How to Woo a Witch (Hallows Eve # 1)

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Hallows Eve, a town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. To the tourist it's just Part of the town's gimmick but in reality the supernatural live there. Whether you have claws, fangs or can even fly everyone is welcome. With the strange death of the Candy Witch, the Edel Witches are forced to inform the young witch who will inherit it all, along with her no nonsense normie dad. What's a witch to do ? Claire Edel, her family created Hallows Eve as a haven for the supernatural. Now she has to help the newest Candy Witch and her handsome normie dad.

Fantasy / Romance
Brooke Houser
Age Rating:

Chapter One

Cassandra Edel stared at her cup of tea, instead of drinking it she stared at its depths, The new Candy Witch had arrived.

She was gifted in divination or fortune telling, heck she could easily locate someone but she couldn't help but worry for the newest of the line of Candy Witches.

With Candy's unnatural death, something that even unnerved her Hedge Witch sister Damascus.

Their Mom had strange taste when naming her daughters but she was sure Dam had the worst of it.

Taking out her phone she did a quick text and asked Claire, local House Witch and aura seer to check in on the newest arrivals.

With just seven Edel witches left they all used their gifts to help run Hallows Eve, a town founded by their distant ancestor in hope's of creating the supernatural friendly community.

Business boomed, tourist arrived in droves, all spelled thinking the locals played their acts. The Vampires were actually vampires, the Wishing Well had real Gargoyles stationed and even a flying dragon or harpy was considered just part of show.


Anise watched avidly with Blanche panting with excitement as the little dog wagged her tail in excitement.

Just as they arrived on a back country road called Storybrooke Lane did her Dad slow down after a sign in warning was spotted.

Warning, Centaurs Crossing, it read. Her Dad immediately denied it, just a joke as someone probably had horses and had put it up as a joke. Either way the idea of having a Equine related accident caused him to slow down and proceed with caution.

However she was excited, her Mom grew up in the Candy House, something she said was a fond nickname that had been in their family for generations. Her Mom claimed Hallows Eve was filled with magic, "There's Ley Lines running all over there, Honey. More magic there then in all of San Francisco," Her Mom had boasted proudly while whipping up some sort of delicious treat.

It made her wonder how her starry eyed mom even married her more serious Dad, Malcome Mateland.

But here they are now, moving away from Sans Francisco to her Mom's old hometown, San Francisco just had too many memories for her dad to bear.

An array of houses appeared, one a recognizable Dutch Victorian while it's neighbor was a cottage and stone mini castle. "Here we are," Her dad commented as they pulled up to a large carriage house that had been turned into a garage.

Opening the door while a wiggling Blanche in her arms hopped out. Blanche thrashed and wiggled until she had no choice but to let go. At once the little dog bolted to the back yard.

"Blanche !" She called after the fleeting figure who was already gone. To think such short legs could move so fast, with a sigh she ran after the little Maltese.

"Molly ! Where are you ?" She heard another voice from behind the stone wall.

A flash of white streaked by in the corner of her eye before running to the open door that was part of the wall. Immediately green lush bushes formed a living wall that blanketed the stone wall.

Feeling lost she wandered the vast garden, topiary animals rose, a spindlely legged giraffe, a moose and even a proud buck crowned with large sweeping antlers, that's when she saw the flicker of white fur.

Blanche, why did you have to run off ? It would be embarrassing if she angered her new neighbors while trasspasing even through she was searching for a run away pooch.

Tall green hedges seemed to create rooms within the garden of twists and turned. She saw impressive plots of veggies all in a neat row like soldiers standing tall, flower gardens in a riot of full bloom.

A snow white tail waved lazily at a turn as the sound of water gurgled. "Gotcha !" She cried, lunging for the furry little body.

"Do you mind letting go of my cat ?" The voice from before asked her. Looking up she saw a white haired cat in her arms, jewel yellow eyes looked at her as if saying, 'Are you going to let me go now ?'

Blanche woofed as she appeared, a snow white cloud trotting up with a satisfied look on her canine face. Looking up she saw a green eyed girl with a mass of red hair.

"Sorry, I thought your cat was my dog," She apologized. They looked to be the same age and she didn't want to mess up her back to school year.

