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This is an anecdote that has been given the shape of a story , describing a boy who had fallen for a girl at a very young age . The girl suddenly moves out of the frame for a long span leaving no clue , that makes the boy anxious and he starts trailing his lost love for years . This work may help the readers to understand that , even if a kid falls for someone then that's absolutely fine because he may be sure about the decisions he's making . No names have been mentioned in work by the writer as per the conduct of privacy. Hope it arouses you !!!

Fantasy / Romance
Anuj Rawat
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Chapter 1

The school life ,a time full of surprises , friends , foes , happiness, sorrows ,victories and defeats . An individual goes through all these emotional and moral phases in this short span of an extremely ruthless yet adventurous period . This amazing chapter of an extremely unpredictable book throws light on the perceptions of three basic bifurcations , that’re :a teacher , a parent and a student .

A parent sends his child to school in sake of his better future and indeed to make him a good human being but deep down , this parent holds his bygone desire that he could not consummate and wants his child to accomplish it , which is fair enough .

A teacher then takes over the child after the bars of the school’s main gate and performs her job by nourishing this toddler with knowledge , irrigating him with manners and helping him achieve something best in his life .

Then comes the perception of student who has to perform syndicate in order to fulfill the goals mentioned by his parents and teachers , carrying along his idiosyncratic aspirations and some very small desires that makes him happy . But all his peculiar thoughts starts amalgamating into an envelope of ruined paper with " BURIED " written over it with the ink of parental and social pressure . That leads this chap to a successful job accompanied by an unsuccessful individual ,as it was never considered that he could even be emotional or feel love at any stage till he has a bloody job in his court . This darn race of outshining everywhere has lead him to run from something natural he wants to be . There are certain questions that strike in my mind every now and then , that
why can’t he think of something out of his nature ? ,
why can’t he fall for someone at a young age ?
why he always has to be decent enough ?
why he always need to plan and act everywhere , just to highlight in the society that how cultured family he belongs to?
why he always needs to remain same by nature ?
why cant he be apocryphal sometimes?..WHY , WHY and WHY.

But , without diverting from the topic i would better cover my old school desire that finally effectuated when i turned 18 . In short , i am here to apogee my unconventional love story that has the its lady missing out of the frame for years .

Back then in 2007 , an extremely shy kid took off his wings to an entirely new place i.e. ” AN ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL" , carrying a lot of fear , anxiety and confining emotions . As per the rule book of every school , children need to greet and meet each other followed by an introduction . After watching all the students around , there i found a girl full of grit , proud and glamour off course . It was not like , there were no girls around carrying cuteness , but that particular chick had a distinct impact . Her attitude competing the sky , her smile kissing the sunshine , her eyes carrying solace and her charm knocking off guys . After a while , i discovered that she was the kid of the senior most authority and had no interest dealing with the unknown faces . I am not at all saying that i was in love , because that’s nearly impossible to comment that , as i was hardly seven , but getting hit hard by anyone’s personality has no relevance with age .

Though , i fought tough and glittered among the best students of that batch and shorty became a friendly name in the peer . Besides my academic achievements , i always had in back of my mind that i need to be friends with her or at least need to say her ‘hi’ . But this intention took another year , when in class 3rd the students council was elected and she was adjudged as the vice captain of the house . Finally , that day i gathered some courage and headed towards her to congratulate and did it successfully . But the next sentence i uttered out gave me a bashed response , i asked her ” could you please show me your badge ? i need to see , how it feels like holding one " and she replied ”This badge is not for the students like you" . Well , that was the last time i hated her , but fortune had different judgement for us , because she left the premises right in class 4 in 2010. The next one year , i did not realize that anyone had left the encompass , but as soon as in the same class when i was selected as the vice- captain of my house , i comprehended that how badly i was missing her ,perhaps i wanted to show her my badge , not to insult or to swank but to see her smiling (just once). After that particular year , i feel i was unstoppable and made records year after year i.e. sports captain , best prefect , head boy and finally
the star of the year . Everything changed with the surpassing years , but one thing that did not change was foraging her on every social platform and from every possible acquaintance , but the result was selfsame i.e. no clue .

