Queen Of The Enchanted Kingdom ( book 1 )

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(Available on both Wattpad and Inkitt) Long long time ago, God created a beautiful world. A getaway from heaven and its heavenly duties. He fell in love for his own creation and was so fond of this place, that he appointed few of his best magical creatures like Elf's, Dragons, Shifters, giants and fairies to protect and nourish this small world. When his greedy step brother from hell gets a wind of this place, he approached his brother to appoint him as the ruler of this world, but god was aware of his evil intentions and denied his entrance to his world, which he named Earth. Furious from the humiliation and burning with rage, he secretly trespassed few of his foul souls from hell to currupt the Earth and was successful plotting evil into few humans, who were also God's creation. Unable to stop the chaos and in order to save the creatures who are not effected by the evil yet, god separated the realms and the good were protected by the walls of spells of the Enchanted Kingdom and the Evil were left outside the kingdom, forbidden of their entrance. But was god successful in protecting his precious Enchanted kingdom, or he made the biggest mistake of his life, leaving the innocent humans outside the Enchanted world defendless...

Fantasy / Adventure
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Long long time ago...

Throne Room Enchanted Kingdom

“My Lord, the humans are trying to trasspass again with the help of a the dark wizards.” said one of my commanders. After my father, Lord Balthazar, has forbidden the humans inside our realm, in order to protect our kingdom from the dark, the forbidden magical and nonmagical creatures are constantly trying to invade our kingdom time to time. My father tried to protect us all during his reign and now it's my turn. Even though I hate wars, if this is the last resort to defend my people, I will not hesitate to shred the enemies and spatter the bad blood.

“We are lucky to have all the kingdoms gathered here today to celebrate the birth of my first born. Lets end this once and for all.” As my words are law, the rulers of the five kingdoms. The Elvish King, The Lycan King, The Dragon King, The Vampire King and The Fairy King, all stood tall from their respective seats to join hands with me. “Gather the Army and wait for the orders, General Thomas. Be on standby and give them a last warning before we begin this blood shed.” my voice made the ceilings of the throne room vibrate.

As soon as the words left my mouth, he bowed his head and walked out of the throne room. “Lords of the Enchanted Kingdom. I, Lord Guillaume, Emperor of the Enchanted Kingdom, request your help to fight the dark magic to protect our peace. You are free to withdraw your armies and take your people to safety before the war or join me in this war. Nobody will judge you. It's now or never. But know that, if you decide to join me today, you will be responsible for whatever be the outcome of this war.” Nobody moved a muscle and the The dragon King, Draco has spoken for everyone.

“We are born protectors, My Lord. This is the oppertunity we have been waiting for to show our worthy to the kingdom. Let's do it.” I was so proud to choose them as the current rulers. I noticed the same proud expression on the faces of other four King's. “Lets not waste time then.” I said with a smirk on my face and all six of us walked towards the commotion on the entrance of our realm.

We reach at the warzone in no time but the sight infront of us made our eyes widened. There were thousands and thousands of humans. Men women and...Children. They bought children to the war? There are children of all ages, but non over 13. “My Lord?” said the Fairy King, Nathaniel, expressing the same dilemma. How are we supposed to slaughter the children and women?

All father, please lead me to make the right decision.

“What do you want?” I asked the humans, no one in particular. My roaring Voice halted their commotion and the entire crowd quite down. Then one of the humans spoke. “Lord Guillaume, we want entrance to the Enchanted Kingdom. Our people are dying. We are no longer immortal, my Lord. I don't know why the all father is punishing us humans. What is our fault my Lord?” said the man, keeping both his hands around his small family. Two sons and wife.

I am incapable to answer their questions. I wish I could allow them inside. But I was helpless. “It's not your fault in particular, human. It's your forefathers, who became greedy and bowed their heads to the Devil. They bought this misfortune over you. Human minds has been corrupted year ago and now their bodies too. If we allow you inside, it will effect the remaining of us, one by one. Its all father's own decision that the Enchanted Kingdom should be untouched my humans, who are the desciples of the Devil himself.” I explained.

“Not all of us my Lord. Do you think, my two years old son knows anything about greed and treachery? Do you seriously think all these children are liars and burglars. Where is your judgement my Lord?” he yelled coming forward. I know he was right but they are humans and even if they are non magical creatures, their minds are dangerous. “Please my lord, at least let the children pass. We heard you are blessed with a son recently. Then you'll understand a father's pain. Please consider it.”

