The Unwanted Wolf Goddess

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One the day the sun is gone and the moon takes to that sky, the gods and goddesses make peace for one reason. A little girl destined to free the world from war. blessed with gifts from the gods & goddesses which she won't find out she has until her 18th birthday. will she follow the path laid out for her or will she make her own path?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Grand Meadow estate stands high above the world, hidden by the clouds, in the middle of Lapithela the city of Gods and Goddesses. Once a year they all get together to drink and celebrate a good year. But this year they had a newcomer. Lara the Goddess of miracles is 5 months pregnant with a little girl. now for gods 5 months is full-term and she is due any day now.

every god and goddess new that this baby girl is special and will be feared and loved, but Lara was scared that someone would hurt her child, so the gods decided to bless the girl with gifts. Gifts that would help this girl though out her life, whether she knows it or not. Lara sat at the round table watching her husband Dhetar drink and laugh the night away with no care in the world “my dear you look pale” Lelia the Moon Goddess said walking up to Lara “no I’m fine, just worried about my baby, she will be here soon” Lara says rubbing her baby bump praying for her child and hoping that she will be okay in this cruel world, “she will be fine Lara, don’t worry, your baby will be blessed by everyone here and we will keep watch over her” Lelia says sitting down at the table with Lara. watching the swift blue nigh sky go by with no clouds in sight and the moon in full view of the gods, the party hits its peak, Dhetar the god of fire looks at his wife with a smile and then with worry at he sees his wife in pain.

He runs to her and sees the light from the moon has fallen on her and the baby, indicating that it is time for his child to come into this world. Lara and Lelia rush over to the waterfall to rest, since this child is a god, they like to have the mother in the water to help both the mother and baby relax. Crystal falls is a magical waterfall blessed by the water gods to heal the dead and bless the living, and for a mother to go into labor in the water, it blessed both the mother and baby, not only with life but also giving the baby eternal life. Yes, that’s right eternal life, because this child is rare and special the gods want to make sure that no man-made weapon can harm her in life and death, in the moon and sun realm and on earth. “Lara, I need you to relax please, so that I can help you” Bryzla the Goddess of health said while helping Lara into the water and started the process of the child being born.

While everyone surrounded Lara and the baby, no one noticed someone watching them in the shadows, someone that wasn’t invited to the gathering and who didn’t want this child to be born “Omos I think it is time to go, before they spot us” Killian says opening a portal back to their home “yes I think it is, this girl will not have an easy life, if I have anything to do with it” Omos the god of jealousy says walking through the portal leaving the sight behinds, and it was a beautiful sight. The girl was born covered in fire of blue and gold, hair white as snow and eyes and blue as the sea. Bryzla moved the child to the bed they had made up for here, while Lara picked herself up with the help from Dhetar.

“What is her name,” everyone asked Lara since it is the mothers, job to name her “Melania Ash,” Lara says out loud and everyone cheered for Melania. Everyone went quiet when Zeus walked into the room, no one expected him to come to see the birth “well I see that we have a new addition to our family Lara” Zeus said as he walked up to Melania, Dhetar got pissed off since he knows that Melania may not be his but since she was born wrapped in flames it makes sense that she was his daughter “did anyone take note of what war wrapped around this little girl” Zeus asked everyone “she was born with blue and gold fire” Lelia said looking back at Lara knowing that Zeus wronged her and Dhetar “ I see, well congratulations Lara on a beautiful daughter, I hope she lives long enough to see her 18th birthday” he says as he walks out of the room. Lara looks at Dhetar knowing full well what Zeus meant by that and they had a plan. They are going to protect their daughter no matter the cost. Everyone moved around the bed looking at Melania and her snow-white hair and beautiful blue eyes and began the prosses of the blessings.

