Heroes Vs. Villains

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Michael, the most famous Archangel, has been struggling to turn his brother good since Lucifer has fallen. But when he kidnaps Lucifer, and then is forced to go somewhere, his brother, "teenage sits" Michael's assassin, Sara. He grows fond of her and also trying to find more information of what the angels are doing. Thomas Pitch, a powerful warlock escapes from prison and now Michael and Lucifer are forced to come together and look for the warlock. As they do that, blood, tears, and secrets unfold.

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Chapter 1 - Super Heroes


Super Heroes

“I’m the President of the United States of America!” the President shrieked. She had dark beautiful skin, wild black hair, big brown eyes, and chubby cheeks. She had a stern and strong face overall. She was wearing a pink tight skirt that went to her knees and a white shirt that was buttoned all the way up to the top, tucked under her skirt. She wore tall pink high-heel shoes. She was an average person and smelled strongly of lavender and vanilla beans.

“I don’t give a damn if you’re the President of the freaking United States of America. You could be Albus Dumbledore for all I care,” Sara said.

“Language!” Kate said, shocked to Sara.

“Who cares,” Sara said, shrugging.

“I care!” Kate exclaimed. She turned to the President, who was next to her. “I am sorry for her rudeness; she needs classes on how to be polite...especially to the President of the freaking United States of America!” Kate glared back at Sara, “She’s the President! The President!”

The President threw a book at Sara’s face. Sara ducked and the book hit hard onto a wall. It fell to the floor hard with a thump!

The President gave a dirty look to Sara. She pulled a pistol out of a bedside table and aimed it at Sara.

How the heck did she get a pistol in her table? Kate thought, without the security knowing?

Sara laughed at the President, “Shoot me, and let’s see what the people think about their president.”

The bullet shot out of from the gun, and Sara twirled around like she was dancing, and the bullet hit a painting of George Washington.

“Perfect aiming at our first president,” Sara crackled.

Kate looked at the President horrified, “She forgot to take her medicine last night,” Kate said quickly. She looked back at Sara, “Sara, this isn’t a game! This is business; we need to save the President! What would Mich-”

Sara laughed, “He isn’t here, so how would he know?”

“I’ll tell him,” the President snapped.

Kate turned back to the President. “Madam President, you might think we are crazy, but the Devil’s sidekicks are trying to kill you.”

“I thought you guys were the Devil’s sidekick because you are being so rude! Especially the one wearing hardly any clothing,” the President spat at Sara.

Sara scoffed, “It’s called fashion and style,” Sara said. She was wearing a black iron tank-top. She wore a black mini skirt. Her bellybutton and her long creamy legs were showing also. She also wore tall black boots that went to her knees and were three-inched on the heel.

She had two swords strapped behind her back. The swords were sharp and beautiful. The blade had designs of wolves howling at a moon; wind like designs were incorporated in the sword.

“Can you just come to the Heroes’ Headquarter with us,” Kate said, getting sick of this nonsense. She was wearing blue jeans, that were ripped at her knees. She wore a blue shirt with an Asian elephant on it and gray sneakers with mix-matched striped socks.

“I’m not going to the Heroes’ Headquarters with you, okay,” the President snarled.

Sara rolled her eyes, walking to the President.

The President ignored her, “I have a date, and before that, I have a meeting with several Senators, and then I have important things to do...unlike you guys.”

“We are doing something important, saving you because that’s what we do,” Sara said, stopping in front of the President. She lifted her leg, grabbing the heel of her boot, “We are nice people when we want to be.” Sara unhooked the heel of her boot, and she was holding a gun in her hand. She put her foot back down. She was a little uneven, but she was used to it. “So, you are coming with us, like it or not.”

“I’m not coming with you, and I don’t need saving,” the President said, crossing her arms, not even looking at the gun.

Sara sighed, “I wished we could do it the easy way, but I guess we like to do it the American way, the hard way.”

Kate’s eyes widened. She lurched at Sara. Sara hit the President on the with her gun hard. The President fell to the ground unconscious.

“SARA!” Kate said outraged. She tackled Sara and they both fell to the floor. “WHEN MY HANDS FIND YOUR NECK–”

There was a big knock on the President’s bedroom door. Both of the girls froze, looking at the door. They both got up quickly from the ground. Kate looked at Sara, her eyes wider. “What do we do?”

Sara looked frantically around the bedroom. She saw the window, and quickly put her gun back on her boot. “Kate, open the window.” Kate unlocked the window and opened it.

