War for Uyrilia

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Chapter 16

Chapter 16

After listening and gathering reports for two months the four young adult had enough information. They All started to gather at Liliana’s to plan the details and make sure everything was set and in place. Liliana tucked Jamie and Sylvan into bed before joining her friends who were waiting.

“Alright so what’s the plan?” She asked as she sat next to her brother and brother-in-law.

“There’s a camp up northwest of us. It’s the one that they took over a few months ago. All reports say they are there, so if we start out tomorrow night we should reach them in…” Ryan trailed off thinking.

“Three days. That’s if the snow’s not bad. The winter’s coming so you’re going to have to move fast. And since you’ve never been there you can’t jump there.” Jace added

“We should leave as soon as everyone’s in bed. It will give us a little bit of extra time to get as far away as possible before dad and the others find out we’re missing.” Liliana told them. After talking for another half hour, they felt they had the best plan they could come up with and they left to sleep before everything started to get crazy.

“The snow will be coming soon.” Jaxton said as he walked around the camp with Maximus. “It kind of makes me miss earth.” He smiled.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Maximus told his friend as he looked over at the young guard who had become very close with All of them, as he ran around with All of the children “But I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.” Jaxton nodded watching his grandsons run around laughing. “That just makes me feel old.”

“I know. I can’t believe I’m a grandfather to two boys. I never thought I would see the day.” Jaxton laughed. “Well I never really saw passed them as being the little children who ran around getting into trouble.” The two men laughed as they continued to walk meeting up with Liliana and Jace who were helping the people who were with them set up tents, supplies and even helping to take care of the young, ill and elderly.

“They did grow up wonderful though.”

“They grew up better than I had ever hoped.”

That night Jace, Liliana, Rebecca and Ryan meet at the far edge of the camp to say goodbyes, last minutes words and to avoid as much of the guards as possible.

“Lil you have everything you’ll need?” Jace asked as he stood with Rebecca, Alexander and Ryan beside him. “How about you Ryan? You two will more than likely run into heavy snow. Make sure you stay warm and keep making sure you’re still on course.”

“Jace, stop acting like a mother hen.” Liliana smiled and gave him a tight hug. “We know what could happen, we know what we have to do and we will come back with Rob.”

“I know I’m just worried about you, that’s All.”

“You can worry quietly. All I ask is that you two take care of Jamie. He can be a handful, you two only know him when playing or spending a night with you.”

“We’ll take good care of him. Just worry about getting that jack ass back here.” Rebecca smiled as she hugged the woman-like sister. “Be careful. Get a hold of us if you need anything.”

“I will. We won’t take too long.” She smiled before the two left on their way to the camp that had been captured a while ago.


“Lily, we should find a place to wait out the storm.” Ryan called over the howling winds of the blizzard. The two had been traveling for a full day and night when the blizzard hit. Liliana quickly scanned the area for anything they could use and found a small rock over hang that created a little cave like area where they could wait for the storm to pass.

“This is horrible weather.” Liliana sighed looking out at the storm before closing her mind and trying to find wood nearby. Once she found it, she focused on the pieces and snapped her fingers making it appear in front of her. Smiling she began to start a fire to keep them warm for a while. Ryan watched as Liliana made the fire and sat in her spot staring at the flames as they danced in the cold air.

“You know we’ll get him back.” He said making her snap her head up to look at him. “We will bring him back. My brother would fight to the very end to protect any of us and I will do the same.”

“Why are you taking such a big risk though? I mean I could have just gone and done this.”

“Because my brother is the only one who was every there for me, he Always helped me when I needed it, even when it turned his world into a living hell. I’ve never seen him so happy as when I see him with you. He’s like a completely different person when he’s with you and I can’t even explain what he’s like when he’s with Jamie. You All have been through hell and back and you deserve to have a little peace in this life.”

“Thank you Ryan.” Liliana said with a bright smile. “You’re the only one that Rob and I could have ever trusted with anything. I not once questioned his judgment when he told me you knew about us. I knew you would always be there to help either of us when we needed it and I’ve needed it a lot over the past few years. Thanks for coming All the way out here in this… wonderful weather.” She smiled as they settled in talking softly about how much longer it was going to take and what they were going to do once they go there before they fell asleep, resting for as long as the storm still raged on.

The next morning they were able to travel again moving as fast as they could they made it to the edge of the canyon where the camp was situated. Liliana and Ryan stood on the canyon wall looking over the medium sized military camp. They knew it was going to be hard to get in and out without being caught, but they knew it was next to impossible to talk to Robert and not be caught. Liliana held her hood on her long large black robe up as the wind blew with Ryan standing beside her with a large tan jacket on.

“Looks like we can’t just walk right in.” Ryan said looking at all the fires that were lit.

“We have one way to get right to Robert.” Liliana said glancing at her brother-in-law who was confused. “You can act like you are joining them and brought me as a present.”

“How would that work? No one would be able to just have you walk in.” He said. Suddenly six large men came from nowhere and hit them hard in the back of the head before they knew what was going on.

“We caught them talking on the canyon wall. They were the only two anywhere near here.” A deep voice said.

