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The Alpha’s Substantial Mate

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Liam is a very respected, powerful and feared Alpha, but he believes in waiting for your mate and wants nothing more then to finally find her. He was made Alpha at the young age of 16, and now 20 is still looking for her. He’s shocked when he finds her in the most unusual place. Nobody knows anything about her, not even her family. Liam not being easily caught off guard, finds himself in constant surprise when he realizes the strength she has. He helps her to discover who she really is, and he can’t believe how blessed he is by the Moon Goddess herself to have such a mate. Once discovered who she is what challenges will they face?

Fantasy / Romance
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I heard Colin growl at the sound of my alarm going off, I rolled over and hit the button it was 4:30am and we had training. "Oh please" I said as I pulled back the sheet. Colin just let out another small growl in response. I knew what his frustration was, we had been training 3 times a day for weeks with little sleep and I knew he was tired.

I swung me feet over the side of the bed, no sooner did my feet touch the carpet and I heard "Alpha?" over the mind link. "I'm up" I linked back to Jax, my Beta and best friend since childhood.

He has been worried about me more lately with all the duties as Alpha and the stress of taking in around 70 new pack members who all needed training. Their Alpha and Luna were long time friends of my family and allies. They were attacked by rouges and died, so I took the remaining pack members into my own. My hatred for rouges just keeps growing because they were the same reason my parents were dead.

With my parents gone I had to take over as Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack at 16 and the youngest known Alpha at the time. Now at 20 I still run the pack by myself with no mate, I hope to find her someday soon to have my Luna finally by my side.

"Do you want me to take over training this morning Alpha?" Jax came across mind link again. "No Jax, but thanks, I need to be there. The warriors are just as worn out as everyone else and they need a break, I can't have them not ready and able if we need them. I'll be down in five." I said and cut the link.

I jumped in the shower, the hot water running across my back muscles made me relax and helped with some of the soreness from the constant training. I quickly finished my shower and threw on some baggy sweat pants, a t-shirt and my some tennis shoes and headed towards the bedroom door.

Just as I was about to grab the handle I heard a knock, "I said I would be down in five Ja..." I was cut off by Luca who responded with "I’m not Jax, Alpha".

I laughed and rolled my eyes. Luca is another one of my best friends and my Gamma, he likes a more face to face conversation instead of using the mind link.

I swung the door open and there he stood looking very impatient. "Why don't you just use the mind link?" I asked crossing my arms and waiting for a response. "Because I didn't feel like that was the best way to have this conversation Liam".

Jax and Luca only ever called me Liam if they were very serious about something. I mind linked Jax and let him know I was gonna be a few more minutes, "OK, Alpha" Jax came back quickly. "Come in" I said, turned and walked towards my bed. "Close the door".

"Liam, tonight is the gathering of the packs" Luca said concerned.

The gathering of the packs is hosted by different packs each year and all unmated pack members attend in hopes of finding their mates. I have gone the last 2 years, since you can't find your mate until your 18 and have come home disappointed both times. Secretly I want for love and yearn for the mate bond so much that it consumes much of my thoughts in my free time.

I twisted around quickly to look at Luca and knew the guilt of me forgetting was written all over my face. "How did I not fucking remember that!?" I shouted as I ran my fingers through my hair.

Suddenly Jax was in the room in an instant. "Close the door" I said once Jax was in the room and far more harshly then I intended. "Liam?" Jax said, I knew he just became very seriously worried about what was going on.

"I fucking forgot about the gathering of the packs, that's tonight and we're hosting!" I shouted again. It was not like me to shout a lot so when Jax heard me yelling earlier he knew something was up.

"Alpha" Jax stated calmly "Its already been arranged and taken care of, I had the she wolfs take care of everything for you" he said, but the look on his face was searching for my approval.

I let out a heavy breath I didn't know I was holding. Luca looked at Jax then back at me. "Alpha, you have been so busy with training and tending to the new pack members settling in, Jax and I decided to take one less stress off you" Luca finished hesitantly, clearly worrying about my response to what I had just been told.

I stayed silent for a moment thinking, neither Jax nor Luca daring to speak another word until I spoke to them.

"That responsibility is not to be yours" I growled, not pissed at them but at myself for not upholding my duties. I sighed almost instantly at the way I just sounded when they did just save my ass.

"I know I have been a little overwhelmed as of recent and I never meant to make that your burden" I said sincerely. "Alpha, as long as you have no mate, and no Luna we will not hesitate to help with any duties we can" they responded in unison as if reading each others minds.

"That’s the fucking problem! I need a mate, a Luna, maybe I'm just wanting it so much the Moon Goddess is making me wait!" I said agitated. "Well maybe tonight is your night?" They said yet again in hopeful unison. I looked at them both and a small grin formed on my mouth.

This made them smirk, we had all been best friends our whole life’s that we pretty much knew what each other were thinking.

"Hopeful much?" I asked them sarcastically. "You will find her" Jax responded hoping to ease my painful thoughts a bit. "I'm sure The Moon Goddess has chosen someone very special to be with you Alpha" Luca paused for a moment then continued "I bet she's as beautiful in and out as you imagine her to be if not more".

Colin after being silent to whole time let out a little growl, both in frustration of not finding her yet and jealousy at the thought of Luca thinking of our future mate.

Luca put his hands up in defense "I’m just saying Liam that I'm sure The Moon Goddess probably has someone very special picked out for you, and I would never think of our future Luna in such a manner". He said speaking to me as the true friend he was not because he had to be loyal to me as Alpha.

Colin whimpered at the fact he sounded so stupid growling over nothing. "Its ok" I told him "I know, I'm frustrated too and I understand where your coming from". " I just want to find her so bad! I want to know what she's like, I want to meet her wolf" Colin whined. "I know but maybe Jax and Luca are right, maybe tonight really is our night" and he let out a hopeful whine.

"We have nothing to wear tonight!" Colin shouted "What if we do meet her and she rejects us?" He said worry clear in his voice. "We will go to town after training ok?" I asked him "Ok, but I'm choosing what we wear, my fashion sense is way better then yours" he said almost jokingly and I laughed.

He's right my ideas of fashion is either jeans and a t-shirt or sweats, I don't really do the formal thing but I know I'm ok with Colin on my side.

"Your right I'm gonna need help in that department, its your pick" Colin got giddy just like a child at the thought of going shopping to look nice in case we did in fact meet our mate tonight.

"All right buddy settle down now we have to attend to pack business first" I told him and he stopped "I’m all business now let's hurry so we can go!" Colin demanded in a much more serious tone.

"Alpha?" Jax said as he put his hand on my shoulder pulling me back into the conversation with him and Luca. "Are you ok?" He asked. "Yeah, fine. Sorry I was in deep with Colin" I said kind of embarrassed I zoned out.

"Good, how's he doing?" asked Luca. "Persistent" I said giving a vague description of his real feelings, and that’s all they needed to know that he's wants his mate as much as I do. Damn they know me to well.

I glanced at the clock it was 4:55am. "Alright guys time for training" I said almost sounding too excited. Colin all of a sudden was way more energetic and ready to work, and to be honest I was excited too. "Maybe tonight really is our night?" I thought happily to myself.

But little did I know the events later to follow would turn my whole world upside down...

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