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When Erika's mom passed, Erika had to live with her sister that didn't want her. When Erika is having a hard time at this point of her life, she turns to the one thing she can trust and put her heart and soul into, books. The new story she is staring will take her places, she never thought one could go to, literally. Erika is on her way to find love, hope, adventure, and so much more

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

“Yeah, go ahead and run, it’s all you can do”

I grabbed my backpack and ran as far as I could “Just leave me alone”

"You are stuck with me, you little brat.”

I could hear Jasmine’s harsh words and I ran as far as I could. I took a left and headed towards the only place I knew I felt safe. I took deep breaths trying to stop the tears from falling from my face. I waited for the cars to pass by and crossed the street.

As soon as it was in sight I could feel my heart slowing down. I was starting to relax a little. There it was the Mueller Public Library. It was my haven. In it were thousands of places to run away too. Places to hide in, each word taking you further and further away.

I walked into the Mueller Public Library. As soon as you walked in you could smell the dusty, and old smell of each of the pages. At the front desk was Ms.Lewis, the librarian. There isn’t a person as kind as Ms.Lewis. She’s lived in Murray for so long, everyone knows her.

“Erika, how are you doing today,” said Ms.Lewis

“I’m doing fine Ms.Lewis, how about you”

“I’m alright my dear. I’m glad you came by, I have something to show you. I was cleaning out one of the closets in the back room, and I stumbled upon this key.”

The key was one of those keys you would wear as a necklace or those old-style ones that unlock diaries. It was a rusty silver key attached to a thin rope.

"Well, I was intrigued by it, I couldn’t remember any room that couldn’t be unlocked. So I looked around the closet to see if the key was to unlock something. I found a big treasure chest in the corner of the closet.” Ms.Lewis then picked up a big treasure chest from under her desk. It was a beautiful box with golden markings and engravings. Ms.Lewis unlocked it with the key and opened it.

-Authors Note- Hello there my name is Nuhamin and this is my first book ever, I hope you guys like it. Write about what you think so far. I'm trying to fix all my spelling mistakes as well too so if you see and error let me know

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