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A thrilling mystery about a purple pearl, twin girls and their powerful mates After a massacre occurs at the stallion pack, all the survivors are ordered by the Alpha to hide and are hence dispersed around the world. Amara, the next Alpha and her twin sister Amira vow to take revenge with the help of Caleb, another pack member. With obstacles, discovered allies, strong enemies and ground shaking discoveries in the way of their journey, will they be able to retrieve the cause of the massacre? A purple pearl with unforeseen powers that is held in a place unknown. Their greatest enemy being a family member and with their inability to trust, they race against time to retrieve the pearl before they are wiped from existence. They encounter many confusing situations and learn more about the powerful item they seek.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I have been staring down the blue eyed boy in front of me for the past ten minutes and I must say, he is pretty resilient. He snaked his arm on the drink that was in front of him and took a full gulp all while staring straight at me. He smirked and I raised my eyebrows at him. The last time he had tried that went disastrously. Let's just say he needed a new phone because the drink had fallen out of his hands and on to his phone which was right in front of him. What a show off. I took my drink and made a motion as if to splash it on him and he suddenly stood up scraping the chair he was sitting on sharply breaking eye contact. He is a clean freak and that is the only reason I knew the trick would work.

" I guess that means I win" I said and followed the statement with a wink. He looked like a baby whose lollipop had just been taken away yet he was no sour loser.

" You cheated. Admit it" he narrowed his eyes at me and I smiled at him.

He was pointing a finger at me as if to intimidate me and it was comical rather. The way he was holding his hip with one hand and using the other to point at me was a sight to behold.

" You clearly said no rules and I should not be blamed for the fact that you assumed I was going to pour my drink on you. Why I would never!" I dramatically put a hand on my chest for the last part.

" Uh-uh if I would have kept on staring you down, you would have splashed it on me. I know the dare devil in you. Why do you want to take miss Genevieve's case so badly anyway?"he retorted.

He was right, I would have drowned him with my drink if he hadn't given up. The miss Genevieve he was talking about was a lady who had requested our services to take revenge on her behalf on a certain middle aged man. Caleb was against it and I was all for it and that is why we were staring each other down on this thursday afternoon.Suddenly, the door opened and my identical twin sister, Amira, entered. She walked up to us and asked

" So Caleb, I shouldn't ask who won seeing as you are standing four feet away from your chair. Let me guess she used your state of the art clean behaviour against you didn't she?"

" And that means we are doing the miss Genevieve case correct?" She added.

Caleb and I have been staring each other down or doing some other crazy stuff whenever we disagreed on something. Our disagreements happened a lot. From how to torture a person to what sauce to use on pasta and they were as diverse as culture.Caleb nodded his head at Amira as if to confirm his defeat and Amira plopped herself on the grey coloured couch near the tea table. We were in Caleb's office and this is where we usually made decisions regarding business matters. This building belonged to the three of us. We resided with the humans and have been able to create a business empire fo the past 5 years. The empire was a facade with the aim of finding crucial information. Knowledge is power and so the most powerful people have the knowledge we are looking for and so why not join them?

I stood up and walked to the window. The window in Caleb's office overlooked the city and the view was breathtaking. We had fought for this office too and he had obviously won.

" We need to take every case since it can help us find anything. And anything is better than nothing so if showing a man his place can tell me the fur colour of the cat that belongs to the one holding the pearl then we will do it" I answered Caleb's previous question.

If someone was listening in, they would think we were a law firm. Well we are not a law firm. We deal with those cases that the police either does not want to handle or can not due to lack of evidence. We satisfy that deep desire to take revenge on someone that one cannot reach either due to status or just plain corruption.It might look like we fight for the rights of people but that would be straight out lying.

We are 23 year olds, why waste our time with that when we could be partying and attending college. We do this job with a purpose. Information to be exact. We are searching for a purple pearl that is the only thing that can help us bring back our pack. The biggest and shiniest purple pearl the world has ever seen and the fact that it keeps making rotations all around the world wasn't helping either. Every pack has its own pearl and there are a total of four packs. The dragon bloods (black pearl), the lion bloods I.e. the wolves whose alpha can roar (gold coloured pearl), The gentle wolves, the Zion pack( white peatl) and finally us, we were known as the stallions. Ours was the purple pearl which was currently missing. Our pack had been destroyed five years ago and being survivors, we were in great danger unless we had possession of the pearl.

