The Man With Endless Curiosity

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Ever wonder what's outside our planet. Do you want to know what's out there. This story will inspire you on your journey

Fantasy / Scifi
Nazrin Asyraf
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The Man With Endless Curiosity

This is a short story about a young boy called N who had endless curiosity about everything that happened around him. At 8 years old, he had asked his parents on how can we walk, how can we speak, why there are so many species on earth and the list goes on. It is outrageous that a child can think like that. The answers he got from them just “we don’t know much about our world” or “there are many mysterious things that happen”, like that. Although he did got the somewhat-like answers, he felt a unsatisfied. So, everyday when a question pop in his head, he just wrote them down in his notebook instead asking his parents.

At age of 12, he start to question about humanity. “Are we the only species in this vast universe?”, he talks to himself while wrote it down in his notebook. Later, he talk to his teacher about this. Astounded by question, his teacher know that N was not like his peers who still enjoying their youths. “How can you come with this question?”, ask the teacher. “Well, after some thought I think that if our universe was really big, then how come we not encountered any other species? Maybe the answers is in our technology or the fact that we are alone is true.”, N replied slowly. “You know our universe contain hundred of billions of galaxies each contain hundred to thousand billions of stars and we are just 1 in it. So many secrets lies out there and we still don’t know it”. Hearing the answers was like putting oil onto fire as N had found his life goal. That was to figure out on why human exists.

At the age of 30, N had opened up companies that played role in medicine, genetic engineering, biotechnology, astrology and most important aerospace. He had become the richest person on Earth, own a lot of properties, hold a bunch of titles but he did not stop there cause it’s not money that he pursue. It was the answers that he seek and all of his achievements were only stepping stones. By the age of 45, N had become the most influential person on Earth. He had found many discoveries and had led many team in their researched. You can see in all TVs, newspapers, and articles about his achievements.

On 29th November 2129, at age 65 N has become leader in an elite team with mission to explore space. Yes, finally N felt like he come somewhat closer to his goal. With this mission, N carried with him the fate of humanity. Everyone need to know what was behind the curtain and that was N’s objective. During the exploration, N look outside from the spaceship, thinking how he have come far to know the truth. Spending many years in space, there was still no sign of other species nor planet like Earth. Feeling somewhat frustrated, N wrote in his notebook, “After many years of exploration, mankind had become advanced in technology by harvesting energy from cosmic and we seek for the sign of other beings, sadly it’s a no…, Suddenly the emergency alarm woke along with some great earthquake-like shake. It’s like the whole spaceship was shaked vigorously. “Sir, we have a problem”, said one of the team. “What is it?” “Well I think you need to see this yourself.” N’s eyes widened when he saw what was in front of him. He could not believed what he saw. In front of the spaceship was a gigantic ship sized about 2 Mount. Everest or bigger.

What causes the shaked was just the slight collision from it. Before he could give any order to his team, there was a light beam that radiate heat hot like a sun melting the spaceship along with his crew and the hope of humanity. At this time N thought that he was a fool person as human definitely not ready for this whether in technology or the exploration. Human had lost both great leader and hope. At his final moment, N smiles brightly caused he know that he had found the answer he had been searching for and that is…

“We are not alone.”

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