Roses flame

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A young girl named rose lived her whole life a lie. She grew up with her foster parents telling rose her parents died in a traffic accident. On her 16th birthday she gets a unusual message , as she learns of her unusual power rose must fight to find the truth and maybe it will bring love along the way.

Fantasy / Romance
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Same old same old

Rose woke up to a sudden banging , it was Marie her foster mother.“Rose get up, your gunna be late for school”.She dragged herself out of bed (which wasn’t at all comfy),threw on some clothes and headed downstairs.The smell of burnt toast lingured in the kitchen , rose grabbed an apple and headed out off to another miserable day at Oakwood secondary school .

At the gate the school bullies maya and karis waited laughing at everyone that passed , it came to rose and they leaped up stopping her in her tracks “well well well if it isn’t the school scum” maya announced “yea no parents no friends no nothing proper saddo” karis said as they both walked off laughing. Rose has learnt to ignore them as they have nothing better to do.

Time seemed to go so slow until finally it was the end of school .Rose only lived round the corner so it didn’t seem to take that long to get home. She spends all day in her room,recently she has been planning her 16th birthday which probably won’t happen and is also tommorw but that doesn’t stop her. She put her plans aside and started to study because only one year and she would be heading to college and getting a job she was so excited .

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