CASTOR -A Fall to Freedom-

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Chapter 3

“Kando! Will you please tell me already where we are going? We took everything out of the house and just left, and you still refuse to tell me what is happening or where we are headed. I demand you tell me now!” Kando’s grip on the wheel tightened even more as he clenched his teeth in anger. He still didn’t answer my question. My mother lowered herself into her seat until I couldn’t see her anymore. I kicked the bottom of her seat in front of me and Kando turned and glared at me with his circle-shaped face. A quick glimpse of my father’s memory crossed my mind as he looked at me. I could feel my mother flinch in front of me. But it wasn’t so much anger that I felt from Kando, but more of frustration. He turned back to the steering wheel as he grunted. I turned back to the window and sighed.

The computer screens were disappearing now, which meaning we were leaving the city limits. A thought of the queen ran through my mind. At the time of my mooning, it was said that the queen was having her own child. Supposedly it was a little girl who was going to be the next queen of Castor. Here on this planet, a man does not rule.

A woman takes the place of the highest position. Instead of Castorian, the baby would’ve been the rightful ruler of Castor, leaving him to live alone in another castle with no authority but just the name of the royals. A little after I was born everyone was told that the disease that spread across the lands had taken the life of her newborn child and that she was no longer capable of having children. This finally made Castor the rightful heir to the throne. Another story went around stating that Castorian was the reason for the baby’s death. But what child, who was only ten, could kill an infant who did nothing? Or was he capable?

The ships going by diminished, leaving us alone in the sky. There before us the vast open lands and mountains. Protecting the many creatures of Castor. I pushed in closer to the duct to see what they looked like. The first village I saw comprised of creatures that looked like large lizards. Their tails were long, about four feet. They had a bright green color to them. These creatures were called Castrones. I heard Kando whisper the name as we passed them. I believe he disliked these the most. They seemed peaceful enough, so I didn’t quite understand why.

The next village, I had learned about once before. My father told me a story about them and how they transformed from our creatures, the Anthromals, to adapt to living in their very windy and high elevated environment. These were called the Bastorans. Looking at the adults, you see very skinny tall creatures, their skin completely covered in black feathers from the neck down and white from the neck up. These creatures adapted to where the feathers on their arms spread out wide, spreading into magnificent feathered wings that shined in the sunlight. This used the beams of light reflected off the feathers to blind enemies as they hunt. They also gave them immense speed in the air. I haven’t heard of any other being that could beat a Bastoran in flight, and I’d love to see one try.

The unique thing about these creatures is when they join this planet, they look just us, the Anthromals, humanoid creatures. When they become of age, which is around the same for any creature around fifteen to sixteen, they begin to grow their feathers and are soon capable of flight once their arms and shoulders are covered, (and as long as they are taught soon after). Before then, they live on the lower ground, as all the children do, protected and taken care of by the elders. The elders towered over the adults and the children. You can pick them off one by one as each wore a colored collar made up of metal feathers, the leader in gold.

As we were passing, I saw a beam of light hit down onto the ground quite a distance away. Either someone was aging another moon, or a new creature was joining us on the planet. I smiled at the thought.

Another odd thing about our planet was the fact we “mooned” each year. It was named after the fact that when a creature joins the planet, a beam lights down onto them, creating a little moon in the sky. Their moon rotates around the planet constantly as you grow throughout the year. The moon will return on your birthdate, and as I saw with the creature in the distance, a beam shines down on you, covering your entire body. It helps your body grow and prepare you for your complete inner change when you become of age. In that last stage, your body gets ready for any adaption that your body may need to go through. Depending on what situation you may be in, your body will automatically change to keep you alive. I’ve seen people learn to fly, to others growing gills to breathe underwater.

On this planet, it could be anything at any moment of time. I turned fifteen a couple of months ago and nothing yet had happened to me. So, I’m still average for an Anthromal, which I’m perfectly fine with. But as I said, that could change at any moment. My body was ready for a change. Now the question is, what will that change be?

As we were passing the village, my brother noticed my interest in the creatures and turned the ship into a different course, forcing us past the other villages. Suddenly all I could see was a dirt ground with no life except for the miscellaneous desert creatures that did not look appealing. I grunted and sat back into my seat with my arms crossed. I took a quick glance out the window and gasped as I realized where we were. I remember seeing it on a map we kept in my father’s old office. They headed us toward a lake, and that was my chance to get out of the ship without them noticing.

I leaned down and grabbed my bag that was against my feet and disabled my seatbelt as my father taught me. I doubt he would’ve thought I would remember how to do it, but right now it’s becoming very useful. Behind my seat were the hover bars. Black bars about the size of your forearm. You can bend and stretch them to connect them to your body, and it helps you hover or make you fly whichever way you use them. I placed them around my wrists and connected the ends. I started moving around in my seat trying to rearrange things and Kando heard me.

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