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Full Moon Howl

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Chapter 2

Ill admit, Crystal definitely got brownie points for finding this house. It was frik'n awesome! When you walk in, the first thing you see to the left of the house is the kitchen, and to the right a massive living room. By the kitchen is a set of stairs. Which will be convenient for breakfast. Behind the kitchen is the dining room. And to the right of that there are two rooms, a master and guest room. I quickly go up the stairs and see an open little movie room, and a hall with rooms adorned on both sides with a window facing the back yard.

I take a peek inside the rooms and see that all of the rooms but one has a window. I begin mapping out how the rooms will be used. The room without the window will be used as a library, and the two rooms on that wall will be guest rooms. I look to the right and see a guest bathroom and my room, it has a connected bathroom and walk-in closet.

I head down stairs to see mom and Crystal sharing a sweet kiss. Awww. They look at me an I realize I said that out loud. Mom blushes at being caught while Crystal only smirks, eyes saying 'one day you'll be the one being caught'. I roll my eyes at the thought, as if. I may be a helpless romantic, at least when it comes to other people, but I myself have never had romantic feelings for anyone. Speaking of I always know who is going to be with who. Like how I knew that mom and Crystal were gonna be together when they met and here we are, not to mention I've set up multiple past friends with guys and they are all practically married.

I realize I was staring at them lost in my own thoughts when Crystal, not so subtly clears her throat. "Hey guys I'm sorry to bail but I have to meet up some of the locals. You guys can manage unpacking some stuff without me right?" We nod, me a little sarcastically at the thought of being incapable of unpacking boxes and suitcases, but that's odd. Usually Crystal never leaves us even when we go outside what with mom being a helicopter parent and Crystal rarely leaving her side. I mean no complaints, she lets me go places so long as I'm with someone I trust, but with mom it's as if she's afraid something will happen to her if she is left alone for more than three minutes.


I start unpacking my things after helping mom with the kitchen, Lord knows what mess she'd make in there, but leave her to do her and Crystal's room knowing Crystal will fix it up when mom sleeps. I begin setting up my organization bins and clear baskets. Have I mentioned I'm a little OCD, no? Oh well. I used to have trouble finding the things I need untill I read a book that helped me get into my own head. I believe it's called: The Home Edit, a guide to organizing and realizing your house goals. And let's just say my organization techniques have gotten a lot better since.

After making my stations I hang up my clothes and putting away the rest of my things away in the closet except for my medicine and toiletries, those go in the bathroom.

After I'm done I head outside, pausing on my way out to tell my mom where I'm going and that I won't go far. Today is the last day of snow, for the next few months. Before I left my closet I changed into some more comfortable clothes, for me that means thick black leggings, a white tank top, my fuzzy blue jacket and some waterproof white ankle boots that were an early birthday present. All of which I am thankful for now because it's COLD! Not worring about getting sick, which rarely happens when I'm outside unless there is heavy pollution in the air. Seriously I've never gotten a cold or allergies.

I was walking in the snow when I saw a white bunny, slowly walking up to the bunny asking it if I could pet it. Which it let me. "Hmm, your a female bunny. Can I call you... Snowflake?" The only response I got was a nose twitch, and I took it for a yes. "Soon it'll be terribly warm for you, would you like to stay with me?" I asked standing up looking to see if snowflake was following me, which she was.


"Mom I made a new friend!" I call out as snowflake and I walk into the house, "Mom?" I look out and see the car in the driveway meaning Crystal is back but where did they disappear to? I go to check their room but there not there so I go to the kitchen, I knock but get no reply so I put my ear to the wall just as there is a thump. Confused I rack my brain trying to figure out what is going on. Incapable of coming up with an explanation I open the door to see what's going on.

"Whaaaa..." Screaming and possibly scarred for life I run up the stairs into my room and try to get it out of my head. Snowflake hops into my room looking innocent and confused.

(Ha beware the wicked cliff hanger!)

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