Twisted Truths (Helena Hawthorn Series #7)

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To save her love, she must kill it first. After being thrown out of the time spell, Helena finds herself in the future. Things are definitely not how she remembered. The Vampire Council is missing, the hunters are wanted by the humans, werewolves are patrolling the streets of London, and newly created vampires are running amok. She has more questions than ever, and no one seems to be willing to provide her with the answers. That is until she is told that Lucious may be responsible for everything bad that’s happened. Lucious is losing hope and his mind the longer he works for The Order. Their leader is a tyrant and claims it’s for the benefit of their kind, but Lucious knows better than to trust those sugar-coated words. When he shuts his eyes to rest, his mind is riddled with realistic visions of killing Helena. Every waking moment, he spends fearing that, one day, those nightmares may come true. And, deep down, he knows they will. Love, tragedy, pain, and loss are around every corner. Can Helena and Lucious make the ultimate sacrifice to undo the dreadful future?

Fantasy / Romance
May Freighter
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Childe: A human that had been turned into a vampire. Depending on the age and power of the sire, the childe may adapt quicker, as the energy they would have been given in the initial turning would have been greater. On average, it takes between 1.5 years to 2 years for a newborn vampire to get used to the thirst (this depends on the willpower the childe possesses.)

Few cases in vampire history speak of vampires who managed to conquer the thirst early, and many of these vampires had developed abilities later on in life – one of them being Vincent of the European Council with his power of the ‘Voice’. (It should be noted that on record, Vincent is the only vampire who had inherited Arthemis’ ability instead of the more common abilities that stem from the Royals.)

Newborn vampires are trained in a controlled environment where there are no humans to tempt them. The only humans that are brought in are those the sire trains the childe with to master their thirst.

A childe is unable to hurt his sire. The energy residing within the childe is able to recognise the original source and, therefore, making the sire protected from his childe’s attack. Theoretically, there are vampires that could overcome this by becoming stronger than their sire. This can be seen when Lucious kills Anna in Crumbling Control.

Sire: A title given to a vampire after he had turned a human by sharing his energy with the person and then taking their life. The childe refers by that title or by the name of their sire to them.

Most of the sire-childe relationships are good where the childe respects the one who had granted them their second life. Yet, there are cases where the childe had been created against their will, and the relationship becomes volatile.

A sire is able to control his children by using his energy, which he instilled into them before turning them. This tends to ruin the trust between the sire and his childe, so it is considered to be the last resort.

Royals: The first seven vampires were recorded as Kallias (Pillar of the Past), Bion (Pillar of Energy Shaping), Cenric (Pillar of the Mind), Ealdraed (Pillar of Elemental Fire), Hartwin (Pillar of Mystic Sight), Laclia (Pillar of the Future), and Runa (Pillar of Speed) and were sired by the original/first vampire, Arthemis. His origins remain unknown to the vampire community since he had disappeared off the face of the earth sometime in the early 1200 B.C. Most vampires think of him more like a mythical story than an actual being while others are relentlessly trying to find his whereabouts.

Descent: a term used when a vampire is losing control over the thirst and is struggling to maintain his sanity. Vampires that cannot regain control of their thirst for a prolonged period of time tend to be eliminated by the Council’s hounds.
Symptoms: need to feed more often, loss of control, red eyes.

Fleeting: a term used for vampire speed. Usually, a vampire can cover up to 20-30 miles before becoming exhausted. As they reach their limit, there is a danger of tearing their leg muscles, which can be both excruciating and slow to heal without ingestion of blood.

Vampire Clan: Vampires normally prefer to be on their own and care solely about their sire, blood-brothers, and blood-sisters. Yet, there are certain vampires who managed to maintain order and control over their sired children, grandchildren, and beyond. Such a tightly-knit vampire community is called a clan. Their sole purpose is obeying the orders that come from their leader. Those who defy the leader are punished by death or centuries of torment until they conform.

Delegates: As the Councils are limited in manpower, powerful and ancient vampires were given the tasks to observe and report everything that happens in their designated territories. They function independently, and Councils tend to turn a blind eye to their illegal actions because of their services.

Alpha: the leader of the werewolf group. He or she takes on the responsibility of the pack to keep them safe. Every member must accept blood (blood oath) from the alpha to become part of the connected group. Any member who does not accept the alpha’s blood will be forced to leave the group unless the alpha says otherwise.

The alpha is chosen through a test of strength or diplomacy, depending on the pack. Any challenger of the alpha must defeat them by either convincing the pack to select him as the new leader or by a fight to the death. Diplomacy is used more often in modern times.

Beta/Ius is a member of the pack selected by the alpha to be his strategy advisor. This wolf is respected by others, and his opinion is highly valued by the group. He also upholds the law and the rules dictated by the alpha.

Gamma/Laeva is the left hand of the alpha, appointed by the pack’s majority vote. He is in charge of bringing the packs ideas and thoughts to the alpha and keeping the peace between them.

Half-shift: a state a werewolf enters when he is in the middle of a transformation. At this time, they are most vulnerable to their surroundings and the hunters.

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NOTE:This book is written in U.K. English.

Some spelling may be different from the U.S.

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