CASTOR -A Fall to Freedom-

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Chapter 7

The music was so soft and relaxing that I almost fell asleep right on the spot. I grabbed Vie’s arm while trying to clear my eyes. All I glanced from his facial expression was a smirk as he held me up from falling. I could fill the sudden bursts of warmth and sudden tingling from my fingertips as he touched my hand to help me steady myself. I could feel myself blushing. I brushed the hair out of my face as we continued walking through the village.

The buildings were so different compared to what I’m used to. Here it looks like I’ve stepped out into an alternate universe. I looked up and saw a thin layer of light covering the entire village. Whether it was there for lighting the village or protecting it, I’m not sure. The buildings were completely covered in all different symbols, most of which I have never seen before. Some connecting and intertwined within each other, creating patterns. As we passed a building to my left where we were turning, I touched the edge of the wall and felt an immediate chill run down my spine that made my entire body shake. I blew air out of my mouth and saw a small mist cloud leave my lips.

Without looking, Vie spoke as if he had eyes behind his head, “They construct the buildings with a special material that takes in the heat and reverses the temperature and keeps the entire area in and around it cool. It’s actually quite new technology within the past few moons that our team has developed to better the quality of life. It’s pretty dry and damp out here if you haven’t noticed.”

I kept walking behind Vie, staring at the walls as we passed. You could see the steam rolling off the sides, heading for the sky. As we continued walking, I noticed the lighting in the area was getting brighter. There was a building four stories high, and it was a very light blue. I stopped in my tracks and gasped for air. It was so beautiful that I had no words to even describe what it really looked like. The longer you continued to look at it, it just seemed like the walls were moving, as if you were staring at the ripples on the top of a moving lake. Vie started walking up the steps when he looked back and noticed me staring at the top of the building. It just seemed like it went on forever without an end, connecting to sky’s edge.

“Are you coming or what?” I shook my head out of shock and started running up the marble stairs bumping into Vie’s shoulder sending another shock now down my back.

“Sorry. I’m just amazed at the structure of this building, that and the fact that I’m not used to seeing anything quite this large,” I started giggling nervously but stopped when I noticed no response from Vie. All he did was smirk and turn back toward the door. I immediately felt heat reach my cheeks and into my forehead. When I expected him to open the door, he didn’t. He walked through the door as if it didn’t faze him. The wall and door whirled around, distorting him until he was gone. When he disappeared, I waited a few seconds and his hand reappeared, reaching out for mine, the wall rippling against his skin. I held on and I slowly walked through, closing my eyes. The warmth from outside immediately subsided, and I was hit with a wave of cold air that made my entire body shiver, creating goosebumps. I opened my eyes to find the entire room before me to be decorated in an immense amount of colors, objects, and intense structure that only a few could comprehend.

My mouth dropped so far, I believe I started to drool. All Vie could do was burst into laughter, enough to make himself spit all over, including my entire face. I jumped away in disgust. He continued to laugh. He was beginning to frustrate me. I grunted and wiped my face as I continued to walk forward. In front of me was a wide hallway that seemed dark except for the lamp that sat on the table to my left. The lamp itself looked like an antique made of oak or some other type of wood. The table underneath it had so many engravings in it, with shapes of so many sizes. From one side to the other it looked like the land moving into the forest, following into the sky and then into space, showing all the many moons that coexist above us. The colors in the grooves seemed to change color as you moved by it. Vie walked next to me, placing a hand on my shoulder signaling to continue down the hall.

As soon as we reached the end of the hall, the light seemed to engulf the entire room, making my eyes water. When they finally readjusted, I could see even more magnificent things that made my jaw drop. There to my left was a large sitting area filled with wooden chairs and a large sofa in the oddest shape. It swirled like an “S” until it reached the corner and then swooped to the other side where the wooden chairs had started. In the middle of the “S” was a large table with the same designs, just like the one when I first walked in, only at a much larger scale. On the walls, the designs reminded me of the structure outside the building. The designs seemed to be moving the longer you stared at them. Only with this design, it was specifically made to tell a story the longer you looked. I walked closer to it, noticing that the story was of Vie’s family. Starting with him and two people that I could only assume were his parents since they had the same facial features. Symbols surrounding them as they interacted with each other. It showed love and compassion.

To my right was the start of the dining room. This table, unlike the others, was completely made up of glass. Now in the glass were the designs but no stories or the world, this was simpler with swirls and turns. Honestly, it made me want to put a finger on a line and trace it completely around the table, following the intricacy of the design. I figured that would take too long and Vie would not be too fond of that. Instead, I turned back to look up and found a large chandelier. And sadly, my first thought was, Wow, that’s quite high, how does anyone clean that? Instead, I should have noticed the crystal light fixtures that were attached to the ends of the silver that was attached to the ceiling. Course I was too dumbfounded by everything around me it was hard enough just to comprehend what exactly was in front of me at that very moment in time let alone the details of everything. Vie once again pushed me forward past the chairs and into the next room, which led to a normal-looking study in my opinion compared to the rest of the house. From there we walked into another room that was quite dark and was only lit in one corner with a small night light.

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