Sara looked back at the President, and picked her up, “My god, it is like lifting an elephant.”

“Sara, I don’t think this is a good idea, maybe we should just use the Po-” Kate began.

Sara took a deep breath and jumped out of the window, carrying the President in her arms. Kate sucked in her breath and prayed the President wasn’t dead. She jumped out of the window and landed on her feet. She started to run after Sara. Kate saw security running after them.

Kate throw a purple liquid in front of her, and a red car, that was previously invisible, appeared. Sara looked at the trunk of the car. The car’s trunk opened and Sara shoved the President in. She made sure all the President’s limbs were in the trunk before she slammed the trunk closed. She ran to the driver’s seat, closed the door, buckled, and started the car.

She was already buckled, and then Kate slowly stared at Sara. “Sara?”

“Yes,” Sara said hitting the gas hard. The car lurched and went into a tight left turn.

Kate swallowed hard, “We have a problem,” she said softly.

“You don’t think I know that?” Sara said, not looking at Kate, but looking intensely at the road.

“A big problem.”

“Yes, Kate, you have established that,” Sara said, getting annoyed.

“You can’t drive the car,” Kate began. “I should be driving the car. You’re fifteen, and I’m not twenty-one years old. Somebody has to be twenty-one years old to be watching you drive the car,” Kate said quickly. “This is illegal!”

Sara started to laugh hard, tears streaming down her pale face. “Me driving underage is illegal?” Sara quickly looked at Kate, who made eye contact with Sara. “WE HAVE JUST FREAKING KIDNAPPED THE PRESIDENT, AND YOU ARE WORRIED AT ME DRIVING UNDER AGE!!!” She yelled at her and then looked back at the road. She was going ninety-five per an hour on the road.

“Let’s compare this,” Sara started, calming down, “I am driving underage, and just kidnapped the President. Which is the bigger problem? My underage driving, or kidnapping the President?”

“But the law says not to drive underage!” Kate said.

“And the law also says not to kidnap the President!” Sara exclaimed. She rolled down all the windows of the car, put on her black sunglasses, and turned on the radio. Music burst from the radio, and Kate thought her ears would bleed. She looked out the window.

“The police...THE POLICE!” Kate screamed. “They are after us.” Kate started and started to breathe harshly. “We aren’t going to get caught, are we?”

“Nah, don’t worry,” Sara said, picking up the speed. She was driving on a bridge, police cars, and SUV black cars were running behind them. Men were holding guns out of the window of their cars, but Sara knew they wouldn’t shoot because she had the President in her car.

Sara grabbed a marble from the dashboard of the car, and shook it, with one of her hands. She wished to go to San Francisco, California, near the Heroes’ Headquarters dimension. She barely slowed the car down and threw the marble into a lake that was under the bridge. A crystal portable appeared and Sara drove off the bridge, and the car plunged into it. Kate screamed as if she was going to die. The portable closed behind them.

Sara’s car appeared in San Francisco, California. She eased her way through traffic, driving the speed limit. She drove for a while. She drove behind a brick building, that looked like it was falling apart. Sara stopped her car and waited.

A man came out of the brick building. He had dark skin and black fizzy blue hair. He wore blue jeans that were ripped in a lot of places, and a loose white t-shirt, a cross necklace, and sneakers.

He walked to Sara’s car, and leaned against the car’s window, looking at Sara. His eyes were blinking a lot because the sun was facing at him, and he was sweaty. “Password, assassin.”

Sara smiled, “You finally know who I am, Kye.” She said, pulling her sunglasses off. Kye looked at her sunglasses and snatched them from her hands.

“Thanks,” Kye said, putting the sunglasses on. “Do you have any idea how hot it is? Usually, San Franciso isn’t this hot, but today is an odd day. The sun burning through my eyes. I really need these sunglasses. The sunglasses are a little tight...”

“Then buy your own,” Sara snapped, trying to take off the sunglasses from him. Kye stepped back, so Sara couldn’t take the sunglasses from him.

He looked at the car for a second, “Do you have anybody else in your car, besides Katherine?”

Sara smiled wider, “Look in the trunk.”

Kye smiled and walked behind the car. Sara unlocked the car and Kye opened it. His eyes opened widely. “The President. Now, this is a surprise. My...my, I should be watching the news.” He laughed and pulled out a small scanner from his pocket. (The scanner was to make sure that there was no shapeshifter or any villain who would try to get into the Heroes’ Headquarters). He scanned the President and closed the door. He scanned Kate and put his thumb up. “Now the password.”

