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Chapter 10. Guild Leader Vorin.

We traveled without stopping this time. Villagers prepared some snacks for us, so everyone had a bite when they wanted while walking.

Again, girls were having a good time chatting and laughing together. One could easily notice Angi was extra cheerful. Even while talking to other girls, she was glancing at Robert now and then. Her red cheeks and lively face gave away the reason behind it.

I thought about Robert’s story and realized he never mentioned his mother. Most likely he was raised by his father, who is Royal Guard with a military training. It would make sense, considering his upbringing, Robert looked at Angi mainly as a fighting companion. He did what was necessarily as an adventurer in order to become Royal Guard later in order to serve the King.

Possibility of losing Angi, during the fight with goblins, made him realize his true feelings towards her. And in the end their bond became stronger. I looked at the girls walking behind us and grinned.

Hah. I am sure Rori is working double to get all the ‘details’ about what happened between Angi and Robert last night. She’s charming in her own way.

Saramis wasn’t far away now. We started encountering carriages of merchants and farmers rushing to the city.

- Why hello there mister adventurer. - a familiar voice greeted me.

- Carl? - I recognised him. - Hey. What a surprise. How have you been? Are you taking more grain to Saramis?

- No. Not this time. I need to buy some supplies for my farm. I see you made some friends. - Carl smiled.

- Let me introduce you. This is Robert and Stan. And these are our lovely companions – Eve, Angi and Rori.

- Good day to you sir. - Robert greeted him.

- So I take it you were out on a quest with your group? - he asked.

- Yes. We went to the village south of here to exterminate some goblins. - I answered.

- And sir TC here defeated Orgob! All by himself! He is unbelievably strong! - Stan added excitedly.

Stan... you didn’t have to mention that...

- Oh? Is that so? - Carl was impressed. - In that case, how about I give you a ride? My carriage is empty anyway and you must be tired from traveling.

- That is very nice of you. Thanks a lot. - said Robert.

We all jumped in quickly and were on our way. It felt nice to relax and give our legs a rest.

Stan was chatting with Carl, telling about the fight with goblins. Old Carl certainly enjoyed their conversation. Eve was excited to ride in a carriage. It was her first time and she couldn’t sit still. She was cute as always. We reached Saramis in no time.

- Thank you for the ride Carl. - I thanked him after we got off.

- My pleasure. I enjoyed listening to Stan’s story. Good luck on your next adventure. - with that he waved and rode off.

- What will you do now TC? - Robert asked me.

- I want to report this quest to the Guild first. And want to get rid of this Orgob’s head as soon as possible. - I answered.

- Good idea. We’ll go with you if you don’t mind? - he offered.

- Of course not. We completed the quest together after all. - I answered.

It was early in the afternoon and Adventurer’s Guild wasn’t very busy. Most of the adventurers were away on quests. Robert, Stan and myself went to the counter, while Angi, Rori and Eve sat down at one of the tables.

- Here. - I passed quest papers to Robert. - You were the one who registered for this quest, didn’t you?

- Yes, but it doesn’t matter. We completed it as a group, so they will sign it for each one of us. - he explained.

- Ah... in that case. - I placed quest papers on the counter. - We’re here to report the quest.

The clerk saw me and frowned.

- Oh, it’s you. - he picked up the papers.

Nice to see you too I suppose.

If he was even grumpier, he’d look like a goblin. Then I could cut his head off. He saw Robert and Stan.

- Hello Robert. How are things going with Rori Stan? - he was rather polite with them.

I think I want to cut his head of anyway.

- Good day Noraak. - said Robert.

- They’re going fine. - Stan scratched the back of his head.

So his name is Noraak? Fitting name for a grumpy goblin.

Noraak checked the papers and put a stamp on them.

- According to the papers there were more than thirty goblins. That’s hard to believe. And then there wa... - his jaw dropped from surprise. - What? An Orgob?!

- Did he say Orgob? - other adventurers heard him and were surprised as well.

- No way, did someone encounter Orgob? - people started talking about it out loud.

I didn’t expect him being such a big deal. It aroused quite a commotion.

- TC why don’t you show him? - Robert suggested.

I took out Orgob’s head from the bag and put it on the counter. Noraak jumped on his feet. He looked at the head, then at me, then at the head again.

- ‘... and TC was the one who defeated Orgob.’ - he read a line from the quest papers out loud.

Noraak looked at me in disbelief.

- That’s correct. - stated Robert. - Orgob’s head is more than enough to prove it.

- What? A Bronze Rank adventurer defeated Orgob? - other adventurers couldn’t believe it.

- What’s this commotion about? - a man was coming down the stairs, followed by his companion.

- Guild Leader Vorin? - Noraak got all tense.

Guild Leader? Hmm... interesting. I wonder what kind of man he is?

The man emanated strong aura around him. It was clear he wasn’t some pushover. And his companion made an impression as well. I figured she was way stronger than anyone else I met so far. And I was right.

- Noraak, please tell me what happened. - he said in a calm voice.

- These adventurers returned from the quest. It says they killed over thirty goblins and an Orgob. - Noraak reported to him.

- Orgob? - Vorin looked at us.

