Viola Underground

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Viola is dead. She must now adventure through the underground due to a bureaucratic error. TW: Suicide

Fantasy / Adventure
Theoren Author
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Whoops I died

Ribbons of red filled the water. Viola had always been a ticking time bomb and now she was a natural bath bomb that turned the water a deep red, swirling color bubbling below the surface. The water was filled with fragments of what was left of her, she was a bomb that had finally exploded. She had secretly hoped that someone would stop her. The sad reality is that often those among us who seem to be doing their best are the ones most in danger of leaving us. Viola left the world of the living at 10:00 A.M. on a Saturday.

It was April, but not the time of April with the beautiful blooms. It was the time of the month where things were just a little too cold in the mornings still. If Viola had held off for one more day she would have seen the first gerbera bloom in the neighbor’s lawn. If she had waited one more day things may have gotten better. She, unfortunately, had no way of knowing.

Because no one expected her sudden exit from the stage, her body remained uncollected for some time. Both the world of the living and the world of the dead were scrambling to save what was left of the shrapnel.

Geoff was a EMT. He had been on the job for 10 years. He knew as soon as he saw the body of a 15 year old girl that she’d been gone for a while. She had the same haircut as his daughter. He made a note to hug his girl when he got home. Geoff distractedly performed CPR while his partner got the stretcher ready.

Viola, having left the shell of her body but not quite the world of the living yet, stood there naked. She shuddered, not from the cold that she’d never see again but from seeing her dead body. She’d never been thin, but seeing herself slumped in the tub wasn’t particularly flattering. She’d wished out loud that she’d thought to lose weight before slicing her veins open. She’d been startled at how dark the blood had been. It was almost black, likely from all the caffeine that she drank. She had been so tired. It had been so quirky to her friends that she drank so much coffee.

In the places where her feet should have tracked water from the tub there was no sound. All the sound was in one place, her brother’s wailing as he spoke to the police officer in the living room. He recounted the story of dragging her slumped over body from the freezing water and the CPR that Geoff would eventually take over in vain. His screams of ,“Why?” fell on unsympathetic ears. The officer was not thinking of the dead girl, but of going home. This was her last call before heading home and while she wanted to comfort the teenage boy sobbing she just couldn’t find it in her to care.

Viola stood there, shivering. She had never suspected that Tyler would have such a strong opinion of her death. Warmth began to spread from her shoulder, she turned to meet the face of a figure with a horse skull mask. The shock wore off after a moment and Viola breathed deeply, something she didn’t think she’d be able to do anymore.

“You created quite a stir, kiddo” The Horse said. It was a factual statement, not one that inspired guilt. Viola would have blushed if all the blood she’d had wasn’t swirling down the drain. The Horse covered Viola in a black and white blanket. She removed it to take a look at it. The blanket had the print of a wolf on it, the longer Viola stared at the image the more she was certain that her grandmother had the same exact blanket. “You know you’re not real anymore either. Not in any way that matters to this world. I thought that blanket might bring you comfort.”

“What do you mean i’m not real? I’m right here.” The Horse shrugged. They waved their hands in a smooth arc, dark particles that looked like very fine ash fell from the motion. With this motion, a scythe like instrument appeared in their hands. The Horse made another swift motion in the air, a warm breeze came from a torn space in the air.

“You’re neither here nor there. You’ve died. They’re building a space for you on the other side but that may take a while. No one was expecting this and you’ve left a bit of a mess for both sides.” The numbness of death subsided as pangs of guilt shook her to her core. The Horse began to usher through the rip in the air, “I’m Daniel. I’m your personal reaper. You get a personal one because of the circumstances regarding your death. See. You weren’t supposed to die today, right?” Viola nodded, not sure what she was agreeing with. Daniel continued, ” Someone messed up real bad in the office where planned events go through. It’s going to be okay though. It’s almost better that you died today. Sources say that you would have been hit by a bus in a couple of years anyway. Can you imagine surviving a suicide attempt to get his by a bus? Sorry. That was insensitive.”

“I would have been hit by a bus?”

“Yeah. You see a kid running across the street and push them out of the way. Don’t worry. The Office of Planning will fix it. You dying actually causes a few more deaths, that’s why the big scramble. None of this is your fault, though.”

The other side of the rip was a waiting room. Viola was shocked to discover that she and Daniel weren’t the only ones there. There were five people in total. The first was a man clad in very old fashioned renaissance attire. He was caked in dirt and a trail of blood was coming from his temple where a gunshot wound was. This man was pacing until he saw Daniel, then he strode over, ” Dude. Where did you go? We’ve been waiting for centuries.” Daniel shook his head and sighed.

“We had one last ferry passenger. We’re just waiting on paperwork then we can go.”

“Ferry?” Viola asked with caution. Daniel walked toward the desk and began to fill out a sign in sheet.

“Yep, I am a bit of a moonlighter. I come to collect special souls with specific circumstances. Then I ferry them across to ‘the other side’ Some call it Heaven, Hell, Sheol, Limbo, what have you. It’s where the dead people go. Before you ask, dogs and cats go somewhere else. Goldfish don’t have souls. Neither do bugs. I know you loved your pet lizard but-”

Viola looked at the sign in sheet. Including hers, there were five other names. Deductive reasoning had her conclude that the other five were in the room. All the names had been signed by the same hand save for one. Janine Walters. A quick glance around the room showed Viola two women. She wondered which one was Janine and why her signature was different.

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