“Right,” Sara said. “Genesis and Revelation.”

Kye smiled at her, “Have fun,” he snapped his fingers and the ground opened up and a road leading down into the earth appeared. Sara drove down in the ground and followed the road. The ground closed behind her.

Sara followed the road, and there was a whole new world. It was a new dimension, that always had blue skies, with clouds, and grass on the ground. The dimension was completely flat, except for some mountains. There was a big, long marble, low white building.

The building was called the Heroes’ Headquarters. The building was in-destructive. Nothing could tear it down. It had over five thousand bedrooms that were six hundred feet each, (including the bathrooms). Each bedroom had a full bed, bookcase, desk, dresser, closet, storage, and bathroom. If one of the heroes had a family, the bedroom was twice as big then the regular bedroom.

There was a huge dining room. It had a long, big buffet, that was endless, and was open around the clock. There were two tables with drinks; one with non-alcoholic, and the other one with alcoholic drinks. There was no age limit for the alcohol at the Heroes’ Headquarters.

The buffet had breakfast, lunch, and dinner at all hours. Angels’ powers made the food appear at the buffet and the food changes during the courses of the day.

The dining room didn’t have any windows, but it did have a glass roof.

Some long white tables and benches floated, which was also angels’ powers.

There were no assigned seats. The heroes could sit anywhere they wanted to. There were many tables and benches, that could fit all the heroes in the Heroes’ Headquarters.

There was a spacious training room. It looked exactly like one would think of a weapon’s room. Weapons lined the walls, swords, guns, nunchucks, bow and arrows, and axes, maces, shurikens, and so many others. There were so many different weapons that were all like the same, in so many different forms.

There was a map room, that had a large table that showed the map of the world. Different sections of tables had all the countries and cities of the world. There was a fighting room (and a fighting area outside.)

There were doors in the dining room that lead to hallways and bedrooms. There was one door in the dining room that was Michael’s office.

Outside of the Heroes’ Headquarters, in the woods, there were biking trails and running trails. There was also a big playground for children.

Sara drove to a parking garage and parked at her number parking space. She and Kate got out of the car, and Sara opened the trunk of her car. They saw that the President was still unconscious, and Sara frowned.

“How should we wake up the President?” Sara asked Kate, “Kick her? Yell at her?”

“None!” Kate exclaimed, “We already kidnapped her! Don’t make it worse by kicking her.”

“Maybe I put her in a coma...” Sara said.

“No, you didn’t,” Kate said. She leaned towards the trunk, “Madam President?”


“Madam President,” Kate said, “Wake up.”

Sara crossed her arms, “That’s not going to wo-”

The President’s eyes flew open. She sat up quickly and banged her head on the trunk. “Ouch!” She exclaimed and cursed. She rubbed her head and glared at Sara and Kate. She got out of the trunk and slammed the trunk closed. “How dare you mock me by putting me in a trunk!? I am the President-”

“Of the United States of America,” Sara said rolling her eyes, “I get that, but you wouldn’t come with us. So I had to do what I had to do.”

“By kidnapping me!” The President said furiously. “I want to talk to Michael!”

“How do you know Michael?” Kate asked. They started walking toward the building, the air was cool and crisp.

“How do I know him?” the President snorted, “I was his assassin.” Sara and Kate froze and looked at her in astonishment.

“No,” Sara said, “You aren’t his assassin.”

“Don’t tell me what I’m not,” the President said, “I was, but then I got elected as president, and my hands were full, and I couldn’t be Michael’s assassin.” They continued walking.

“I loved being his assassin,” the President said, “It was fun, but my fighting skills started to get bad...”

“My skills will never get worse,” Sara scoffed.

“Well,” the President said, giving a dirty looked to Sara, “My skills got bad, but Michael still wanted me. I was getting too old, you know. Getting in my late thirties and all.”

That is old? Kate wondered.

They had reached the Heroes’ Headquarters and went into the dining room. They walked into the dining room, the room turned quiet, everybody staring at the President. They walked into Michael’s office, and Kate closed the door.

Hanna, the President, sat down on Michael’s guest chair and crossed her legs. The girls waited for a while, then Michael walked in, closing the door behind him. He gave a surprised look and smiled.

“Hello, Hanna,” Michael said.

The President got up, “Hello, Michael,” she said. They shook hands, and Michael hugged her. “How was the trip here?”

