CASTOR -A Fall to Freedom-

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Chapter 10

Thoughts traced back to my family that was on that ship headed somewhere I did not know. And I wondered where they were taking me exactly. What exactly was it that they were planning? I realized I needed to find out and sitting here was wasting my time. I stood up quickly with my hands still in fists. Vie looked up with his mouth open.

“I need to leave. I have better things to do then just sit here and wonder what my supposed destiny is. Now how do I leave?” My cheeks were bright red right now since the heat did not leave the area. He stood up and walked up, so he was standing about an inch away from my face. My face showed no emotion and there was nothing he could tell me to convince me to stay. Then he did something that I did not expect without speaking. He grabbed the sides of my head and leaned in with his eyes shut tight and kissed me on the lips. I felt the heat from his lips begin to rush through my face and continuing through the rest of my body. The rush made my eyes shut, and I lost my balance. I felt the heat finally reach the heels of my feet and the rest of my body became numb as I fell slowly to the floor. He trapped me and now I was stuck. I heard a slight whisper as I fell unconscious.

You have a destiny and you don’t even know it. You’ll see when you awake how everything will be different. You’ll see… And the voice trailed off.

When I finally woke up, I found myself on a soft bed in a large room. The bed itself was quite large, taking up about a third of the room. I believe it could fit about eight of me all at once comfortably. Not that I would want that, I tend to sleep all over the place. I crawled out of the covers and stepped onto the floor. I looked down and found that I was now wearing a silk, white nightgown and wondered how I was changed. I grew frustrated as soon as the thought of Vie came to mind. Before me was a pair of white slippers. The wooden floor underneath my feet created goose bumps all over my skin, so I slipped into the shoes and began exploring the room.

The first thing I noticed was the furniture. It was similar to the first things I had seen when I walked into the house. This meant that it was created to protect someone or something, and it made me wonder if it was initially meant for me or was someone else here before me. I continued walking and found a desk table in the room’s corner with a lamp sitting on top of it and nothing else and a chair sitting nicely underneath it. Next to the desk was a large window that reached from the ceiling to a couple inches off the floor. Underneath sat a bench wrapped in lace and old oak for the legs. I pushed the curtains to the side and was hit with a bright light. The sun was high, which meant I had spent the night here and part of the morning as well. I dropped the curtains and turned away from the window.

There on the opposite side of the room was the door. It was about ten feet high and about four feet wide. The handle was made out of iron and was cold to the touch. On the door were the symbols that appeared throughout the village and Vie’s home. I pushed down the handle and pulled the door back into the room, creating a creaking noise as if the door had not been in use for quite a while.

The hallways were dimmed, but I was still able to see where I was going. I stepped out and saw the rug that ran all the way down the hallway in both directions. The walls here were pearl colored and shined against the light. They were smooth to the touch and warm, unlike the rest of the house. I turned down the left side of the hallway and walked.

To my left I found a window similar to the one in the room, so I walked toward it and pulled the curtain to the side. The glass was layered in a thin, black film and lowered the amount of light coming through. I placed my hand on it and felt a slight chill as I walked closer to it to see the outside. Against the wall of the house were large green and blue bushes that had vines that reached from the ground up to the window. I looked closely to one leaf attached to them and I noticed it was moving. The leaf looked as if something inflated it, as if it was breathing. I shook my head of the thought. Past the bushes were patches of blue grass that faded out into a dirt road that was a little past the house. I looked beyond and finally noticed that the village homes actually surrounded Vie’s home. This building was the center of the entire village.

I could see different families walking by their homes and talking to each other. I saw a mother holding her baby who seemed to leave the property. She was moving the blanket over his chest when I noticed the baby’s skin was quite pink compared to the other villagers. I was getting the idea that if a child was born here; they were to come with the same characteristics of the others, but this baby told me otherwise. Why did all species start out looking like myself and then change to their surroundings as they age or reach their moon cycles?

The roads around the village were all dirt, unlike in the city where everything had a hard surface. You didn’t see much walking around in the city anyway, since almost every family there had their own ship. So everything looked new. The ground here was actually very uneven, and I’m surprised I didn’t trip more when I was walking in. As I looked further, I noticed something about the rooftops. The tops were almost clear, and I was high enough I believe on the second floor to see the different objects and people inside of their homes. It felt a little intrusive doing it, but I couldn’t exactly avoid it. I had a feeling that this was another thing that the people couldn’t see. To them this was normal, and they saw nothing but to Vie’s family and me it was clear as day. Another protection for everyone and no one knew it.

The buildings were separated in different sections the further you went away from here. The houses were changed in shape and slightly in color as you moved from each section to the next. The ones closest to the house were slightly larger, and the walls were thicker, and the further you went out the thinner the walls were as if they had left protection. A thought went through my mind as I looked up in the sky. The sun was high, and you could see the main two moons faded behind it. They were a light blue. Some say that the two moons are parents to the rest of the planets’ moons, that the magic between the two creates the moons when a new creature is born. There was a yellow halo around the moon on the right. Different stories have been told that they are the mother and father of our planet. But they are just stories, no one really knows the truth of what they truly do or what they can do for that matter.

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