Our pearl was currently making rounds all over the world being touched by the most greedy and filthy people on this planet. Just thinking about it made my heart hurt. I could feel the pain physically as if a needle was pricking my heart and it was pushed swiftly. My train of thoughts were interrupted when Amira spoke

" Amara's right. We can't overlook even the tiniest of details. We are running out of time and if we don't find that pearl then we are all done for. We will be extinct before the next full moon and no one will ever know we existed unless some parent tells their kid about us. I dont want to be forgotten like a gum under a school bench which is removed only on cleaning day" She said

" I agree with you all and being forgotten as a pack is certainly the worst thing that could happen to us but miss Genevieve's case is as petty as killing your neighbour's dog because she refused to give you a pinch of salt. It's not that I dont see the importance of tiny details " Caleb said and now, he was standing in front of his desk with his arms folded. He is a handsome lad with blue eyes and dark brown hair and the girl who gets to be his mate is the luckiest girl in the world. I have met my share fair of men and none can compare to Caleb. He is a devoted person with a golden heart.

" I know how serious you take this Caleb I mean we both do and you are right about the case being petty but just think about it, if the men that the guy spoke bad about the lady to are famous business moguls then who better to get information from than this guy? Maybe the reason why he stoopped as low as to talk bad about a lady was in order to be apart of them or to pitch an idea to them. Those stuck up rich people who have substituted their feelings for money and fill their pockets with the daily meal of the poor people use the mogul title on the outside just like we use this building and the empire as a cover. You get what I'm saying right?" I said

Caleb nodded his head and Amira suddenly stood up and clapped her hands once.

" Well then what are we waiting for, let's go teach a man how to respect a lady and make him blubber whatever information he has. Nothing too extreme just a kick between the legs and a shave of the little hair he probably has on his probably oval head should do it right?" She exclaimed

Caleb and I were looking at her sceptically and I low key felt bad for the middle aged man. I'm not saying we haven't done worse to other arrogant men and women but did the punishment really suit the crime? That hair will never grow back. Well then let's get to it.

" let's go" Caleb added and he took his backpack which was hanging on a nail hammered on the wall behind his desk all while shaking his head at Amira's statement. I on the other hand took my unfinished drink and Amira took the small bag she had come with. We made our way to the door and in to the elevator. We reached the ground floor where the employees began greeting us. They all thought we were humans and that is what we wanted them to think. Our business dealt with jewelry, gemstones, flowers and precious relics. We exported our products ourselves every time we got news of a possible country the pearl was seen .When I say the pearl was on a worldwide tour, I meant it.

Caleb was winking at the ladies who stood by the coffee machine and they were so happy with the gesture. They were giggling like school girls.Amira swatted his arm and he smiled at her.

We are currently on our way to kidnap the middle aged man whose name I just found out was mister Bulab. I hadn't even shown the text message I had just received from miss Genevieve to Amira and Caleb when I started laughing. I mean Bulab? Who names their child Bulab. I had just finished my hysterical laughter when I noticed two pairs of very inquisitive eyes staring at me and I gave them my phone. I also noticed the employees had stopped working and were staring at me. I waved my hand for them to continue their work. Amira and Caleb had finished reading the text message and I saw their eyes bulge and seconds later, we were all laughing like maniacs. The text message also contained the the address of oh so funnily named Bulab and so we made our way to the car. Caleb was on drive duty today. We all had our own cars but whenever we went to do this business, we took one car and took turns driving.

" Okay Caleb, take us to his soon to be bald Bulab" I exclaimed once we were seated in the car. We all doubled over with laughter. Happy moments were not very rare with us but whenever we were happy, it was always when we were together. We understood each other so much and there are no two other people I would trust with my life.

When our laughter finally died down, Caleb decided to say

" We won't be able to see his bald head if we continue laughing at him like this" he avoided saying the name and I noticed.

" Whose he??" I asked him. He smiled and shook his head aggressively. He did not want to say it. I was leaning in to see his face when Amira cleared her throat. We turned to look at her as she was seated in the backseat while Caleb and I sat in front.

" Back to business, we'll never get there at this rate. C'mon let's hit the road" she ordered. Caleb and I stole a glance at one another and faced forward. He hit the gas and off we went snikering the whole way.

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