“I would have liked it better if I wasn’t in the trunk!” Hanna said, giving a nasty look to Kate and Sara, and letting go of Michael.

“It was fine,” Sara said, trying to hide a smile. “We had a ball.”

“Yeah,” said the President, “says the person who wasn’t thrown in the trunk of a car!”

“First of all,” Sara snapped, “You wouldn’t come with me, and I don’t like you.”

“LIKE ME!” Hanna shrieked.

“Yeah, and then I threw you out the window,” Sara said.

You didn’t throw her out of the window...Kate thought.

“OUT THE WINDOW!!” Hanna said outraged.

“Yeah,” Sara said smiling from ear to ear, “and then I shoved you in the trunk-”


“And then you wanted to kick her,” Kate added.

Sara gave a dirty look, “You wouldn’t suppose to tell her that.”

“KICK ME!” Hannah said, “I am the President of the United States of America! I deserve better than be scorn!”

Michael nodded, “I agree,” giving Sara a disapproving look. “You should be treated better, everybody should,” Michael said, clasping his hands together. “Look, Hanna, you are here because we are trying to help you.”

“You are doing a great job with it,” Hanna said sarcastically, crossing her arms. “Your plan is an ass,” Hanna then looked at Michael. Her face was full of questions. “By-a-way, speaking of asses, do you have an ass, since your an angel and all.”

Michael thought of that question, wondering if it was a trick question. “Actually I do, it’s quite pretty,” Michael answered. “Would you like to pet it sometime?”

Hanna gave a horrified look.

“He’s in the pasture right now, eating grass,” Michael said.

Sara burst into laughter and looked at Kate. “It’s quite pretty! What an image I will never get out!”

Hanna turned beet red, “I WANT TO GO HOME, PLEASE!”

“Look, if you stay here, you will be safe from Lucifer,” Michael said.

“Well, look,” Hanna snapped, “I will be safe at the White House. It’s like the safest house ever. I will be fine.” Hanna said, starting leaving.

Michael grabbed her arm. “Please, stay here.”

“No, now let me go,” Hanna threatened.

“If you stay here, we can help you-” Michael began.


Michael let go of Hanna’s arm gently. “Alright, if you wish.” He looked down at the floor. “If you need us, you know how to contact us-”

“I won’t need your help,” Hanna looked at Sara and Kate. “Especially theirs’,” she hissed, pointing her finger at them.

Michael looked at Kate and Sara, “I told you girls to be nice to her,” Michael sighed heavily. “I am sorry,” he said looking at Hanna.

Hanna huffed. “Can you give me the Port, please?”

Michael took a marble out of his leather coat and gave it to Hanna. “Here you go.” Hanna took it and gave another dirty looked to the girls. She flung the marble on the floor, and the portable appeared. She looked at Michael one more time and jumped in. The portable closed behind her.

Michael turned to the girls, “Sara and Kate, the next time you don’t follow my orders, you guys won’t be able to go to missions.” He sighed and sat on his chair. “I am afraid that Lucifer’s sidekicks are going to hurt her, kill her. She’s not going to be safe,” Michael said shaking his head. “We need to kidnap Lucifer.”

“Hell no,” Sara said, “The Devil isn’t going to be in my house.”

Michael’s eyes flared, “This isn’t your house. It is my house. I get to choose.”

“Why don’t we kidnap his sidekicks?” Kate said, “It would be a lot easier because the Devil’s sidekicks would be the one hurting her.”

“Or we could kill the Devil’s sidekicks,” Sara said.

“Stop called him the ‘Devil’” Michael said, “It isn’t nice,” he said softly. “I want Lucifer, he is the master. If he is kidnapped, maybe the demons, his sidekicks, and the monsters will stop hurting people.”

“No,” Sara shook her head.

“Excuse me?” Michael said.

“I don’t want him here,” Sara stated, “because he could destroy this building in pieces, and kill everybody in it.”

“That’s not your choice,” Michael said. Sara’s face turned slightly pink and she ran out of the office, slamming the door behind her.

Kate said, “I don’t care what you do. As long as the heroes are safe,” She left his white office, closing the door softly.

Michael looked at his desk, which was light wood. He had a black computer and some other stuff on his desk. He ran his fingers threw his golden hair, that seemed to shine. His golden eyes flicked at his office door. The door opened and Daniel walked in.

