Cat Ears

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In a world where you lived your 8 lives as a cat, becoming human on your 9th is a gift. Every human has a cat soul and every cat has a human soul Falling in love with a human is against the rules. Suzy finds herself in a dilemma, to live the rest of her life as a human or risk it all for a few days of true love.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I jump up on the railing and then I see him. I look through the window and I meet with his sympathetic eyes. He smiles, it's been a while since I saw that smile and now it's all I can think of. I try to move my tail in an elegant kind of way and that's when I realise that I am just a street cat. I shouldn't even be here, this is wrong… He's a human. If only I was a human, it would all be so much easier.

A drop from the sky fell on my pink nose making me sniff and goosebumps run down my fur. Suddenly it's raining and I am left without shelter. I hear the door of the balcony open up and he steps outside.

"Psst, psst, here kitty," his soft voice called out to me. This is the first time he ever talked to me. I remain seated on the railing for a few seconds and then prepare myself to make the jump on his balcony.

As soon as I was inside he closed the door behind me and kneeled down to pet me. "Are you lonesome too kitty?" He scratched the back of my neck realising that I do not have a collar.

"What shall we call you hm?" He brought himself into deep thought and it took a while for him to answer his own question. "How about Lily?" Simple yet elegant, what else could I ask for? I meowed happily and made circles around his legs once he stood up.

"Wait right here," I obeyed and sat down in a funny position. When I heard his footsteps I fixed my position and looked up at him curiously as he was holding a bowl. "This is for you."

He put the bowl down and my eyes sparkled in excitement to see that it is filled with milk. All I can think about now is the milk and so I rushed to it. It's been ages since I've had some milk. I missed it and its deliciousness.

Silky sheets, and fluffy pillows. I'm actually laying on a bed and to my surprise I actually like it. It's different than the streets. His big hand is petting the top of my head. It's like I have a home so suddenly. Although I know tomorrow once the rain has stopped I will be back to the streets. I am trying not to get too comfortable.

Under the touch of a trust full human and the smell of freshly washed sheets I can't help but close my eyes. I purred pleased with the situation and his kindness.

The next morning I woke up next to the human. I crawled closer and looked at his sleeping face. He looks so handsome that I could just melt right here, right now. The more I looked the more I got hypnotized by his features.

And then… He opened his eyes. "Aah!" He shouted and pulled back, away from me. As if I was a monster he held a hand stretched to stop me from going any closer.

"Meow?" I let out confused. Why is he being like this all of the sudden? We just slept together all night long. Why would he break my heart like this?

Just when I was ready to get up I slipped and fell down from the bed. That's when I realized something is off.

"Who the hell are you?!" I'm Lily… He gave me that name. How can he forget that? He reached over and grabbed the phone. "I'm calling the police." What is a police? His dictionary is odd.

I reached up and scratched the back of my ear and my eyes widened. I looked down and my body has changed. I have a slim little figure and slender fingers. I have toes and human legs. I gasped and reached back for my tail. Thankfully it was still there.

"Lily?" I heard him call out my name and I looked up. He had a puzzled expression and seemed just as lost as I was. I nodded, I've seen people do that instead of talking. All of my eight lives I've been observing humans, never thought I'd get the chance to be one. "I don't believe this," he said and took off his T-shirt and rushed over to my side putting it over my head.

All I could think of was how great he looks shirtless. Us cats always observe, we're always looking for trouble. I tried to stand up but having only two legs isn't as easy as I thought. I fell right back into his arms.

I've only heard rumors about becoming human on your ninth live. I was nearly at the end of my life. Why was I chosen to become this?

Across the room there was a body sized mirror. I crawled closer and looked at myself. I have long blue hair where my black cat ears are sticking out. My figure is skinny and small, my tail can be seen from under the shirt. There has to be something wrong... I'm not fully human yet. Just what happened that night?

All I can remember is the smell of freshly washed sheets and the comfortable matrass. I remember sleeping and nothing else.

"Lily," I heard my name once more. "Can you understand me?" He asked me. I had to think about it before I answered. Human language is way more complicated than ours. Even though I couldn't understand completely, I nodded.

"Little bit," my first words as a human spilled from my lips. I know it's nothing to be proud of but I can't help but feel excited.

"I see... My name is James. James Konnel. It's ehm, nice to meet you," he was already treating like a child and I'm not going to lie but I kind of liked it.

I placed a hand on my chest and smiled. "Lily," I let out the name he gave me. I never had a name before so this was a big change for me. I've always wanted one. It made me feel special, like I was wanted, like I was a part of this society.

"Well, those are cute ears you've got there Lily," I think that I will never forget those words, no matter what happens next.

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