The Fisherman’s Greatest Catch (BoyxBoy) Book 2

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Peter Fischer is an average fisherman in his old, poor town. For years he's been supporting his family, following the same routine to keep the four of them alive. Wake up, spend all day out at sea, then sell the fish for money or brought home to eat. It's a lot to handle for a nineteen-year-old. The bank is running low... he's desperate. He's been spending more time out at sea, the stress has been making him sick. Nothing has been biting the line lately, his family is growing impatient. One day he went out to sea with determination in his heart. He was sure he would catch the most fish he's ever caught in his life. He brought his best net out to sea, brought the best line and bait... he was sure they would eat good that tonight. He caught something much bigger than he anticipated. Siren, the merman prince of the sea world. *BOOK 2 OF THE DEVIL'S SANCTUARY SERIES. READ DEMON FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING!*

Fantasy / Thriller
Lynn ꨄ
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Hello, welcome to my book! Thank you so much for choosing THIS book out of thousands. I'd like to tell you all about my Patreon before you begin If you end up enjoying my content and would like to support me and see bonus content from any of my books, or even something you'd personally like to see!

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