline that kept away the pain had worn a bit, and siring pain tore through her leg up and up her spine like a bullet sending her into shock or was it fear she thought.

The creature now walking slowly towards her closing the short distance swiftly even with the slow strides, its snout sniffing the air as it looked everywhere but at her. she couldnt think or move just shiver,"I am going to die she thought" she was blacking out.

She swatted at the glowing bug one last time then, just as the shadows crept all the way in from the edges of her vision,
she thought she heard someone speak

" Soloman Soloman come quicky! I think she's hurt, oh what are we going to do? the queen will have us gutted if we bring her injured!"

" shut up you imbecile we will bring her to the hags"

Solomon took the last step, that left him standing over the girl tiny but fierce. The girl he thought will be a challenge, it is hard to teach the willful, and through the stench of fear, he could pick up the very prominent odor of power raw unleashed power.

" but how will we get her ther without being seen!

Solomon just grunted in response his senses were heightened, His SNOUT TWITCHED and he began to salivate, the strong scent made him ponder if a small bite, just a small piece of the girl , just to taste would be noticeable.

Neman the pixie saw the red flash in Solomon's eyes as his pupils zeroed in on the passed out girl.

Neman said in his sing-song screechy voice "now-now sol! you know what happen last time, you have still got open sores, if you take any power from this one you won't live to regret it hehe" she has immense strength, I should say it would be about 10 minutes before the power eats away at you,

and if you somehow survive the queen will have Barathamus string you out, and hang your entrails like webs across treetops.

he then let out a whistle that echoed so loud the sound shook the trees, and out of the dark sky Barathamus a large bull-like creature with the wings of a dragon covering the tops of 2 trees, as it glided in from the sky with the face of a bull body of man-bull claws of a lion and strength of his people the dark Faye.

Barathums spoke with the force of thunder "Solomon, I will remove your spine from your body if you sniff once more.

Solomon whimpered and backed off "awe come on Barathumus I wasn't going to bite just a little lick"


" Barathumus let the roar answer for him"

you are a fool who would die without reason I do not respect that' HE HISSED

Barathumus kneeled down slipping his long claws underneath the mangled girl" Neman!"

"yes sir!"

I do not want her to awaken before we have arrived at Sheeba's and sort this break out"

"yes sir"

Neman's aura began to glow a deep shimmering black, and he fluttered around the girl's head sprinkling pollen from the Zill flower onto her eyes,

she won't awake until you give her the water droplets that collect on the Zill flower pedals.

Barathumus grunted and spread his massive wings shooting up from the ground, his wings snapped off tree branches as he took up and out of the forest he headed towards the waterfall, the land of the seaeely. and minutes later he arrived to find the guards awaiting.

Barathumus dripped as he landed on the cliff inside the waterfall

"BRING her to Sheeba's no one is to wake her except the queen.

Zelchic one of the guards began to stammer but sir

Barathums bellowed "DID I NOT GIVE A COMMAND"

"yes sir yes its just"


THE QUEENS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND SIR said the other gaurd named zemich
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