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Full Moon Howl

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Eve , a girl with an unusual affinity for nature moves to Maine with her moms a year after her father's death looking for a fresh start, but what she found was the thing she needed the most, Love.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

"Eve, we're leaving in three minutes, make sure you have everything ready." My mom says from the doorway.

"Ok. Everything's ready, I'm just saying goodbye." Goodbye to my room and the memories in it. After I'm done I take my last bag with me as I desend the stairs taking one last look at my childhood home. Time for a fresh start, maybe even make some friends. I think to myself hopefully.


The drive was beautiful. As soon as we drove past the 'Welcome To Maine' sign an entire forest seemed to appear out of thin air, surrounding us on both sides were wildflowers and red spruce trees. Granted it was difficult to tell with the thick layer of snow that covered everything but the road. It was a true winter wonderland. The drive took twenty four hours to get from Florida to Maine, not counting breaks and I of course sat in the backseat with some of the boxes whilst my moms sat in the front seats. Yes my parents got a divorce, yes my mom is lesbian and yes she married Crystal after six months of dating. And yes my dad died a year ago, which is why we're moving. See, I was close to my dad, even after the divorce where my mom got custody, and his death hit us all hard but me the most. He was a tall man with brown hair and green eyes, he was my book shopper go-to whenever I wanted more reading material and my running partner. He was my best friend, so when I saw the monitor flatline I shattered. I barely ate, talked or read the first eight months after, then my moms helped me get myself together. This itself took two months and the next two months were spent packing up and moving. Being as I am turning sixteen next week, I still have to go to school, I am also that kid who's always been in advanced classes. Junior Year. How exciting, I think to myself sarcastically.


We pulled up to our new house and my jaw dropped. It was a beautiful two story house made of dark brown wood, a wrap around porch and completed with a backyard leading to a forest. And our nextdoor neighbor? A mile away! And a mile the other way is my new school. A little further and you reach the rest of town.

"Do you guys like it?" Crystal asks as we walk up to the porch. My mom and I can barely manage a weak yes as we are awestruck by the beautiful house. "In that case welcome to our new home."


Author here, I realized that I left out some character info. So here you go:

Name: Eve Miller

Age: 16

Hair: Red-Brown

Eyes: Vibrant Green

Born: March 6, 2004 (under a full moon)

Loves: Reading, Running, Hiking, Wolves, School, Friends and Family, sketching and nature.

Hates: Bullying, Wolfsbane, Unhappy Endings and rude behavior

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