CASTOR -A Fall to Freedom-

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Chapter 9

Decisions Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Not being able to see made the trip inside where I was going seem a lot longer than it actually was. The trip was silent; there was no light anywhere. I closed my eyes and felt my heartbeat slowly beginning to slow down. I linked my fingers behind my back and rested my chin on my chest. The only thing I could think to do was try to sleep. It was late at night now and I should have been sleeping for a couple of hours by now. There was no way of leaving this trap, so all I could do now was try to sleep. But of course, that could not last long for me, it was too convenient.
As soon as I drifted off into a deep sleep, a dimmed light appeared in front of me. I slowly opened my eyes as they adjusted to the light coming toward me. It started from the ground and continued to grow as if a door was opening. I continued underneath the opening and into the bright light. I covered my eyes as they continued to readjust to the light. I found myself in a large room which appeared to be larger than the house itself. There was a common area where people could sit in the center of the room and surrounding it was a large abundance of computers, chairs, and screens set on a higher level. Each screen represented something different. You could see different villages and creatures throughout the land. Others would show original buildings as surveillance. It continued with streams of data on some with graphs and charts of different kinds that meant nothing to me. A screen toward the back did interest me, though. There was a figure in the shape of a man’s body spinning with dimensions in different areas. There was no title, but it did intrigue me to find out what it was.

The platform I was standing on finally stopped in front of a sofa that was surrounding the outside of the common room. It stopped so abruptly that I fell to my knees before I could react. I got up, wiped off my knees and sat down. The room amazed me, but I could not stop staring at that certain screen. I was curious about what Vie was doing down here exactly; then I remembered. I quickly turned back to the entrance where I came and there, he was stepping off the platform and placing on a black, long-sleeved coat that reached his knees. It still didn’t look appropriate since all he was wearing underneath was a pair of shorts and nothing else.

He walked over to the end computer chair that was attached to the entire console and began a routine. He grabbed a keyboard off the table and began typing while staring at each screen. The chair automatically started to move as he continued to switch from screens. I watched him as he spun around the room quickly, never blinking once. After a couple of minutes, he finally finished, and the chair dropped him off on the other side of the common room across from me. I took a deep breath and let it out as I placed my hands neatly on my lap. I suspected an explanation was coming soon.

Vie pushed his coat back as he sat onto his sofa, revealing all his bare skin and shorts. He leaned forward, placing his elbows on his knees and linking his fingers. He took a deep breath before speaking finally, “This here is our family’s lab. It sits underneath the house,” he stood up quickly. “Our duty lies in the hands of the Queen. Whether she is dead or alive, we were never instructed by her to stop what we are doing and are here to continue our duty. As our family grows, so does the duty put upon us. So, if I were to have a child, this duty would be placed on their shoulders as well.” He paused while he stroked his chin, thinking.

“And this duty is?” I asked as I stood. He sat back against the couch with his thumbnail between his teeth. I walked closer to him, but he jumped up, placing his arms to his sides and began pacing back and forth. Then finally...

“To protect Castor, the entire planet. We can see anything on these screens. She placed the duty of protecting whoever was placed here or created here, and my family has been doing it unconsciously for generations, it seems. The queen explained to us that in our genes we are genetically made to protect those we are instructed to protect. When I was born the queen instructed my entire family to be the protector of the village at first to test our knowledge base. That’s why you see the different symbols on the walls. They are runes set there, each specifically set for each member of the household. The symbols around the edges are meant to protect the surroundings around the building, which in reality makes the whole village protected by any means.

Each symbol is thought up on its own and represents a different meaning. Sometimes there will be multiple runes for one meaning, it all depends on what exactly we’re trying to protect and what we’re protecting them from. It’s a thought process that requires every brain cell we were made up of.” At this point I was in complete awe and walked back to the other side of the couch and sat down as I listened to Vie talk with my jaw down almost to the ground.

“The queen gave me one more task compared to the rest of my family, and at the time it did not make any sense to me. This is where you come in. A year before I was supposed to go through my change, the queen came to me and sat exactly where you are sitting now. She told me that in the near future I was going to meet a girl that I would have to protect with every rune possible. She would be the one to bring this nation back to its normal status, and my family could go back to regular lives. When I asked her who the girl was, she could not answer me. She didn’t know who it was. All she knew was that a girl or a woman was going to come and find me here and I must instruct her on what to do.”

“So, if I’m the girl, then what exactly do you have to instruct me to do?” he shrugged.

“To be honest, I’m not exactly sure. She had to leave before she could tell me, but reassured me that I would know when the time came to tell you. So, at this moment I’m at a loss for words.” A rush of thoughts ran through my mind. I thought of my frustrating mother and my stubborn brother and what had happened to my father. I thought about Vie at this very moment in time, how he was absolutely no help to her situation right now. My face started to feel very hot with heat. My hands turned into fists and I closed my eyes as it started to feel like steam was released from my ears. I thought about Castorian and how he’s ruined our once beautiful planet and his wonderful mother he smothered and placed under lock and key. And I thought about his father and what Castorian may have done to him to get his own way.

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