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Saving Kinsley

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My name is Kinsley Hart. Being an outcast further fueled the abuse in the pack I was not born into. No, my birth pack along with my family had been slaughtered by rogues when I was a child. Facing rejection put things into perspective for me, I had to leave. Living a mundane life amongst the humans, I was being hunted for who I truly was. What I am. Forcing me to Run from them, fate found me, giving me a second chance mate. **can be read as a stand alone but I encourage you to read Madilynne to have a better understanding of the characters.**

Fantasy / Action
Rylee Monroe
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Kinsley's POV

The story I've been told most of my life is that my parents and older brother were killed by a rogue attack. Resulting in me being taken in by a near pack because I was assumed to be a wolf like my parents. My parents were the Alpha and Luna of the Graceland pack. The whole pack was believed to have been slaughtered that night of the attack, and any survivors, if there were any, had probably sought out safety else where. That night they found me, a 4 year old then, wandering the woods at night all alone. They, as in the Sallow Pack.
I was told by the age of 16 most pack members get their wolves. My 16th birthday came, and then it went. I never got my wolf. I was already treated like the pack punching bag because I was an orphan, but now even more so since I didn't have a wolf. I wasn't like them, I didn't belong. Some days the beatings were worse than others. They use to lock me inside of the cells for days without food or water, or beat me till I was unconscious. I've been thrown through walls, and beat till I couldn't recognize my self in the mirror. I remember feeling so alone, all I wanted was a family. Was that to much to ask for? After my 16th birthday the beatings became more regular because I was an outcast.
I use to fight back, scream, and cry out. Now? Now I was numb to the pain, I welcomed it. I'd rather feel the sting of the pain instead of loneliness. I refused to give them the satisfaction of me being in pain because I was the weaker of them. The Alpha had sent word that when I turn 18 I'd be free to leave and live with the humans. Until then I had to endure my remaining time here. My 17th birthday was just right around the corner, tomorrow actually.
Tonight I had to attend my first pack meeting, I was never aloud to go to those before. So why now? Deciding not to ponder to long on the question I walked to my room and got changed. The only clothes I owned were hand me downs that nobody wanted, I picked out the nicest outfit I had. A grey T shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. I left my shack of a home and headed for the pack house. This would be the first time since I was 'saved' to see the Alpha and Luna, and their son. The only reason I knew they had a son was from over heard conversations when I had to scrub, clean and cook for the pack between beatings. Alpha always turned a blind eye to the beatings.
While I was headed to the pack house I took my time to admire the scenery around me. Fresh air brushed across my skin, leaves danced on the ground at my feet and birds flew freely above my head in the blue sky. I hadn't noticed that a group of them were nearing me from behind, until a rock was thrown at my back.
I drew in a sharp breath, and bit back a cry of pain. I wouldn't give them that satisfaction. I could feel the warmth of my own blood trickle down my back, and then another rock was thrown before I could recover from the pain of the first. The rock was aimed higher this time hitting my shoulder blade, I still kept moving. The third rock was thrown at the back of my head, this time I collapsed, but still without a sound. Black spots began to dance in my eyes and my head was throbbing.
As I started to pick myself up off the ground I was kicked in the ribs by a heavy boot. "Now, where do you think you're off too?" One of the guys said. " The pack meeting I was summoned too, asshole." I bit out. I stood up, and faced the guy who kicked me only to be met with a fist to the face. All the others soon joined in, taking their turn kicking and punching me. I remained still, even though I wanted to fight, I remained quiet even though I wanted to cry.
Eventually they grew tired of assaulting me and left me alone on the ground. I slowly got on my hands and knees and blew out a breath of pain, it even hurt to breathe. I could feel the bruises along my ribs forming, making it hard to inhale my next breaths. I sat back to inspect the damage pulling up my bloodied shirt and sure enough, my ribs were a dark blue already. I tried to stand and fell back to the ground and this time I heard a snap. I cried out from the pain, my leg was broken. Instead of moving I just laid there until the pain was tolerable. I tried to move again only to be met by a jolt of fire shooting up my leg, " Fuck!" I yelled out and in anger I slammed my fist to the ground. I couldn't walk on my own, now I really was useless. Crawling to the nearest tree, I propped myself up on it so I wouldn't put any pressure on my bruised ribs and broken leg. I closed my eyes to breathe through the pain so I could at least crawl back to my shack.
After a while of sitting there I eventually passed out from the pain. When I woke up it was pitch black out, with the moon high up in the sky. My skin felt like it was on fire, and my head was throbbing from the assault. I made a move to get up when the fiery pain grew hotter and then my skin started to itch. I could feel my bones starting to separate and pop out of place abnormally. The realization hit me that I was starting to change, my wolf was emerging from its beaten and broken cocoon.
Bones began shifting and elongating, I felt like my leg was being broken a thousand times over and over and over again. I felt an immense pressure in my head like something was pushing its way through. When the pain became to much I simply let go, stopped fighting the pain, and let my screams fill the moon filled night as I shifted for the first time.
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