Further Recommendations

Angela: Leaves you wanting more. Would definitely recommend this book.Can,t wait for the rest of the story

Fiona Walker: What a wonderful story, I can’t believe you were so young when you wrote it. Really really enjoyed it and looking forward to reading the sequel

kxbooks20: Funny, sexy, I'm drooling for more.

Leigh : I loved the book I would recommend It has some mistakes but not bad enough it distracts from the book

Carla Barnes: Loved it, light and uplifting

Joana Nascimento: Amazing, like always

bellaboo6522: I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Well done.

Edit Nito: Really good story, and i would recommend it to anyone. Great writing style too

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Madelein: Loved it a lot!!

brooksnevada: It was a good book. I liked the plot, it was unique as opposed to other books were the mates are from the same species.

Liv: Liking it good job.

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