"It's okay, I take it your Candy's niece ?" Green eyes seemed to laugh but in a good way. "My very great aunt, yes. I'm Anise." Getting up she brushed off some stray grass.

"Maddie McGregor, nice to meet you and no we don't eat rabbits." Confused she pondered the no eating rabbits part. "McGregor's garden, my ancestor was a character in the book," Maddie explained.

Oh, Peter Rabbit, She remembered her Mom's stories. Only Mr. McGregor's never ate any rabbits, Her Mom's voice echoed.

Vaguely she heard Maddie, "Naturally I'm a Green Witch, my mom is a Dryad but I guess you'll be taking the part as the next Candy Witch."

"What was that ? I'm sorry I didn't quote hear you," She replied before her dad started calling her name, "Anise ! Anise, are you coming !?"

"Comming !" She yelled as loud as she could. "Your familiar will lead you out," With Maddie's mysterious words Blanche actually trotted briskly, leading her out of the maze garden.

Unpacking took a while, mostly it was just clothes and things they brought along with them as the lawyer who's number had been left among her Mom's belonging helpfully explained.

And it did, rich wood paneling enveloped the wall. The house gave that old world feel, as ancient as it as. Poking her way through the house, some parts felt directly different from other but she found the bed rooms and had claimed one with a view of the back yard.

McGregor garden was an impressive lush, full of plants of all kinds and even boasted a green house.


Malcolm Mateland, after Sultana's sudden death he welcomed the move. However while knew that they would end up inheriting a three story Victorian mansion ?

There had been insurance money for his wife death, something he had put up for each of them but he had been expecting while during the move that he might have to use it.

So far the house looked well maintained but it was old. He could always update it and then sell it for as much as he could. A large nest egg for Anise and future retirement money for him.

However a knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. Setting a box down he hurried down and opened the door to see a beautiful woman.

Malcolm felt like he had been suckerpunched as he stared at the raven haired venus. "I'm Claire Edel, I'm the local House Witch."

Claire smiled at him warmly and all he could think was that he was grateful to the dieties who were to be thanked for having her wear that top and skirt. The silky material clung but showed enough tempting cleavage while the skirt did wonders in showing off her backside. Something she displayed when turning to reach for her purse.

"Hey, Dad who's here ?" Anise appeared with Blanche trailing after her.

Anise was definitely a witch, a purple aura studded with sparkly lights like the night sky told her enough.

However the father was a complete normie, a difficulty that she was probably going to have to explain. But maybe they already know ?

"You must be Anise. I'm sure your excited to be going to Charmstone Academy," She began only to meet with a blank look. "Sounds like a snooty private school," The girl, Anise commented.

"Not really, it is private but as the next Candy Witch your going to have to learn how to use your powers, just like the rest of your Moms side has done."

"Wait, my Mom was a witch ? Cool, when can I learn to do magic ?" Dark stormy blue eyes looked at her eagerly, just like her father's. Otherwise Anise looked exactly like Sultana.

"Witches don't exist. Anise it's just part of the town's craziness." She frowned, looking at the normie she could not help but wonder how this man had a child with a witch.

"Mr......" She began. "Mateland," Anise's father filled in. "Your daughter is a descendant of the actual Candy Witch, she's going to need a mentor soon," She tried to explain.

"I know this is the towns theme but stop filling my daughter's head with nonsense." Normies ! So irritating when your trying to tell them. Exasperated she had a nearby candle's wick burst into flame before calming down.

"That enough proof ?" This is why she avoided normies. "Cool trick, what shops sell candles like those ?"

"You utter normie," She growled, as tempting as it was she couldn't turn him into a toad and just leave him. Too much temptation to step on him.

"Dad !" Anise glared. "Maddie next door said I'm a witch and that she's one too." Already met a McGregor, that family was famous for it's Green Witches and Warlocks.

"Here's my card," She handed it to Anise. "We'll talk later." She needed to leave and call Cassandra about Anise's dad. The girl needed to taught.

"Cassandra, yeah the Dad is a normie. He didn't believe me." An Anise would need a mentor soon.

"I figured as much. Claire, I'm sorry but you'll have to handle this. Something has come up," There was a tone In her older sister's voice, Cassandra used her powers to predict the future, find people.

She must be using it for something big. Sometimes her sister found people they or the town needed, others were that they needed the town.

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