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Vladimir: A Cursed Royal

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"Good Morning, Beautiful Queen, My Wife. See you Soon. - Vladimir K." She was in daze and didn't know how to react. She dropped her phone in a sudden when everything that meant she was dreading to be real & murmured, "Married...!!?" Noooooo...!! _______________ A tale of a dangerous devil Vladimir and a cool fearless girl Anina!! When a blood sucking monster after searching for a Thousand years finally get his Human Beloved, everything turns upside down.

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Did I get married to a Golden Goose?


She came down from the stairs of private jet that had a big logo with ancient initials of VK which obviously indicated about him but she didn't understand why 'Royals' was added in big font. She felt strange as soon as she breathed on the night chill air of Austria.

They landed on the personal airport of Knight's which was within the huge landscape of Royal Knight Palace. It looked, inside the Palace Estate this was an another world so lively yet isolated at the same time.

Anina knew something was wrong with the things that were on progress from the start of their journey. She noticed Vladimir slightly changed overnight. He was not that playful or wickedly irritating. He looked cold yet calm.

He held the authority, the aura that might look too serene but filled with eeriness. He didn't talk since the time they boarded. Now, they were here in Austria. His home. His territory.

She was not enough ready to face something that was beyond her knowledge. She was his wife for sure, but she knew well too that he had always been playing with her here and there. She somehow got hooked with him nonetheless she wanted subconsciously or not. She played her part as well.

This time she was determined but quite unsure as well knowing how unpredictable Vladimir could be. He knew her moves. Moreover, he knew her thoughts here and there. She didn't know how to control it.

She decided she wouldn't learn how to stop him from reading her thoughts. He could go to hell while reading hers. She didn't care. Her thoughts might as well torment him somehow. *internally chuckled*

She believed one thing, 'One's mind speaks the unspoken words thousand times clear and filled with honesty. It's an powerful weapon to the one's who can do as they thought.'

Vladimir would be in a position where if he would know her moves, he would know what to do, how to do, when to do, where to do. She would understand him better this way. She again was sure he wouldn't read her thoughts frequently if he didn't need to.

Anina could judge people in a different light. She didn't know why she never found the idea of evil in a person until they were behind her back for no reason. Still she didn't care. But these days she started believing that she couldn't trust everyone here and there. She needed to keep her own guards on.

'Yes, except Vladimir that buffoon of a vampire, for sure!' She thought rolling her eyes as they approached few dozens of guards in sophisticated uniform, formal as defence people.

She looked amazed more when they saluted Vladimir with a aristocratic bow.

"Eure Majestät (Your Majesty)."

"Erheben! (Rise!)"

[Note - I don't know about German or the customs of Austrian monarch, it is just a work of fiction. Keep it as normal or help me to correct things. About the history, nothing is based on the true events except few relativity here and there. Thank you for reading this far.]

Vladimir's voice boomed in authority though it was low. Anina kept looking at the exchange in awe yet in confusion. As she didn't know the language.

'Isn't it German?' she asked herself with a frown.

"Yes, it is!" His voice replied to her sorrowful self who never was good at any other languages. She sighed but didn't say anything back knowing he was just helping. HELPING!!

The guards stood up straight and looked at Anina and greeted in English with a slight bow in a formal way.

"My Lady!"

She didn't know what to speak. Her throat got stuck seeing the scenes unfolding in front of her.

"We will leave."

Vladimir told in a no nonsense tone. He gave a pointed look at Anina that she understood and followed him as the guards followed them behind.

Looking at the car she shook her head in dismay thinking, 'This man lives off money or money lives off him. First private jet and now this!'

'Did I get married to a Golden Goose?'

She snickered at her thoughts. Good enough he didn't read her thoughts, otherwise he would sure pass a remark.

They both went inside the exact Royal vehicle which was there to take them to the palace.

"It's gonna be a quite quiet journey," she murmured under her breath as they drove off.

She looked at the person beside her who was sitting in a really poised manner and having the most subtle expressions ever that could gave nothing away.

'He is hard to read,' she sighed internally.

It took them fifteen minutes to reach at the Palace gate that got opened automatically. As the car entered the Palace, she could still see the guards straightened up and bowed in respect as she witnessed before.

She still couldn't understand why they were referring them as some Royalty. 'People indeed be joking around, right? Royalties don't exist except barely in few countries and Austria was having them a century back as she read once. Was it till World War I?' She wondered.

She felt like laughing but controlled herself. She thought they might be landlord types that was why they were so respected and to make it fancy even more at this time of generation.

As they got down, she kept looking here and there as the staffs started gathering to welcome them or something else, she didn't have any clue.

She felt strange standing at the entrance of the huge mansion which was basically a vintage Palace that looked golden in marble stones, was visible cause of the outside lights.

As they entered everyone bowed their head in pin drop silence. Even the breathes felt costly at that moment as she could only listen her heartbeats for seconds.

She just saw her husband pass through the lines between the organized uniformed staffs with a blank face. She just kept looking with mouth open.

She didn't know she should follow and tell these guys to rest as things were quite cold in sense. She felt these staffs looked sacred as well as held respect for that certain someone.

Awkwardly standing there thinking about thousand things at a second, she felt stares at her back or front. She felt uneasy even more than before as Vladimir already left the entrance to her goodness.

"Hello. Oops sorry, do not mind him. I guess you guys already know, sometimes he leaves his braincells at rest," she sheepishly smiled.

Some staffs looked at her with wide eyes full of uncertainty and terror. Others kept looking at her in unknown mystery. Whispers were heard in silent gestures.

That time Anina felt scared as she was the centre of the reaction. She felt like fleeing the scene in urgency as the questionable gazes felt like a hot arrows.

'I know why they say, people are more dangerous than ghosts.'

'On a second thought, are they even human beings?'

"Are you guys even human?" Before she could stop her mind to speak out the words that loud, she felt sharp gazes, even sympathetic ones.

She was out of her wits that she could only think of one thing. She looked ahead, around and ran.

"Husband! Where are you?!" she screeched.

"Your dear wife needs you......" going inside she went silent and looked around the massive ball room with multistorey ceiling that was adorned with a spacious glass chandelier in the middle and medium ones around at every corner.

'I did marry a Golden Goose for sure,' she concluded in mind.

"More than that, foolish wife."

She covered her mouth hearing a direct reply from her husband who was standing on the stairs up there. Though his voice was sharp, his lips rose up in a slight smirk.


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- White Diary A.I.

Date: 18/01/2022
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