“Looks like they came alone.” Erna said as Ryan opened his eyes and looked at his mother. “It’s nice of you to join us Ryan.” He looked up at her then to the side and saw Liliana still unconscious. “Would you like to tell me why you were All the way up here with her?”

“I brought her as a gift.” He said figuring Liliana’s idea was worth a shot. “I wanted to join you and thought you might like a gift.” She looked at him for a moment before glancing at the girl.

“Perhaps you are not as worthless as I thought. Robert, take care of our guest.” She said and Ryan watched as Robert walked from behind his mother with a smile as Liliana began to wake up.

“What happened?” She groaned as she sat up looking around before she noticed her hands were tied. “What?”

“I told you, you would make a nice gift for my mother.” Ryan said to let her know he was playing. She looked at him for a moment before looking around and finding Robert walking out from behind Erna.

“Rob…” She trailed off when she saw his eyes were cloudy. “What did you do to him?” She yelled at Erna making her smile before she took a deep breath and turned her attention back to Robert as he walked closer.

“Robert, show her some manners while in my presents.” Robert was about to hit her when she started to speak, worried that he might kill her before she was able to bring him out of it.

“Rob, please wake up. I know you’re in there and can hear me.” She pleaded as Ryan looked at her. He could not believe he had not seen that Robert was under some spell. “Please, you have to come back to me. I need your help.”

“What could you possibly need his help with?”

“I need you to recognize me.” She said and saw no response making her change tactics. Pleading and trying to talk was doing no good. It was time to yell, scream and argue. “You lay one finger on me and you know you will be dead. The guys will have to get in line behind me and only then if anything’s left.” Robert smiled.

“Your little speech falls on deaf ears, girl.”

“I am not leaving without you Rob! I need you to come back to me. You have no idea how life is without you there. Days just slide past, and the warmth I long for feels like it’s slipping farther and farther away from me. I need you to come back, to keep me warm and safe.”

“You sound like you’re working on a man with love.”

“You need to come back and help me right now. You have no idea what it’s like going home to an empty bed every night, not having anyone there to keep you safe from anything, waking up to nothing. I have no reason to climb out of bed in the mornings, the only reason I live is to take care of our son!”

“What?” Erna yelled. Liliana continued to speak ignoring everything that came from the woman.

“You son of a bitch! You left me All Alone with our son! You promised you would never leave me again and look what happens! You go and leave me so you can become some pig headed bastard who doesn’t care about anyone! I will not let you slid on this, you will listen to me you jack ass. Open your ears and listen to what the hell I have to say to you, you dick!” She screamed as tears rose to her eyes. Ryan fought the urge to run and protect her and watched as tears streamed down her face. “You son of a bitch, open your damn eyes and see what you’ve been doing! Don’t leave me the hell behi-“ Suddenly she was cut off and Robert leaned down kissing her passionately. Erna could not believe her eyes as Robert pulled back and looked down at the crying Liliana.

“I would never leave you behind, not on purpose anyway.” He told her and pulled her into a tight hug. “I’m so sorry Ana.” He whispered before he looked at his mother with Ryan standing beside her.

“What is going on?” She yelled looking at Robert as he signed to Ryan that he should take care of Liliana. Ryan nodded and ran to her side taking her into his arms and soothing her as Robert started talking to his mother.

“You want to join Zinnia then fine but I don’t want to ever hear from you again. You come near me, my brother or sister and I’ll kill you. If you come near my wife or son, I’ll do even worse.” He told her making her eyes go wide before narrowing on Liliana who had dried her tears and pulled herself together.

“How dear you?”

“Ana, I need a favor.” Robert said looking t her. “You think you can take what I picture and use it to take us there?” She nodded quickly, putting her hand on his forehead, and closed her eyes for a minute before they disappeared and Erna was able to gather her thoughts. Liliana, Robert and Ryan arrived in a dark room where they heard shuffling from a far corner.

“What is this?”Liliana asked softly to herself.

“Alina?” Robert asked and heard a small cry. “It’s me, it’s Alright.” Suddenly Liliana and Ryan saw a young girl run to him with dirty matted brown hair and watery deep brown eyes. “Ana let’s get out of here. Can you get us back to the camp?”

“I think so. It will drain me a bit but I should be able to.”

“Why didn’t you two do that when you came for me?”

“None of us had ever been there and we kind of snuck out to get you.” Ryan smiled before Alina attached herself to his side and Robert stood with Liliana who was standing with her eyes closed gathering All the energy she could. A door flung open and several guards ran in attacking as Liliana pulled them away and to the camp. As they arrived at the camp Liliana cried out and fell to the ground, being caught by Robert.

“Ana…” He trailed off as he saw the gash in her gut. “Damn it.” He said as people started to gather around. Suddenly Jace and Rebecca burst through the crowd to see Robert using his jacket to help stop the bleeding.

“What happened?” Rebecca asked

“We were attacked as we left and one must have hit her just before we left. She’s completely drained too.” He said worried as he looked at her face with her eyes closed.

“Don’t worry about it. I should be able to heal this no problem, although it will take a few minutes. Make sure Dad and Maximus don’t get here to see this.” He nodded and ran off. “That’s all we need.”

