CASTOR -A Fall to Freedom-

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Chapter 8

On the left lay a mattress on a box spring with a sheet and a single pillow. The floor was a dark-colored wood that felt slippery underneath my feet. To my right was a desk with the same designs as the others, but this did not look as professional. It looked as if Vie had done it himself, imitating the other designs around the house. The wooden chair in front of it looked exactly the same way. I just could not figure out if he was the one who created the designs or was he truly trying to imitate the drawings depicted in front of him. One could only ask, but I couldn’t. I noticed on top of the desk was an enormous pile of paper that covered the entire surface. There were writings and drawings of all different styles. It even looked like he was writing in multiple languages, which here on Castor doesn’t happen often since most cultures find it hard to move from place to place. Next to the desk on the other wall was a small closet door that was closed. The walls looked like the ones in the other room, so I assumed that was made throughout the entire house.

Vie slumped over onto his mattress and grabbed the cup that was sitting on the box next to his bed and took a big swig of it. He placed it back down with a thud and sighed. I was becoming slightly impatient, “So I’m assuming this is your home. I’m wondering now why you’ve brought me here.” I walked over to the edge of the bed and sat at the edge of the corner, looking away from him. Vie sighed again and placed his chin into his hands. I assumed he wasn’t sure how to answer me without somehow offending me.

“It’s the light inside you,” he finally said after an awkward silence, which was followed by my own silence since I had no clue on what he actually meant. “What I mean is the feeling we had and the fact that you can see the unique designs around the house and in the walls. Whether you’re going through your change or not, you shouldn’t be able to see any of it. It was meant for my family’s eyes and their eyes only. My mother had me design a few and had my father design others while she had the dining room table designed herself so that the house had a piece of each family member. We place a hand on the object to be engraved, release our energy, and the designs are connected to us. The energy goes into the object, pressing our feelings and protections into it, changing its appearance. Bringing you here was a test.” I turned toward him, finding him looking me right in the eyes. His eyes were glazed over as if he were about to cry.

“OK, so it was a test. Now what? Does this mean we’re related or something else?” I was beyond confused at this point and just wanted to leave and continue walking. I suddenly remembered why I was running in the first place, which made me jump up off the bed with a gasp. Vie looked surprised.

“I don’t know what it means exactly. No one here in the village is able to see the designs. To their eyes everything including this building and the buildings you first saw are just all normal structures like the ones in the other villages. We do not wish to look overpowering to other villages. The designs are meant to protect the structures and the people inside them. We hide them from their views to protect them. We are not sure of what their reactions may be or may not be, so we keep it to ourselves and try to protect them as much as possible.” I dropped back down onto the bed with an even louder thud than what the cup created. I leaned forward, letting out a loud sigh with my head in between my legs and my arms resting to the side. Vie leaned over and placed a hand on my back for comfort, “Are you OK?” I took a minute to process the question and think of an answer. It was quite a lot of information to comprehend all at once.

“I’ll be fine. I just still do not understand what is happening here. First, I’m being taken to some place my brother refuses to tell me in the middle of the night, and now I’m seeing things that are supposedly not there to the naked eye. What is wrong with me?” I grabbed my ankles and rubbed to the top of my knees. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. “And you!” I blurted, making the both of us jump. “What are you supposed to be then? A knight? A guard? Some sort of protector or something? I found you ‘keeping watch’ by the cliff where you were supposed to kill on contact, and yet you did not kill me. And now you are telling me I’m seeing these things that are supposed to be hidden from everything except from your family who were the creators of the whole thing. What am I supposed to do now?” I yelled sinking my head lower and took a deep breath letting it out slowly. Vie sighed and got off the bed.

I looked up as the blood rushed to the top of my head, making me dizzy. I took another deep breath and found Vie pacing back and forth; it was not very effective though, since the room was small. As I sat up rubbing my forehead, he suddenly stopped in front of his closet door slamming his palm on the side wall. He stared intensely at it. I got up slowly and walked up behind him. What happened next, I barely remember. He turned so quickly around it seemed like a blur. He grabbed my left arm while grabbing the closet door with the other and rammed me inside. The darkness immediately blocked out my vision and I hadn’t the slightest clue where I was headed. I could only assume Vie was behind me following, but he had let go of my arm as soon as I crossed into the darkness.

Suddenly I could feel the dress I was wearing was disappearing and a piece of fabric was being wrapped around my body from chest down to my thighs, showing my arms and legs keeping me barefoot. And that was when I could feel a sudden breeze from beneath me as the floor beneath my feet seemed to be moving me along in the dark, bringing me somewhere. The day continued on and on and became more and more confusing the more I traveled by myself. I thought that maybe I should have stayed with my brother and mother in the ship. But they refused to tell me where we were headed, and I would have run away, anyway. But still… Did I make the correct decision?

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