It is said that ”what you seek is seeking you" , it went right on me when fortuitously i got know about her from one of my teachers who was teaching her too , but at a different place . No doubt i was much more confident guy than i was years back , but , the girl was same , the fluctuations were same and foremost everything , those eyes were same that had given a secret bye 9 years back .So to reach her out , i liaised my old twin friends who too had left the same year she did . We used to be amazing buddies , as I and the twins were in the same class back then . Therefore , i managed to successfully catch up with both of them and the boy twin(Mr. VB) helped me with her contact . 15th April , 2019 : this date holds an integral relevance because i texted her the first time after 9 years , without having an idea of what would she think of me , will it look decent , will she recognize me and many more . But thankfully , things went more or less right because most of my questions had answers in affirmation , that
did she recognize? yes she did ,
did she talk ? yes she did ,
but the only question that i was left unanswered was
would she talk to me further ???
To be honest , today i feel that i had irritated her a lot with that cliche stuff and pictures, rather i would have simply offered her gentle friendship and things would have worked smoothly . Well , then both my twin friends (Mr. VB and Ms. VB) helped me to calculate the scenario and i did adjourn for sometime . By and by , i shall always be thankful to the twin duo to commence a hung back story . Love and respect to both of them.

Within a month , things started to improve in there way and we encountered for the first time after 9 years on 13th May , 2019 at a metropolis mall down the city . I was the first to reach the destination , so was my agitationand then i saw the ” old school girl ” heading towards the elevator with wide eyelids gazing with her specs giving her shed . It felt like everything around was just kidding my notions and i was going to behave eccentric . Yes , we were out for a movie and ethically i don’t even remember the plot of that feature but all i remember is that i was restless because it was resilient for me to believe her presence . Coming out of the coliseum , we had chat over a pizza and i briefed her the background plot of my story and she condemned that , which was quiet fair . Soon , we left for our places . I was dead sure that i had left her doubtful over believing me and was very uncertain about her next comportment towards me .

Correspondingly , after a month both of us had our competition results in our hands , in which , i failed in mine , while she passed but decided to reattempt it in the coming year , as she was not satisfied with her performance . That takes a heavy audacity to undergo the same flame of sweat and hard work again , but as i have mentioned above , grit was running in her veins . So, she decided to opt for a hostel adjacent to her institute , so she could save her time out to burn the midnight oil and fight for her dream . This is one of the reasons why i hold so much of respect for her , she incarcerates a pioneering attitude with dedication in abundance . Before she left , we planned another afternoon out on 28th June , 2019 at food hub , where we had an on and off discussion . I can vividly recall calling her from the metro station and admitting that i am going to miss her . After that particular day , i had left my hope half way to see her again as there was no means of contact .A month later , her birthday arrived on 25th July , her 18th birthday . I wished her , and that was more or less very casual i believe , because i don’t know why i was filled with agony at that particular time , circumstances perhaps .
I soon joined an engineering college , where i had no purpose to move . On 4th August , 2019 i.e. friendship day , i received a text message from an unknown number saying ” Happy Friendship Day ” and a then a separate message revealing the sender’s name . I jumped with joy and could not believe my eyes , yes it was her !!!Then , a call with a soothing voice next me , and discussed stuff about life and living . From there , started an amazing bonding with a lot of systole and diastole. There was every possible thing happening that a half way yet close bonding has i.e. late night dialogue , texting and sharing everything happening in the universe .I had always enjoyed her company and her chats , not only because i felt for her , but also because she was productive , encouraging , supportive , spiritual and more over a prominent person . In short everything you want in a person you always wanted to be with .

In a couple of months , my birthday was short in the calendar and i asked her , if she would join me , i was sceptical about her decision because she had her classes on , neither she could afford missing them nor i wanted her to do so . But the stars were on my side and she gave an aye . Right from that day , i was just crossing off the dates that when would my day arrive and i would see her again . A few days flushed off in temptation , reverie and suspense . Finally the day arrived , and you know what , i no longer consider it my day rather i consider it ours . We met at an food arcade close to her hostel in the capital . Its quiet fiddly to describe the anecdote (LOL) , but my keys cannot resist itself from doing so . I stepped off the metro and discovered that i was running late , she waited quiet long outside the station .
She was elegantly dressed in black with scintillating charm , something i was familiar to .
Now , you must be wondering that what is this

"OLD SCHOOL GRAIL" all about ? So , this is all about my desire to celebrate my birthday with the one i love and i was fortunate enough that it was my ‘18th Birthday ’ , first step towards adulthood . She coruscated my evening with much more than i expected , her card ( gosh !!!) : that is the most adorable gift i could have ever deserved along with the two deodorants whose aroma has a different place in my life and a jar that i would embellish . Postprandial lunch , we had a few clicks accompanied by some conversations that could never evanesce my memory .It was dawn , her limits did not allow her to stay beyond the time , otherwise , i could have even elapsed the moon light just standing with her . Thus , i came back cherishing my serendipity , that led the day to a meaningful ending .

This ′OLD SCHOOL GIRL’ , settled my ′ OLD SCHOOL GRAIL’ . May God always be kind, generous and rewarding towards her !!!!!

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