Daniel banged his head on the door frame and rubbed his head of his hand. “Ouch,” he said, and looked up at the door fame, frowning. “That is never going to get old,” he muttered to himself, and then looked at Michael. “Hey,” he closed the door and sat down on a chair. He looked at Michael, and knew something was wrong, “Hey, is everything okay?”

“No, not really,” Michael said, leaning back in his chair, and crossing his arm. “We couldn’t get Hanna to stay, and now Hanna isn’t safe from Lucifer.”

Daniel bit his bottom lips, thinking. “What is your new plan?” he said looking at Michael in his eyes.

“I was thinking of kidnapping Lucifer,” Michael said, “I hate saying of kidnapping because he’s our brother...but we have no choice. Do we?”

Daniel pondered that idea, “We could always get his sidekicks.”

“I know,” Michael said getting up from his chair and paced around the room. “But I haven’t seen Lucifer in six years, and well, I want to talk to him, badly.” Michael looked at Daniel. “Don’t you know what I mean?”

“Well,” Daniel said, “We could make it work. We never tried to get Lucifer before, so it’s going to be hard, but I think we can manage it.”

Michael smiled, “I knew I can always rely on you.”

“Oh,” Daniel said, “Ricky and Demetrius just came back from England; they say they didn’t find anything.” Daniel changed the subject back, “Why don’t we kidnap Lucifer’s friends too.”

“Too hard,” Michael said, looking at his door. “Let’s just stick to...finding our brother, I need some private time with him.”

Kate looked for somebody to talk to, but couldn’t find any of her friends. So she decided to go to the weapon room and picked out a gun. She went to the training room that smelled like sweat. She saw Sara and walked to her.

Sara wasn’t looking at Kate; she was looking at a dagger that was in her hand. Kate walked beside her and saw a metal that was carved into a person.

“Sara?” Kate said. Sara said nothing.

Kate sighed, undone the safety, and pointed the gun at the metal person. She pushed the trigger and a bullet hit the metal person perfectly in the head. Sara didn’t flinch or seem to notice.

Kate fired again, this time at the heart, and again it was a perfect shot. Sara looked at the metal person and threw her dagger effortlessly. The dagger hit perfectly right where the bullet hit the heart.

Kate sat down. “You always have to outdo me.” Sara sat down next to her, having another dagger in her hand. Sara stared at the dagger intensely, and then back at Kate.

“What wrong?” Kate asked, putting her head on Sara’s shoulder.

“I feel depressed, and have a bad headache,” Sara said. Sara was secretly very lonely. She had hardly any friends and wanted a good close friend. Kate was her best friend and close one, but that’s all Sara had, except Daniel and John, and they didn’t count, nor did Kate’s brother.

Sara was worried about Lucifer entering the Heroes’ Headquarters. She didn’t want the Devil to kill her best friend. But most of all, she didn’t want to meet Lucifer. Sara would wonder what he looked like, how he smelled, and if he sweated. She knew he had a bad reputation.

Kate stood up, and made Sara get up, “You know what helps me when I’m depressed? Eat a gallon of coffee ice cream.” Kate shoved Sara into the dining room and they got some ice cream. They sat on the benches and ate in silence.

Kate looked around at the dining room, eating the ice-cream and her eyes widened. She saw her brothers and jumped up. “I haven’t seen you in two months, and...and you here!” She ran to them and hugged both of them tightly.

Sara didn’t watch at all, her gaze somewhere else.

Kate kissed each of her brothers on their cheeks. “How was England? Did you have tea? Everybody has to have tea in England. It’s like a rule.”

One of her brothers chuckled, “We had so much tea, that every ten minutes, we had to use the bathroom.” Her brother, Ricky, laughed. “I have to use the bathroom now.” He kissed Kate on her forehead and left her.

“How was being a spy, again?” Kate asked him

“Awesome,” her brother, Demetrius said. “Do you miss being a spy?”

Kate nodded, “Yeah, sometimes, but I’m glad that you had a fun time.” Kate looked at Sara, but Sara didn’t look back. She was intensely looking at a couple. “I hope the next mission I get to be a spy,” Kate said grinning.

“You are very good at it,” Demetrius said. Someone familiar caught his eyes and he quickly left Kate.

Kate went back to Sara, who now was looking at her empty bowl.

She crossed her arm, “Why are you always like this? Depressed, angry, and never seem to have a good time. Do you need more friends?”

“Of course not!” her friend scoffed and then left Kate, before staring at a family that was sitting behind her. She hurried out the dining room, banging the door behind her.

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