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Chapter Three

The banging on the metal door that leads out of the dungeon, was snapping me out of my thoughts. I dropped the heart on the ground and my skin returned to normal again.

What had just happened? I had only transformed into my wolf a few times, and that was only when my father pushed me to do it. Other times were prohibited by him, and if I did it here, I would get shot with tranquilizers. So, it had been several years that I shifted into my other form. But yet, I didn’t, I didn’t completely transform.

I looked around and saw Terrence standing up straight, looking at me with confusion.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked him.

“Not me, but you! You commanded for Milos to stand, and I couldn’t withstand that command either. It was like I was forced to do your bidding.” He said and I chuckled in disbelief.

“Sure…” I said without believing him.

“Just sit your stupid ass down now.” I said.

He sighed and released his muscles. It was as if I released him from doing an awful duty.

The banging on the door had stopped, as the door suddenly swung open. Several men, with one holding a crowbar in his hands, and a man of whom I came to know as Milos’ right hand, came walking in. Peter was clapping his hands and laughing from ear to ear.

“Well that took you long enough to kill him. I have been waiting for several years, for him to die, yet all the torture that he inflicted upon you, wasn’t enough to enrage you to this point. I should have thought to bring in another she-wolf sooner.” Peter said.

I didn’t say a word to him. I just stood there with my arms across my chest, waiting for him to do something.

“Well since you have trashed the electronics in this room, we will get you to another dungeon, shall we? Now please shoot them.” He spoke to me and his men.

Behind him were at least another four men, with guns and tranquilizer darts. Soon they shot us like cattle, and we dropped on the floor.

“And now, the woman you have all been waiting for! The Alpha she-wolf!” Was heard by the presenter of the next fight, when I felt a pinch of a syringe woke me up from the tranquilizers.

It couldn’t be me, right? How could I be an Alpha? My father wasn’t one, as he was a beta, and the status of ranks, is being gifted by the male part. So, who was he talking about?

“Get up you lazy bitch!” Peter yelled at me, while he kicked me in the sides, through the bars of the arena.

I was still drowsy from the tranquilizers, and now he put me up to fight again? Does he think that I have energy to spare, only because I am a werewolf? At least Milos was smart enough to get me back to full strength first. I looked up at him and growled, but got up nonetheless.

I looked at my opponent, ready to take my stance to engage battle. Yet, there was no opponent at all. The only thing that was there, were the bright shining lights, pointing at me, which blocked me from my view to look into the crowd.

As I looked around me, while keeping my arm in front of my face, to try to see something at all, my view cleared, as my eyes got adjusted to the lights.

In front of me now, stood several men in suits, trying to intimidate me with their looks. But I wasn’t the slightest intimidated at all. But why were they here? Normally there were no men in suits here, as the crowd only existed of hillbillies, werewolves and drunk men. Or a combination of those.

“Let the bidding start at ten million dollars!” The presenter yelled.

Peter was auctioning me off? Right… He just wanted the money, and I was being a liability now. Well at least my worth was risen from ten thousand to ten million. So, at least my self-esteem isn’t hurt.

“Fifteen million dollars! But only if you draw in the other two wolves as well.” A deep voice said.

I looked around me and saw one of the suits, talk his bid over with Peter. Peter didn’t like the fact that he had to give up the other two wolves too, but as greedy as he is, the money just took over his rational thoughts. He shook hands with the man and waved his guards over to fetch Terrence and the young she-wolf.

Dragged between the guards, they both were brought up to the big men in suits. They were put on shackles with electronic locks and then the leader of the men, nodded to Peter to get me out of the arena.

I was still weak from the tranquilizers and thus they were able to get to me easily. And without being able to do anything, I got those same shackles on as Terrence and the girl.

When I got closer to the suited men, I could instantly tell that they were werewolves. They had been trying to mask their scent with some strong cologne, but my nose was better than that.

“So Alpha, where are you taking us?” I said to the leader.

Peter looked up in surprise, as he heard me call the man an Alpha. Clearly he hadn’t been introducing himself with that title, otherwise Peter would have been acting a lot different. The coward would have been trembling in fear and being guarded by his henchmen at all times, yet, because he didn’t know, he was just jovially talking with them. Thinking they were just other businessmen. Humans.

Besides him being a coward, he was stupid too. I could see the cogs spin in his head, thinking that he would be able to capture this Alpha. But before I could laugh at him about it, he had ordered his men to shoot at the suits.

Quickly I dragged Terrence and the girl, towards the back entrance, while the wolves and Peter’s henchmen, were shooting at each other.

With my fangs I bit Terrence, awaking him instantly from the pain. He looked confused around him, but I ordered him to help me pick up the girl, before we went out through the door. Luckily, this door wasn’t locked, as this door was meant for personnel only. Only from the outside you had to use a password, but not when you wanted to leave.

I was never able to reach this door, as the arena was surrounded by electric bars, which would zap you upon touch. And after each battle, I was being guided through a hallway, which only was led to the dungeons again. And there were no other doors I could pass, until I reached my cell.

The reason that I got out now, was because the electric bars were turned off, to get me out of the arena and close to the men.

So, finally, after eight years of torture, I was in the outside air again. But I couldn’t linger on to enjoy the fresh air that lunged into my lungs. We had to run.

I didn’t have a single clue as to where we were, yet, I saw a dense forest close by, we could manage to escape through there, or at least find a hiding spot.

Terrence, who was still weakened by the tranquilizers, was trying to stay awake and dragged the girl with him, together with me, while still being in shackles. We were trying to run as fast as we could, to get into the forest as soon as possible. But when we reached the first trees, I heard a deep voice.

“Now, where does my money think, that they are going?”

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