Vladimir: A Cursed Royal

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"Good Morning, Beautiful Queen, My Wife. See you Soon. - Vladimir K." She was in daze and didn't know how to react. She dropped her phone in a sudden when everything that meant she was dreading to be real & murmured, "Married...!!?" Noooooo...!! _______________ A tale of a dangerous devil Vladimir and a cool fearless girl Anina!! When a blood sucking monster after searching for a Thousand years finally get his Human Beloved, everything turns upside down.

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Searching for You..

Los Angeles, California...

She was going inside the university, dressed up in a jeans and white round neck top. Her hair was down. She had just simple eyeliner on her eyes and a pink gloss on her lips which were making her look more simply beautiful.

She had a smile on her face. She looked ahead and waved her hand at someone. She walked up to the person and called happily, "Louisa!!!"

Louisa smiled and ran towards her shouting, "Anina...!" She hugged Anina tight. "Lou, it's getting suffocated," Anina said with a little laugh.

"Umm...sorry. I was so excited to meet you. Missed you darling," Louisa told pouting while pulling away. Anina smiled and pulled her into a sisterly hug saying, "I missed you too my bestie."

Louisa smiled as they pulled away. "So, Let's go to class. We should not miss it. Cause it's our last year." She nodded with Anina. They started to head towards their class.

While going through the corridoor they heard someone yelled behind them, "Stop." Both of them rolled their eyes while turning behind.

"What Jack!?" They both replied in annoyance. Yeah! The guy is Jack Harrison. The most popular guy of the university & their best friend what-so-ever.

"What Jack means What?" he asked ignoring both of the girls with annoyed looks. "I am telling you...," Louisa started to say while Jack cut her off, "Okkay okay..Babes, Why did you forget me? I was coming, no?" he complained back.

"You are late," Anina stated crossing her arms over her chest eyeing him. Jack looked at Anina and sighed. "Okay, Sorry. Now Okay?!" he said with a extra smile, literally more sarcastically.

Anina rolled her eyes and said, "You are forgiven. Now let's go." Louisa nodded while Jack joined them. "Thank God, She is not that angry with me the way I thought," Jack muttered to himself looking at Anina. When Anina was busy saying Hi to others.

Louisa overheard and looked at Jack with a look what-was-that-mean? Jack shook his head and shrugged off. Louisa always have known that Jack had something for Anina. But she never got to confirm because he was hooking up with others girls always here and there.

After the class at Canteen,

"Let's order something," Jack said sitting beside Anina. Anina laughed and said, "Here comes Mr. Pig Jack." Louisa laughed along with her while Jack glared at them.

"It was not funny..," Jack snapped, faking an angry look. Anina fought back her giggle. "Okay okay. I will have just have a muffin and a chocolate cold coffee," Anina said grinning.

"Same for me," Louisa nodded. Jack huffed and said while making his way to order, "Girls, you both need to eat a little more." "You have ours too." Louisa shouted behind him.

"Ohhh...I will. I need to be alive for my life partner." Jack shouted back with a wink. Both girls laughed. "So how was summer hoildays?" Louisa asked.

Anina smiled and told, "Good as ever. But missed you both." She smiled though she was sad during holidays without her besties.

"Yeah. I missed you too. By the way, not to worry. We are here now we will spend more time to make it up to us all." Louisa grinned at her suggestion. Anina's eyes lit up.

As she was leaning over to hug Louisa in excitement, Loiusa stopped her saying, "Hey Nina, your this tattoo?" Pointing towards Anina's tattoo which was on her neck while Anina looked down and sighed, sitting back on her seat.

"Yeah, what about it?" Anina asked annoyedly. She never understood how she actually got this tattoo on her neck. Cause she was never a fan of tattoos. Louisa frowned before saying, "It has changed a lot than the last time I had seen it."

Anina nodded. "As you know over the years, it's been changing slowly. But this time it has changed too much, I noticed," Anina said honestly sighing.

"Though It's looking so much unique and gorgeous," Louisa told with a happy expression. "But I don't know, Lou. I should be happy or not knowing that I never had a tattoo on my neck but see I have one. A quite pretty one," she said in a 'duh' tone.

"Look, I know. Let me see closely. Umm..It's showing a word like 'K' but nothing else is in the whole unique design of a crystal blue and silver colour rose," she said eyeing at the tattoo carefully.

"Yeah I know. But...," Louisa cut her off. "It's like Supernatural stories of Warewolfs. But damn! It needs to be marked by your mate. Huhh!?" dramatically she said.

"Lou, It's nothing like that you know? Those don't exist. But you Know I would love to hook up with one of them if they existed, " Anina said while winking at Louisa who just chuckled.

"Whom are you gonna hook up with?" Jack stepped in with a shocking face and hands full of with their foods. "Nothing special to tell you, Jay." Anina stuck her tongue out batting her eyes at him.

Jack shook his head and murmured under his breath, "I am gonna break that idiot's nose for sure." He gave them their ordered food. They smiled while Jack rolled his eyes and started eating his fab chicken wings.

This way they spent their day doing fun and joking around with each other.

Royal Palace, Austria...

A man of 34 years old was pacing back and forth rubbing his temple while clenching his jaw. He had a sharp jaw with an charismatic facial aura. He had crystal blue eyes that was turning black in anger. He had those dangerous dark aura radiating from him.

At that time, two men in black suits entered in his office. "Your Majesty," they greeted him, bowing their head.

The person with dark aura turned to those men and he was undoubtedly a King his features said out loud. "How's the progress?" he asked with an eager voice though he was angry.

The man who had a light green eyes looked at his King then sadly looked down. "Urggghhhhhh!" King gritted with a groan and turned away while punching the main desk of his office. The desk was broken in a second.

"Go away and keep searching!!" he ordered in his cold voice. They nodded. The green eyed man sighed and silently told the other man to go, as he decided to stay.

"I said to go!" King reminded him. The man shook his head and went near the King. Keeping his hand on his shoulder, he said, "You need to calm down, Dimir."

The King Vladimir's eyes turned red in pure anger. In a flash, he turned and grabbed the man's neck pinning him against the wall, he growled, "You said I need to calm down, huhh?" The man was trying to free himself while the King was shooting draggers at him through his RED blood shot eyes.

Vladimir was seeing red but he knew he needed to calm down, so he let go of the man's neck and moved away. He then said closing his eyes, "How long I have to wait, Lucas??"

Lucas, the second hand of King Vladimir and his elder sister Elle's husband. "It's been close to Thousand years long I am living alone. I need her. I need her to be with me," Vladimir said with a sad voice.

Lucas sighed as he didn't know what to say. "I will be back. Just don't ruin anything more. Get yourself together. Your kingdom needs you," he said with no emotions attached.

Vladimir laughed at his fate and shouted in rage which made the whole kingdom shook.

"I am searching for you...where are you?" He sank down on the cold floor which didn't do any difference to him and cursed his fate while his tattoos of crystal blue and silver were glistening on his neck.

He sat there on the floor wrapping his arms around his knees keeping his head down on it.


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