First was Lokione the God of beauty, he blessed her with everlasting beauty, Dhiteus the god of the Stars blessed her with the sight of future and past, Branlene the Goddess of flame, blessed her with everlasting flame. Odonr The God of animals blessed her with the ability to talk to animals that need help, Lelia the Goddess of the moon, Blessed her with the form of a wolf. Bryzla the goddess of health blessed her with everlasting life and the ability to heal all wounds on herself and others. Ghotia the goddess of hell, gave Melania a gift, a baby phoenix that will never die. Last but not least, Istuna the goddess of night blessed her with the sight though the dark.

With all the blessings and gifts that were given to Melania, her eyes were brighter then the sea, her hair is even whiter than snow and she smiled at everyone and everyone smiled back with tears in their eyes. Everyone knew that it wasn’t safe up here with them, they always fight, and wars break out between gods and Lara didn’t want to risk her baby getting her.

Lara needed to make her way to earth to see a nearby wolf back, hoping that they can help her and take her baby in. Lelia knows a family that couldn’t have any more kids and they wished they could have a daughter since they have a son. Lelia spoke to this family since she is the mother of all wolves in the world and they prayed to her every day.

Everyone bid Melania goodbye and Lara left with Lelia and made her way to the new family that her baby would be with. They made it to the boarder of the royal Golden hunter pack where they found the king and queen waiting for them. “hello, my dear, I hope you are well” Leila asked the Queen, the queen turned around to look who was there when she spotted Lara with a baby in her arms and tears in her eyes “hello Mood goddess it is very nice to finally meet you” the queen says walking up to Lara “oh im here my child” Lelia waved over to the queen “oh I am so sorry about that” she queen says “ its okay “ lara says looking at the queen and watches the king move closer to the queen “ Lara this this Lucian and Eva Waterblood the king and queen of wolves” lelia says walking closer to lara “nice to meet you both” Lara says with tears in her eyes and not being able to hold a sob in anymore, she hold Melania closer to her “ I heard you are wanted a daughter” Lelia says walking to Eva “yes moon goddess we do” Eva says with a sad smile “since you can not have any more children I have decided to give you my baby, she is not safe with me in the world of gods and I want you to take her in and care for her like she is your own daughter and give her the love that I cannot” Lara says with a sob walking over to Eva and handing Melania over to her “what’s her name” Lucian asked “Melania Ash, she is a special child and with gifts as well, when it is her 16th birthday she will come into these powers, she will need to learn how to control them and how to hide them from people that will use her from them” Leila says looking at Eva and walks over to Lara with a sad smile.

“what types of gifts “Lucian asks looking at the baby girl “Melania has the gifts of eternal beauty, fire and health, she can heal herself and others she is also a wolf, she can talk to animals and see the future and past, she also has perfect sight in the dark and has a phoenix as a pet,” Lara says pointing to the fiery animal curled up in the baby’s chest “we will love her like our own and make sure she is taken care of once she comes into these powers, “Lucian says walking over to Lara and kissing her on the cheek “ thank you and I will be watching over her,” Lara says as she walks away and goes back through the portal.

Lelia smiled at both Eva and Lucian and went though the portal as well, with that Eva and Lucian were left alone at the edge of the boarder and looking at their new baby girl with snow white hair and sea blue eyes. “let’s get her inside shell we” Lucian said walking behind Eva and holding her shoulder with a smile “yes, let’s go and show the kingdom the wonderful gift we have been given” she says while walking to the Palace, where her son was waiting for them to return, “Luc, look who we have” Eva says running up to him with Melania “she is so cute Mumma” he says looking at his new baby sister, “what is that red thing on her Mumma” he asks pointing to her pet “ that my son is your sister’s pet from the gods, we need to look after her until Melania can okay” Lucian says with a smile “okay daddy, I will be the best big brother to her and her pet” Luc says with a massive grin on his face and walking into the palace. The sun started to rise from the east and everyone started to come towards the palace, sensing a new presence in their pack. Once everyone was gathered the Lucian stated to speak “early this morning we spoke to the Moon goddess and another goddess who gave us the best gift of all, our very own daughter, so please welcome your new princess Melania Ash Waterblood”

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