CASTOR -A Fall to Freedom-

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Chapter 5

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As I grabbed the top edge of the cliff, my foot slipped knocking down small boulders into the water below; making a splash I could barely hear over the roar of the water hitting the cove. I stared at the distance below as each rock hit the cove. I took a deep breath as I fixed my footing. I looked back up and continued to pull myself up and onto the flat surface. It was bare of any plants or living creatures that I could see. The moons had been covered by passing clouds, so I could barely see an inch in front of me.

As I walked forward, all I could hear was a crunching sound; I had to have been stepping on something, but the texture was something completely new to me. Slowly the moons reappeared, revealing little hollow covers that looked like peanut shells, and as I knelt closer to them, I soon realized they were peanut shells. I giggled at the thought. This meant there was a creature nearby. I continued to walk, using the moons’ light as my guide until I heard the faint sound of a whimper. I crept around a corner and found a large rock that reached my knees right there in front of me. I walked around it only to find the creature that made the sound.

The creature sat there completely quiet with just the slight sound of his breathing in the air. I couldn’t help but stare and watch his chest rise as the wind blew by. He was reclined against a rock just off the edge of the cliff. He seemed so relaxed, yet his face showed so much strength and power. It showed many marks and wrinkles of most likely battles he must have survived through. He looked like me, but his skin was quite blue. Scales were randomly found on his skin that reflected many colors against the moonlight. The hair on his scalp was long enough to reach a bit above his eyes and just above his ears. I could see a glare from the moons against the dark brown strands.

Even with the wrinkles on his face, he did not look old; he looked young, probably around my age. He had a small round nose that showed a little pink on the tip. His lips were thin but still blue in color, just like his skin. I noticed his ears pointed on the ends and faded to white at the tips. I looked down at his neck and found gills, yet he was having no trouble breathing as I did when I left the water. His chest was bare, with only a few scales found in miscellaneous spots. His chest and stomach were very distinct in muscle. It was something I’ve never seen before. Below, he was wearing dark black shorts that reached his knees. I followed the figure of his body and noticed his legs were the same as the rest of his body with little scales. I smiled. As I looked lower, I saw he was barefoot, and his toes were webbed.

The moon was high now, just above my head, and made his skin glisten in the light. I knelt next to his right arm and leaned over him. I placed my left hand on his face and felt the warmth of his skin against mine. His face jerked a little as the cold tips of my fingers touched his cheeks. Even with his blue skin, I found him to be quite handsome, and I wasn’t sure why, but something kept pulling me in closer as if I couldn’t leave his side. I moved in closer and closed my eyes, my hand never leaving his face.

I don’t know what was pulling me into him. I couldn’t stop myself. I moved my face just about an inch away from his face and opened my eyes. I smiled as I realized he still didn’t notice my presence there. I moved even closer to his face as I closed my eyes again. The left side of my nose brushed the left side of his as I moved in and pressed my lips softly onto his. Immediate warmth ran through my entire body, creating bumps on my once chilled skin. A sudden pressure filled my entire chest.

After a few moments, I moved away slowly as my skin reverted back to normal and opened my eyes. I found him with opened but relaxed with his lips just slightly parted. As he let out a breath, a cloud of mist released from his mouth, revealing his cold temperature. I started to smile and giggle a bit until I noticed he didn’t react to anything. He seemed to be in a trance, and I hadn’t noticed him blink since I opened my eyes. I fought the urge to be close to him and sat back on the heels of my feet, resting my hands on my thighs, hoping he would say something. His eyes followed mine.

It was a couple of minutes before he finally said something to me, “Hi...”

I smiled, even though that was all he could say. I tilted my head and just continued to stare. He finally sat up as he grabbed at his ribs on his right side. He winced at the pain. I straightened up, and the smile disappeared as I watched him relax his body.

He didn’t look like he was in pain while he was lying there; I thought to myself.

“So you’re finally awake. Are you OK?” I asked as I tried to touched his side to care but stopped myself, since I couldn’t think of anything else to say to him. At this point, his face was now level with mine. I couldn’t help but blush as I stared into his eyes. They were a caramel color with tints of red striking from the pupil. All it seemed like he could do was blink. It frustrated me.

“You do talk, don’t you?” As I finished my sentence, he rammed his lips into mine, not giving me a chance to even take a breath. This time there was no reaction. He pushed away and stared at me. I was now the one who was speechless. His expression immediately changed to anger. His eyebrows slanted, and his cheeks started to turn a purple color. He jumped to his feet and kicked the rock he was leaning on. I remained on my knees but stared at his face, wondering what made him react as he did.

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