CASTOR -A Fall to Freedom-

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What would you do if you found out your family wasn't really your family? You were part of the royalty? And you wanted to be far, far away? But couldn't. Your body was constantly changing along with the people around you. What do you do? Especially when in the end you're told you need to save the world. Welcome to the unearthly world of Castor and its true heir. A world of many creatures, spaceships, and war within the galaxy. Where will it lead our main character as she learns about herself and her fate? Let's find out!

Fantasy / Adventure
Katherine Rose
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Chapter 1

Part 1

Movement Until the Very End

I stared out of the window duct into the night sky. The sky was lit up with so many stars I couldn’t even count them. Around those stars lie the moons to each living being on Castor, moving to their own pace. I couldn’t stop thinking of home. We were passing so many homes that reminded me of our house.

Each having similar roofs made of a thin piece of wood. The doors on most of the houses were actually falling off or just sitting against the wall. The walls were made up of wood beams and metal walls. In each yard lay no greenery to be found. There was the red sun rising in our gray colored sky, creating a mist that killed every living plant that seemed to make its way through the barren soil. But even though my village was very run down, it was the closest thing I had to my heart that cared about me. Unlike my family, that still refused to tell me anything!

I turned to my brother who was flying the ship. His grip on the wheel was so strong that I could see veins popping out of his hands. His eyebrows were pointed downwards, showing anger in his face and wrinkles across his forehead. I shifted to my mother. She had her face down in her hands, crying. She had cried as soon as she grabbed the last bag from the house. They both pushed me out of the doorway and into the ship as fast as they could and still refuse to tell me why we were leaving and where we were going.

I grunted and turned back to the window duct and placed my chin on my palm. Knowing we come from a tiny village, some would see that we shouldn’t even have this ship. It was small and quick. The outside looked worn down, and the paint was starting to peel. But, you see, the reason we have one is, sort of, because of me, but not because I’m special or anything. I was only turning fifteen moons. When a child turns fifteen moons, it means they have become of age within our race and the man of the home may choose a gift that is given to the family, or the child which was my brother because my father was no longer here. He chose the ship. He felt that we could get enough food no matter the situation, so he chose the ship instead for easier transportation. Even though we haven’t left the village since my father was alive, I thought.

Suddenly, as we were flying, I noticed the sky was being replaced with large computer screens filled with the ruler’s image that blinded me at first. Castorian Flagion, named after the planet, itself. He had become the ruler around when I was ten moons.

Seeing these screens had meant we were entering the city limits. Castiorian, as evil as he may be or seem, is quite an attractive man. In the photos, you could see his dark hair brushed back with a silk gel keeping his hair in place. You saw his light brown eyes and a sparkle that they forced in the photos as they changed. His smile is the best. His teeth are perfectly straight and the brightest white you could ever see or even think of. Even though I don’t very much remember anything of the ruler before him, many have said that he resembled so much of his father. It was told that the king saw Castorian and believed him to be an amazing leader one day and that he will do great things.

Nowadays, people told stories of how Castorian was the one who planned his father’s death. It has been told that when he became of age and his mother did not bear another child; he paid a man to kill his father, making him next in line. Whether he did this horrible thing, I still have yet to determine. I looked up and sighed.

Smoke from the ships blackened the sky above, blocking out most of the sun and all the moons. As we passed the buildings, I looked at the different colored metal that each one was made of. The rays that made it through the smog would bounce against the metal; creating a rainbow effect that radiated outward. I watched as the windows, installed with screens, change their images as the sunlight hit them; attempting to make a diverse city. Each building using the little amount of sun as energy.

I looked down and saw a bunch of people walking back and forth on the sidewalk; the roads paved and surprisingly clean. The people had the most ridiculous clothes on. Some were wearing feathers that trailed behind them. Others had actual pets wrapped around their bodies. The others were revolting, showing off their skin or being covered in mud and garbage. They even painted their faces in many colors. It was their sad attempt to represent the different creatures around the planet. It was pathetic the more I thought about it.

The last time we were traveling through here was when we were dropping off my father for war. Each screen showed a photo of Castorian in many poses. Each photo was promoting the war and encouraging each creature to join his fight against the galaxy. Most times he forced people to join without a choice.

My father was one of them.

I remember the day we headed through here for my father. I was only five and couldn’t understand the place it put in me. We traveled by train since we had no other transportation, but I didn’t mind. My father had me sit next to him and held my hand the entire way through the capitol. My mother sat on the other side crying as she usually did whenever we had to drop him off for another battle. That time she seemed to be extra sad, and I didn’t know why. My brother sat beside her with his arms crossed in anger. It seemed like my father and I were the only ones that were calm the entire ride to the ship dock. I knew my father was coming home, no matter what everyone else believed. And even now, though we had his death ceremony, I still believe that eventually one day my father will return home. I have hope, unlike my mother who continues to cry. I understand how she feels, but she just has no hope and was falling apart with every tear.

I clenched my teeth as I remembered something else. When we were traveling through the city on the train, I remember seeing images of the queen. Nowadays the boards only showed the ruler standing, fighting in the war or smiling, or just pointing at you, demanding to join. In some villages, including mine, they only showed the pointing image. Those were where the people were forced to join, no matter if they wanted to or not. When his mother was on the screen, she promoted peace across the lands. I can remember her image relatively better than I can recall my own father’s face. The queen was not much shorter than me, about five feet. She had beautiful long, wavy, blonde hair. Her hair was always pulled out of her face with a band, showing off her high cheekbones and freckles that covered both of her cheeks. The two things that Castorian received from his mother were her nose and perfect teeth. Her nose wasn’t huge but plump on the end and her teeth just as straight and white. She was known as the most beautiful being on the planet and not because of her beauty but because of what the people thought of her and what she brought to the lands.

As soon as Castorian became of age, he placed his mother in complete care away from the world. He refused to let his mother get hurt. He wanted her to get as far away from the people and the war as possible. At least that’s what it seemed whenever he appeared at a rally or meeting. He confirmed to the people she was OK, but we haven’t seen her face ever since he officially became the leader. He also stopped talking about her. Rumors have gone around that he also had her killed, but I believe something different. I trust that he loved her too much to kill her, but that he had her stuck in a dungeon down in the kingdom. I know one day she’ll show herself. That’s the only way to fix what he has done.

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