“How did things work out here?” Ryan asked as he held his little sister tight.

“Not too bad, convicted Dad that nothing would happen. Told him that you two would get Robert home and nothing would happen, bet my place as a prince on it.”

“You’re screwed.”

“Nah, Alexander stalls I heal and then it’s the inevitable, she was tired from all the spells and the huge distance she had to jump.” Jace smiled. “He knows how we can get when we use too much. There, All done. Robert get her to bed, let her rest and she’ll have her energy back in no time.” Robert gave a nod breathing a sigh of relief as he picked her up gently and carried her to their tent.

“Jace what is going on?” Maximus asked.

“Liliana made it back. She brought Robert back too. He smirked looking at Ryan and the girl. “She even did a bit of saving.”

“Where is she now?” Jaxton asked.

“Robert took her to bed. She used a lot of energy getting there and then she used a massive amount in one jump to get back here.” Jaxton nodded and started to her tent. He walked in to find Robert sitting in a chair at the edge of the bed looking solemnly at Liliana as she slept.

“I see my daughter did what I told her not to do.”

“She risked everything to save me.” Robert said softly not looking away from her. “I could have killed her and she still stood right up in front of me and fought.”

“Would you like to explain what happened?”

“I don’t really remember much, once I got to the camp I went to sleep that night and then I remember hearing her voice. I fought to find her and it took a lot and her yelling at me, but I pulled out of some spell. We went and saved my sister and then came here. That’s basically the short version.” He sat waiting to hear Jaxton lecture and yell at him for making Liliana go into a dangerous situation to save him but he felt a hand on his shoulder making him look up and find Jaxton smiling brightly.

“She’s got her mother’s spirit.”

“And her father’s attitude.” Maximus said as he walked in to see how Liliana was doing, Jaxton chuckled looking at his friend. “How is she?”

“She’ll be fine. Just sleeping.” Jaxton told him and saw him nod before leaving. “Don’t blame yourself.” He told Robert before giving a knowing smile. “She’ll beat you to a pulp if she wakes up to you blaming yourself.” Robert chuckled knowing full well what she would do if she caught him acting like a fool.

“Daddy!” They heard from the tent flap seconds before a little boy collided with Robert’s arms. Robert pulled him close quickly and held him tightly as the boy started to cheer. Jaxton smiled before he too left finding the others all outside waiting.

“Where you a good boy while I was gone?” Robert asked with a smile. He could not help but think of what could have happened had Liliana and Ryan not risked everything. He almost was not going to be able to ever see the smiling boy again, and that nearly broke his heart.

“Yup. Mommy and uncle taked me and Sylvan playing and uncle Alexander is funny when he plays.” He giggled and looked at his mother sleeping. “What’s wrong with mommy?”

“She’s had a really hard trip. She’s really tired.” The boy gave a nod and put a finger to his lips making Robert smile. “Come on let’s go outside and play while we wait for mommy to wake up.” The boy nodded as Robert put him on the ground and the two walked out to find everyone waiting to hear something.

“She’s still sleeping?” Rebecca asked.

“Yeah. She was really worn out from everything going on; I think she’ll be sleeping for a while yet.” Robert told them as Alina ran over to him.

“Brother!” She smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist before a boy peaked from behind him to look at the girl. “Brother, who’s this?” Robert smiled as he reached down and picked his son up before kneeling in front of her.

“This is your nephew, his name is Jamie.” Alina looked at him for a few minutes as the boy tried to hide. “Jamie it’s Alright, you don’t need to hide from your aunt Alina.” Jamie looked at his father then at the older girl.

“She my aunt daddy?” He asked looking back at him making Alina look at her brother with wide eyes, just now understanding what it meant to be aunt an nephew.

“You’re his daddy?” She asked surprised making Ryan laugh.

“He better be.” They heard making everyone look at Liliana as she walked out of the tent with a small smile on her face.

“We’re going to have a problem if I’m not.” Robert smiled as he set Jamie on his feet and stood. Liliana walked over to him and they hugged as the others talked. “You rested?” He asked and saw her nod.

“Mommy, why you feel sleepy?” Jamie asked as she held her leg. Everyone looked down at the boy wondering how he could know how she felt.

“What do you mean?” Jaxton asked as he grabbed onto the leg of his father with his other arm.

“Mommy feels sleepy and daddy is happy.” He smiled up at his father. “I happy too.” Liliana bent down and lifted him onto her hip as the others started moving closer.

“Could he have a power?” Maximus asked as Jamie looked around.

“Probably, if I focus hard enough I can get what people are feeling when I look into their minds.” Liliana told them. “Well it looks like we’re going to have to start training him soon.”

“We better get back to duty.” Jace said to Alexander before they moved off.

“Well we’ll leave you to rest.” Jaxton said with a smile. “I’m proud of you.” He said softly as he kissed her forehead. “Just don’t do anything like that again.” Liliana laughed and nodded before he and Maximus were off.

“Why don’t you watch Jamie and Alina, Rebecca and I go get washed up?” Liliana handed Jamie to Robert and told her son to be good before taking Alina’s hand and walking her to where she could find some clothes for her then it was off to get washed.

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