- Guild Leader Vorin it was TC who slew Orgob. - Robert addressed him.

Vorin saw Orgob’s head lying on the counter, then looked at me.

- That’s not someone you can defeat easily. Haven’t seen you before. What’s your rank sir TC? - he asked.

He’s properly polite and respectful.

- Bronze Rank sir Vorin. - I showed him my tag.

- Bronze? And you defeated an Orgob by yourself? - he was quite surprised.

- Not exactly by myself. My partner Eve helped me. - I answered.

If you looked closely enough, you could’ve seen hearts sparkling in Eve’s eyes when she heard me say that.

- Would you spare few minutes of your time for a cup of tea? - Vorin asked me.

- Sure, if I can have Eve join us? - I didn’t want to leave her alone.

- Of course. - he replied.

Vorin turned to Noraak.

- Please take care of the Quest details and review their ranks as well. - he instructed.

- Yes sir. - Noraak replied.

I turned to Robert and the others.

- I guess this is the end of our quest. Thanks for inviting me to join your group. - I said.

- Thank you sir TC for joining us. - Stan said.

- In all honesty, it is thanks to you we managed to accomplish this quest. - added Robert.

Angi hugged me warmly.

- Thank you so much. You two were the real life savers. - she really meant it.

- Bye everyone. It was fun meeting you Rori. - Eve was especially happy.

- For sure. - said Rori. - Lets meet up sometime for some girly chat, hihi.

I know that cheeky laugh. I honestly don’t envy Stan, haha.

- See you around.- I waved and went after Vorin.

We went upstairs and entered one of the meeting rooms. Vorin invited us to have a seat.

- Let me introduce myself officially. My name is Vorin and I am the Leader of the Adventurer’s Guild. This here is my companion and assistant Naomi. - he introduced her as well.

- Nice to meet you. - she bowed her head slightly.

- My name is TC and this is Eve. - I introduced us.

- Hello there. - Eve smiled.

We heard a knock on the door.

- Come in.- said Vorin.

Door opened and a young maiden entered carrying four cups of hot tea. She placed them on the table for each one of us.

- Please enjoy. - she bowed down and left.

I was surprised the tea was served so quick. We only just got here and they prepared it already. Vorin didn’t ask anyone to make it before hand. They probably rushed to prepare it as soon as we were invited to join him for a cup of tea. They were very well organized. I was impressed.

I tasted the tea. It was really good. The aroma reminded me the smell of dandelions.

- Let me get straight to the point. - started Vorin. - First of all, thank you for defeating Orgob. We didn’t expect someone as strong as Orgob to be behind the goblins attack. We’ll have to review the requests regarding goblins more carefully from now on.

- No problem. He should’ve seen it coming for hurting Eve. - I commented in an easy going tone.

Naomi chuckled and Eve blushed after hearing my comment.

- Haha. You’re a funny fella. - Vorin laughed.

- Anyway, - he continued. - I can tell you are stronger than you look. I’d like to offer you a position in the Guild.

- Position in the Guild? - I raised my cup to have some tea. - But I am already registered as an Adventurer.

- Yes, that’s true. However, that’s different. We have two Divisions in the Guild. There’s Adventurer’s side, which deals with all kinds of quests posted by anyone from general public. And then we have the Conqueror’s Division. In addition to normal quests, they deal with more dangerous requests.

Conqueror’s? - That got my attention.

- And what kind of quests are they? - I asked.

- Conquerors take on quests to defeat bigger and more dangerous monsters. Raids of twenty or more people are formed to accomplish the task. In addition, we get requests directly from the Castle as well. They involve high security quests like escorting or protecting nobility. Some of the high ranked Conquerors are invited to become Royal Guards and serve under the King.

Meh... I was excited about the raids until he mentioned the quests from the Castle. Robert would be interested for sure. His goal is to join the Royal Guard, but that wasn’t my intention. And babysitting some ‘nobility’ is not my cup of tea.

I looked at my empty cup and placed it on the table. Vorin was about to add something when I interrupted him.

- Thanks, but I’ll pass. - I said.

He was silent for a moment and Naomi was surprised hearing me say that.

- Hmm... I see. Well, in that case, I thank you for your time. - he stood up. - If you change your mind, please come see me again.

- Thank you for the tea. It was very nice. - I thanked him.

- Thank you. - said Eve and we left.

Vorin with Naomi back in the room.

- What do you think of him Master Vorin? - Naomi asked after we were gone.

- He’s not your average adventurer that’s for sure. I wasn’t surprised by his answer. - answered Vorin.

- A lot of adventurers are eager to join Conqueror’s Division. And yet, he declined it so easily. Why did you offer such an honourable position to a Bronze Rank adventurer Master Vorin? - Naomi was curious.

- He will not stay at a Bronze Rank for too long. Defeating Orgob is no small feat. Even Silver Rank adventurers form groups to fight one. - he answered.

- That is true. - she agreed.

- And did you see his companion? She’s a Silver Star, yet he didn’t evolve her. - he added.

Naomi blushed hearing Vorin say that.

- He must be thinking much further ahead. I am sure we will hear more about him in the future. - he picked up his cup of tea.

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