The Alpha’s Substantial Mate

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Chapter 2: The Girl


"Happy 18th Birthday!" My parents shouted as they flung my bedroom door open and blew on some of those annoying plastic kazoos. "Ugggg" I moaned as I pulled the covers over my head and rolled away from them.

This has been an annual thing for them ever since I was a little girl, although it was much more fun when I was little.

"Come on you should be more excited, it your 18th birthday and your officially and adult now!" My mother cooed way to excitedly. "Yeah you can legally do lotto scratch offs and stuff like that now" my dad joked. My dad doesn't really do emotional stuff well but I know he's trying.

"What time is it?" I asked but rolled back over to answer my own question. 7am the clock on my stand read and I moaned again.

"Seven in the morning? Really guys?" I said slightly annoyed. "You couldn't let me sleep in a little more? I mean it is my birthday" I whined.

My parents just laughed "Fine grump" my mother joked. "We'll see you downstairs for breakfast when your ready" she said. "I'm making your favorite" my dad said with wink and they closed the door. I pulled the covers back over my head and closed my eyes.

As hard as I tried I couldn't go back to sleep "ugggg fine" I mumbled to myself and I threw my down comforter towards my feet like a child having a tantrum. I felt especially irritable this morning for no reason in particular.

I sat up and went to slide to the side of my bed when my feet got tangled in the comforter, my top half went flying off the bed and my shoulders hit the floor with my feet still entangled in the comforter on the bed.

"Oh what the hell!?" I spewed and it only made me more agitated. “Real graceful Myah" I scolded myself for the stupidity. I untangled my feet, made my bed and headed towards my on suit bathroom. “Time for a shower, hopefully that will help my sour mood" I said talking only to myself.

When I got in the bathroom I looked in the mirror, my long dark brown hair looked like a rats nest from my constant tossing and turning at night.

"You look like hell" I said again talking to my reflection. I started the shower to let it warm up and grabbed my brush from the drawer. It makes it easier to wash if its not it fits and tangles and I started to brush gently letting the bristles smooth my long strands.

Suddenly the brush caught right near the base of my neck "FUCK!" I yelled and the pain of the pull from my tender hairline. "This start to my birthday is really starting to suck" I said still irritated. Once I finally got the brush out the mirror was fully fogged and I decided I would just let the conditioner sit in awhile longer and deal with it then.

I got undressed and like shooting a basketball in a hoop tossed my clothes towards the hamper, yet I missed. “Really!?" I scoffed "I never miss! Maybe I'm just having a really off day" I thought to myself and stepped in the steaming hot shower.

Once in the shower the hot water thundered against my now a little sore shoulders from this mornings stupidity stunt, but it felt so good. I let the hot water beat on shoulders for a good five minutes before I decided to start my routine.

After I shampooed my hair, miraculously not getting any in my eyes after the way my morning started, I put conditioner and clipped my hair up to let it sit. I glanced at my razor on the shelf "do I dare attempt to try it?" I asked my self not feeling very confident in my agility this morning.

A quick glance at my legs and there was no question I had to try so I picked up the razor. I finished my right leg without any problems and started on my left and when I got almost done and realized I had forgotten to do around my ankle.

Then "Prick" just like that I snagged some skin and blood gushed out turning the shower floor completely red. "FUCK!" I yelled at sting of the cut filling with the soap suds running down my leg. The cut was a good one a clean slice right above my ankle bone.

I applied pressure but it didn't stop bleeding so I turned around a reached for washcloth, when I got my leg repositioned to reapply pressure again there was nothing there. No mark, no blood. Now confused I stared at my ankle for a few moments "well maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought" I said and shrugged it off to finished my shower.

When I stepped out the bathroom was steamy from the heat of the water, I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me. I flipped the switch on for the fan, and flipped my head over to dry my hair, that’s when I heard a voice.

"Myah..." I stopped for a second to listen. After a few moments I didn't hear anything an chalked it up to being the whine of the fan, then I heard it again "Myah..." it said much louder and it sounded like it was right behind me.