The Vampire King, Malcolm was the one who spoke instead of me. “You can not enter, human. Not because we don't want to, but the walls are spell bound. Only the all father can rebound the spell. So go back or you all will die a painful death, even before you are due.”his words stir something among the humans. “But even your descendants are among us. Will you not allow them either, brother.”said someone else from the crowd. A frawn formed on Malcolm's face. “Not even you brother. You were the one who started it with the devil. You are forbidden too.” the Vampire hissed in response.

The Elvish King, Amun was last to speak. “Go back. We'll try to speak to the all father. Come after a week. That's the maximum we can do to help.” but they were not having it. A lot of them started to protest and few of them used abusive words. The dark wizards and witches started chanting and soon after, simalar to a portal was opened. And the humans started entering our realm forcefully. This is not good. Soon after our wizards and white witches, begin chanting the counter spells to close the portal. This is out of control now.

“Silence !” I ordered. Everybody froze to their place. “We tried to do this in a civil manner, but it seems like you all don't deserve it. Fine! Lets fight. The winner side takes the Enchanted world.” I challenged them. Few men with families, took a step back, but the rebels came forward including the dark witches, wizards and demonic creatures. This is it. I gave them one last warning. It seems like, they didn't care.

I signaled my warriors to get ready. The humans came with their own weapons. What a tragedy. How are they planning to fight us without magic? Six of us kings exchanged looks. We do not have an option but to fight. “Let the war begin.”

I announced. Soon after both sides jumped on each other like hungry animals. The humans know, they don't stand a chance, still they are giving their best. The women and children helplessly standing aside watching their near and dear once getting slautered.

Even the men who pleaded before to take the children in was fighting. He is in the verse of dying but, not giving up. I shaked my head and look at his wife, who has her eyes filled with tears but still staying strong for her children. Her two year son was looking at me, as if asking me to save his father. I averted my eyes, unable to meet those innocent once. It didn't even take ten minutes for my warriors to defeat them all. Some humans were severely injured. But most of them died. The dark wizards and witches vanished as soon as the Elvish King jumped into the fight.

What a disaster. For the first time in my life, I felt so helpless, so ashamed of my act. I looked around and found few of the men who didn't want to fight earlier were dragging the dead bodies and laying them in a line. Few women are helping them too. My warriors are back already,without even a single scratch on their bodies. Nobody spoke a single word. The only sound could be heard, are the women and children crying over the dead bodies. The only family who are not crying are the one, who's begged for help earlier.

The woman and her two children were sitting near her husband's dead body. She raised her head slowly and meet my eyes. “I'm sorry.”I said, feeling genuinely guilty of my act. “I'm a king, but I have my limitations. I can't cross them.”I explained, dejectedly. She remained unmoved. “Im sorry. I can't take you children in without all father's permission. Please understand.” I pleaded with her. Suddenly her face become stone and she said wiping her tears.

“There is a reason, you are king. There is a reason, people look at you.

There is a reason...You are strong. Because you can make changes. Your words are final. You could have stopped it, but you didn't. There was a reason, my husband wanted to talk to you before...”she looked down at her husband. “One day, you and your Enchanted people will come to us. And you'll beg us to come to your world. Do you know why?” I looked at her confused. But her next words left me and the others speechless.

Because I, Rihanna, born from a witch father and human mother, curse your Enchanted Kingdom and their magical beings to have non magical creatures as their Mates!” As soon as her words left her mouth, the lightning stroked. The trees started swaying and a storm was forming behind us. The humans on the other hand... Untouched.“What the...” said the Lycan king.

But Rihanna was not done yet. “All of your, Enchanted beings are so proud of your eternity and magic right?” she smiled, looking at all of us. “I curse your next generation to search for their mate for eternity and finally... and finally when they find them, they would not only be humans, but will also not recognize the made bond, nor feel the mate pull. Your magic or power will not effect them. You will bow before them, like you are making we humans to do right now! Don't think, they would servive somehow without their mates, Oh no. Do you know why? because, only their mates would bear them child, a heir to their crown.”

Her curse was so strong, that the entire kingdom felt the tremor. She got up and walked away with her children, following behind her. All the humans alive had a proud expression on their tired faces, as if they had won the war. When I turned around, I saw my people's devastated face, like we are the one who lost the fight. We actually have. I exchanged the looks with the other kings. Their stance was strong, but I know better. They are shaken from today's event aswell. The deed is done. We can't help rebound the curse. Now I understood, the phrase my father said,when he handed me the crown.

One who wear the crown, bears the crown

I can't do anything to help my people. I had the power to change things but I couldn't. I'm not fit to be a king. I'm worthless. My own son, including the others are bound with the curse. What have I done? What have I bought upon my people. All father, what do I do? Please bless and guide our children, because I can't find any way out of it.

The Enchanted Kingdom has been cursed for eternity.

To be continued...

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