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Ona Aria Fisk
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Kel'naria Kel'dri - Neriphine


Name: Kel’naria Keldri

Class: Druid

Sub class: Sentinel

Married: Tasal


*Kel’naria was one of the highest Arch druids of the claw, and was set to unseat Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm; She was being trained in his ranks as well as a side rank of Sentinel; high class training, She was fierce, quick and agile. Her form that she liked to be in; was mostly a black panther with bright yellow eyes; her preferred marine form was that of ethier a Dolphin or a deep sea shark depending on weather she needed to defend herself or not; Her preferred travel form is that of a female deer; and ethier a falcon/raven or a very large moon warden that can carry up to two other people. On the night of her transfer from Druid to Demon hunter, she returned that night to inform her parents of her leave from the Night elf community, When Tasal confronted her before she had a chance and accused her of conspiring with Illidan and his followers and began to attack her; Alannia her cousin had hear the commotion as they lived next door to one another in the trade district of Darnassus, She was with child at the time; and bursted into the apartment tree hole; that they lived in. Alannia attacked Tasal helping Kel’naria get away; She made it down to Darkshore after being chased down the tree by the sentinels. Catching a blood elf by the name of Leila Silvercrest, Giving birth at the time of her demise. A passing party of male blood elves was passing by. Kel’naria begged one of the males to transfer her soul into the dying blood elf; The trove agreed, and addressed their names; He was Zrill Nightstorm. He agreed to pass on her soul onto the blood elf; the younger sister of Leila ; Kalvia objected to the transfer; Zrill gave her two bags full to the brim of gold. Told her to take the child to silvermoon, and bring her to the family of Runehold. They would be able to find her a home*

*Appearance before the War of the Ancient*
Height: 6'8
Eye color: White (Often called Elune's Pearls)
Lips: Almond and usually painted a dark color
Hair: Long Teal Blue with a slight hue of green
Body Type: Fit, But with slight fat; Active and fit; But has some minor fat in her legs and stomach
Body Scars: One on her face; as well as ripped right ear from training.
Fingers: Slender and fine tipped.
Right or left handed: Left handed.
Weapon of choice: Mace; Sword, Bow and Arrow.
Clothing: Leather; (Set, Classic Night elves set,)


*Name: Neriphine Kel’dri Redstone*

*Class: Demon hunter*

*Married: Kelenast Redstone*

*Race: Blood elf*

*Race After the 4th war: Night elf.*


*After the night of her soul transfer, She lived her life in the ranks of Illidan’s army, returning to their ranks she was stopped by the guards out by the door. Giving her name. She was welcomed into the black temple; with the remaining demon hunters; Fulfilling her orders in Illidan’s ranks until the return of the legion; Many of the ranks were captured by the wardens but Neriphine evaded the capture; And she went into hiding from that time period finding work as a mercenary for assassination kills, and finding a way to free her master Illidan; After she got word that the legion was attacking again, She formed a smallar general rank with her team of mercenaries; where she then found ranks of Demon hunters that had been released from the Warden’s prision cells; Neriphine was chosen to the General for war, Kayn Redsun ended up taking over as Neriphine didn’t want all the responsibility; Fighting the demons she ended up becoming a second ranked general under Kayn Redsun; and was gifted a fel-bat by the name of Annabelle; She would often ride Annabelle into battle, after the defeation of the burning legion, Neriphine Kel’dri took a year off from her responsibilities in the fel-hall of the Illidari;*

*She decided to leave the horde after the cease fires; she was contacted by her husband’s clan and was enlisted in into the thunder fist clan; As the horde and alliance cease fire had only lasted a year and were fighting once again, Neriphine deiced after bing hunted by her cousin Alannia; During the darkshore invasion; She was kidnapped by the thunderfist clan, as Neriphine and Alannia duced it out, her long fued ended with the night elves; As Alanniia forgave Neriphine’s atrocites against the night elves, after Zrill and her talked; Alanniia then stayed with The thunder fist clan for the rest of that year. Silently. Neriphine at the end of the fourth war.. After the death of Sarufang and the reaction of Iryadayla, She decided to put Leiala Silvercrest’s body to rest; Burying her in Desolate; where she came to find out is where Imrahail asked to marry Iryadayla; in honor of her mother she buried her in that stop; and had her soul transferred towards another night elf after 13,000 years of being a blood elf; she was finally night elf again,*

**Appearance after the 4th War**
Height: 6'8
Eyes: Flaming Green/Fel blind
(Due to being switched to a body who's eyes were not ripped out; She can see roughly 80% clearer than other demon hunters whose eyes are ripped out,)
Skin Color: Dark Grey
Ear length: Short
Eyebrow length: Short
Hair style; Side braid/Side shaven
Hair Color: Black
Blue leaves accessorizes
Left ear piercing
Iron Chain Chocker

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