I quickly wrapped my hair in the towel and spun around only to see nothing but the last of the steam being pulled up to the fan. "Maybe mom is calling me" I thought and opened the door and looked out into my room.

Nobody was there and my bedroom door was still shut, I know I would of heard someone walk out and close it. To be honest kind of starting to get freaked out and after a few more moments nothing else happened, no voice. I tried to shake the feeling I was getting and headed to my closet for some clothes.

I picked out some black capri leggings and a grey light hooded zip up, I planned to go for a run after breakfast. I'm a avid runner I like to run through the woods a few miles each day, plus its September and the air is cooler which makes it more comfortable.

I went back to bathroom and pulled my hair up in a high pony to keep it out of my face, though it still fell mid back even being up that high.

I'm not really a makeup girl so my routines in the morning are very simple compared to some of the girls at my school, they claim it take 2 hours to get ready when they do their makeup.

Me I like my sleep so I'm glad I was blessed with natural full black lashes and a even skin tone, I don’t know if I could handle all the mess of makeup.

I did one final look in the mirror and jogged out of my bedroom door and down the stairs towards the kitchen.

"Morning grouch" my mom joked as I hit the bottom step. "At least she took a shower so we don't have to deal with her sour smell as well as attitude this morning" my dad said laughing afterwards and causing my mom to let out a giggle.

I just rolled my eyes and sat on the barstool at the island next to my mom. "Here you go" dad said as he handed me a plate with fried potatoes on toast, my absolute favorite. "Thanks Dad!" I said with a huge grin as I put some ketchup on top and dug in.

"This is from your dad and I" my mom said as she slid a small purple box wrapped with a ribbon across the island. It was the most beautiful shimmery purple paper I have ever seen with a pure white ribbon hugging all the four sides, it was wrapped so perfectly and with such care I almost didn't want to open it.

I swallowed my bite and grabbed the delicate little package off the counter, I unwrapped it slowly and with such care I could tell my mom was getting impatient with me.

I glanced at her "what? It was just wrapped so pretty" I stated as I got to the black velvet box under the wrapping. "Well you gonna open it already?" My dad asked impatiently.

I popped the lid open only to see the most beautiful silver crescent moon pendent necklace. "IT'S BEAUTIFUL!" I exclaimed, jumped up and hugged them both tightly. They knew me so well with my love of mythology and werewolf’s, this was my most cherished gift ever!

I finished my breakfast "I'm gonna go for a run" I told my parents after I put the necklace on. "Good you could use a good run to get rid of grumpy monster" my mom joked with a smirk. "Be safe, we love you oh and happy birthday again" he said with a smile. "Thank you, I will and I love you both" I said before heading out the door.

The air was crisp and cool this morning so I took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled, after I stretched I made my way towards the dirt road on the backside of our property.

I loved being in the woods it's almost like I have some kind of calling to it, I could never live in a city because it would be a concrete hell for me.

I put in my headphones, set my playlist on my iPod and took off at a steady pace. The cool air was brushing against my face, my long pony tail swinging back and fourth each time my foot came in contact with the ground.

I was in sweet sweet serenity with nowhere else I would rather be. After a few miles I stopped to take a breather, a twig snapped behind me and I turned towards the sound. Then I thought I saw a man standing shirtless the distance.

"What the hell?" I thought and in a moment he was gone. "What is going on with me today?" I asked myself and looked all around to see nobody and nothing but trees and a creek "what a weird morning" I thought.

I walked over to the small creek that ran through our property, suddenly feeling a little parched and warm. I scooped some water in my hands and drank the ice cold water.

"I just need to rest for a minute" I thought as I leaned on a large rock next to the creek. I started feeling very warm, I took off my zip up sat down and leaned back against the rock in the cool air to rest.

A loud "Crack" sound filled the air, Then another "Crack" and another "Crack".

Pain rushed through my body and I started to panic. "What’s happening to me!?" I wailed the painwas excruciating. I was miles deep in the woods and to weak to stand or even get up to get to help. Nobody would hear me, nobody could help me.

Or so I thought....

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