Demon (BoyxBoy) Book 1

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Seth Lenoir is the prince of the Ikricaea Empire in France. He is soon to be crowned King, his mother Ella Marie Lenoir is Queen. His eighteenth birthday comes around, and he begins to have continuous nightmares. Nightmares of his mother with a warlock, nightmares of himself wielding some kind of power. He tries to shrug it off, but they keep happening. They even come as visions during the day. He attempts to talk to his mother, but it ends in a screaming match. Feeling lost and distraught, he runs into the woods to get away from it all. Unknown of where he is, he ventures onto mythical territory. To his surprise, He meets a rather tall, Italian warlock named Jaxon who offers him friendship; most likely pitying him in this trying time. That's when everything changes and secrets are revealed.

Fantasy / Thriller
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The story of a child whomst tale shouldn’t have been told.

She ran through the woods, her hand wrapped around her child’s fingers. Her long, curly red hair bounced with every step. Her eyes were widened with fear, every snap or sound of the woods made her paranoid. She needed to get him to Jayce, the boy was only five and he’s already bursting with the power he’s been cursed with.

″Mama, where are we going?″ The child asked, his fierce green eyes staring up at her. She heard the sound of a twig snapping behind her, and quickened her pace.

″We are just visiting an old friend of mommy’s, my sweet angel.″ She said, pulling him along with her.

She approached the house, running up to the door. The edges of her dress were covered in mud, her long red hair curly and frizzy. She had been walking with her son for about four hours now... they couldn’t get a ride here, nobody could know why she was visiting this place. Her son would be killed.

She knocked on the door with force, her head darting back to the woods. She was paranoid that someone was following them, she would never be able to explain why the Queen was at a warlocks house at this hour of the night.

The door opened swiftly, her head snapping back to the door. The warlock smiled brightly, leaning against the door frame.

″Queen Ella, what a surprise...″ He murmured, taking his glass of whiskey to his lips.

″You have to help me...″ She begged, looking down at her child. He looked back up at her, his green fierce eyes glowing with power.

″Dear, you can’t hide his powers forever...″

″Jayce, the kingdom will MURDER him if they find out their prince is... not totally human. You have to help me...″ She said once more. She felt her child pull on her dress, her attention falling to the child at her feet.

″Mommy, what are you talking about?″

Her attention went back to the warlock in front of her, his lips in a smile.

″Come in, Queen Ella. You know you’re always welcome here.″

They walked into the warlocks house, the queen walking over to the couch with her child. The warlock approached her slowly, sitting down on the couch opposite of her.

″Oh my, what do we have here...″ He murmured, looking over to the boy. His black hair was curly and frizzy, his pale skin the finest porcelain color. The thing that stood out the most was his emerald green eyes, they were a shocking green... almost neon.

″You can see the power running through his eyes... the power of-″

″Don’t say it.″

The warlock smirked at the Queen, clicking his fingers. A blue ball of smoke appeared at his fingertips, the child amazed at the light.

“Yes, my Queen.”

The warlock clasped his hands together, two balls of blue smoke appearing at his fingertips. His eyes shined a neon blue, his lips in a smirk.

“It was lovely to meet you, Seth.”

He blew the blue smoke into the boys face, the boy’s eyes slowly closing. The events of today’s day slowly were erased, and the event of coming to the warlock in the first place. After that, he was yet again the prince of the kingdom, nothing more or less. He is the great queens son.

Little does the kingdom know, their soon to be king is far from human.

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