CASTOR -A Fall to Freedom-

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Chapter 4

“Be quiet back there!” he yelled.

I stopped moving. I waited a few minutes and found he lost interest. I placed my bag on my back quickly and crawled toward the garbage shoot. It was my only way out with no one noticing. I pulled the door down and climbed in. The garbage was already pressed down by this point and was ready to be let out. I just had to wait for the water. Ships don’t unload the garbage until they are above water so the product could decompose there since everything in there was biodegradable and water dissolved it quickly.

The only downside to sitting here and waiting is the fact that the ship will automatically turn on its booster engines once it reached the water’s edge and the boosters sit right next to the garbage shoot. There is a possibility of me becoming deaf. Now, the only thing on my mind is to leave this ship and go as far away as possible. I do not know what’s wrong with my family, but I just knew I had to get away from them. I sat up against the shoot and grabbed my knees. It was a few minutes before we finally reached the water. The booster sounded moments later, the only sound I could not hear. The side the booster was attached to immediately turned red hot. I pressed my feet closer to me to avoid the heat. Then suddenly the shoot opened only seconds after. I went flying along with the trash into the water, creating a large splash.

At such high speeds and height, as soon as I hit the water I screamed on impact, causing me to choke on water. I took in a deep breath of air as I lifted my head out of the water. The water was so dense it made it hard to breathe. As I raised my chest to breathe, I looked up at the ship as it passed by almost completely out of my sights. They hadn’t even noticed that I left the ship.

It wasn’t my concern.

I laughed nervously. I grabbed at the hover bars and flicked the switch on the sides, turning them on the hover setting. They lit bright blue for a second and then dimmed. They helped me float there as I caught my breath.

“I’m out...” I sighed, “Finally...”

I looked back in the direction of the ship and all that was left was the stream of smoke that had come out of the booster jets. Without thinking, I traveled on an angle towards the ship but far enough away for if they decided to actually try to come back to find me. I had a feeling that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

I took a deep breath and went underwater, looking at each creature that lived in the depth. At night, the water shined a bright green, a reflection of the sky above us. The creatures in the water only lived in the light and required it during the night.

The planet lives and creates things for the creatures around the planet so that everyone will live. She sees no reason for any living creature to die. The creatures are to live for as long as they are able, with no interference. With things how they are on Castor, it is hard for everyone just to live day by day, let alone forever as the planet would see fit. Castorian himself doesn’t even realize that with his changes on the planet that even he will not survive. She will not have it that way.

I resurfaced, looking forward at the distance I had before me; about seven miles. The distance didn’t seem far, but the water was hard to swim through. It felt like I was swimming through oil, but I continued forward. I was swimming for a bit of a distance before I noticed something. The worms that normally swim on the top of the water were now following me, and some were even attaching to me. I had to stop and watch.

I could feel nibbling all around my body. They were small creatures that swam in groups, magenta in color, and smooth to the touch. The worms suddenly started connecting and flattening against my skin, creating a thin layer changing into a bright yellow that glowed against the water’s light. They crawled up my neck, up to my chin, covering it completely. I looked down and noticed my entire body covered except for my face and ears. That’s when they started to move.

It made me yelp from the pressure of the pull through the water. I controlled the direction as their bodies rolled against each other, moving me through the thick liquid. They would make me dive in certain areas; I believe to keep them moist. The more they made me go under, the harder it became to breathe and I would gasp for air. Finally, about halfway, it became easier to fill my lungs. On my neck, the worms moved slightly to reveal gills. I smiled as I purposely dove into the water now, swimming the rest of the way underneath.

The glow was so bright to see, even brighter than the sun. I didn’t mind it. I swirled in circles, following the patterns of some of the creatures as I watched them swim beneath me. Some of them actually started to follow me. One that made me laugh looked like one of the Castrones. The tail seemed shorter though, and its hands and feet were webbed. It smiled at me as I looked at it for the first time, which is why I laughed. Bubbles appeared as he opened his mouth to almost speak, but instead, he just smiled. I actually don’t know if it was a boy or girl, to be honest. As I looked back, he nodded and closed his eyes. I nodded, and he swam away into the distance. I wanted to follow him, but I knew I shouldn’t.

With the worms helping me swim, the distance between where I splashed and land seemed quite shorter. Something that should’ve taken me almost two hours only took about fifteen minutes. I could see the dark rocks ahead of me as my body slowed down. I grabbed onto the closest one and slowly climbed out of the water onto the next rock. The air was so crisp that my gills immediately shut, making me suck in air so hard that I coughed and gagged for a few minutes. As I sat there gasping for air, the worms slowly regained their own shapes and crawled back into the water away from me. While my airway became clear, I pushed my blonde, curly hair behind my now pointed ears and rested it flat onto my back. It was still wet and matted as I tried to comb my fingers through it.

I started to climb the cliff as it became easier to breathe. The worms were almost completely off my skin at this point, revealing my bare feet and white dress that I was wearing. As I grew closer to the edge, I could hear the soft sound of music from the distance. I wondered what type of creature lived beyond this point that I now leave my life to.

My dress dried on my way up from the breeze that was continuously blowing against me. The dress itself was strapless, making the bodice press against my chest and had flowered lace around the trim. It was pleated from my waist down to the lace, making it poofy. My curls began to spiral as the wind dried my back, making my hair flow in the breeze. It seemed like the wind itself was trying to knock me free from the wall. I gripped on the rocks as hard as I could, not to fall down to the bottom of the cliff as I continued to make my way to the top.

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