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Chapter Two

“So, three-hundred-thirty-seven?”

“Yep, just about.” I replied to Terrence.

He is the only other werewolf that is owned by Milos. But he is not as strong as me. He used to be a low ranked omega from his pack until he was made a rogue from killing his mate.

And after being captured by Milos and his lackey’s, almost seven years ago, he became my friend in here. Calling him a friend is just to give our relationship a name, as the lack of a better word for it, refrains us from calling it something else.

I hate the fact that he killed his mate and I will never condone such an action should I ever be in charge, but right now he is the only one that understands what I am going through. He is the only one that I can talk to about our powers, skills and roots.

Mates. The word alone gives me the shivers. How on earth did the Goddess came up with the idea, that there should be someone else that completes your soul?

My mother was a hopeless romantic person, so when I was young, I believed in it. I couldn’t wait to turn eighteen, to find my own true mate. But my dream shattered when my mother died at the hands of my father, when I was twelve. The love I had for my father was instantly buried into the ground with my mother.

Then out of anger, he trained me to become a strong warrior, telling me that women are only good for the sex and nothing more. For four years long, he told me, he was going to get rid of me, once I was done with training.

At first I was angry at him, for killing my mother, I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t being pushed out of the pack for it. But I guess him being a Beta, the Alpha’s second in command, was still something worth for the pack. They couldn’t get rid of him that easily.

Later I found out that our Alpha was in on it too. They had schemed up to kill my mother and then planned to sell me off to a master. To this day, I still don’t know why my father did it. I mean, ten-thousand dollars is a lot, but not enough to do something really big with. And why bother to train me for four years then?

But after a few months of verbal torture and rigorous training, I actually wanted to get away from my father and pack too. So, I did everything that he wanted me to do, trained as hard as I could, hoping that my training would end soon enough for him to sell me off.

But to what he was selling me off, was something that I didn’t know back then. As stupid as I was at sixteen, I didn’t think to run away from the pack before he could sell me. I was just too naive to think that whomever I should belong to next, couldn’t be worse than my father.

So, here I am, used, abused, tortured and raped until I gave up to care about any of it all. My mind is just blank, there is no love, no hope to find me a way out and so on…

“Get in there!” Milos yelled to a new girl. I could smell she was a werewolf, a young one too.

“Now strip!” Milos yelled again.

He was going to rape her and she knew it. She was trembling with fear and crying out like a baby.

“But you’re not my mate!” She muttered.

“You will never get to meet your mate, stupid girl! Now get undressed!” He yelled again, after he slapped her face.

I hate it when he does this. And normally I would let him rape the new girl. Not because I didn’t care, but he would eventually do it anyway. But this time I did care, maybe because she is a werewolf too, I don’t know.

I could feel my wolf stir inside of me. She wanted to kill Milos for everything that he has caused us and she was eager to help this girl too. Maybe we are just tired of all of this, maybe we just want it all to finish.

But what good would it bring us? What will happen if we kill Milos? Just another person would take his job, he has plenty of people that are eager to follow him in his footsteps.

The girl was undressed now and Milos was taking his stance to take her.

“Milos! Leave her! Take me instead!” I yelled to him.

“Shut up, bitch!”

“No! She isn’t ready yet and she won’t hold your dick like I can!”

He lifted his head and looked back and forth between me and the new girl.

“You know that I can ride you like a rodeo! Just come here and I’ll take care of you.” I pleaded again, trying to motivate him to come to me.

“What are you doing?” Terrence whispered to me.

I ignored him, my eyes just kept focusing on the eyes of Milos, hoping that he would come over to me. But Milos smirked and stalked his way over to the girl. He bend her over the bed and unbuckled his belt.

“Milos, I swear that one day you will get what you deserve!” I shouted.

He didn’t even flinch and was about to enter her with his cock. Fury arising inside of me, of which I didn’t even was aware I had. My wolf came to the surface, changing my skin into her white fur. Yet, no bones contorted for me to become my wolf completely. I still stood there, half human, half wolf, with claws stretching out at the sight of seeing Milos rape a fellow she-wolf until she passed out from the pain and helplessness.

A roar, deep from within me, came out and shook the cell. The bars were trembling, dust from the ground started to move upon the shaking of it and close by electronics started to beep and malfunction.

“MILOS! YOU WILL DIE!” I roared.

I couldn’t keep it in any more, all these years of torture and abuse came out. I was done with it! Him raping a girl, just like me, was the last straw.

The bars bend easily with my hands pulling them apart. Milos was looking at me in fear, he knew he had made a mistake now. One that he couldn’t afford to live through. He knew he was done for, but even so, he still crouched backwards against the wall of the adjacent cell. Begging me to keep him alive, excusing him for treating me bad all these years, but no single excuse would make me feel any better. No single excuse would get me rid of all the scars and experiences that he had given me.

“Stand up!” I ordered him to do.

I could see confusion in his eyes, as if he didn’t want to stand up at first. But even though he was reluctant to do it, his body just pushed him upwards. It was strange to see him like that, but nonetheless, I didn’t bother to ask him about it.

My claws extended and plunged into his chest, at which he gasped, until I pulled out his heart.

So there I stood, with his heart in my hand, dripping blood on the ground, while I saw his body slid down the wall until his head banged on the ground.

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