Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 11. Shopping Spree.

We went downstairs to collect our quest reward. Robert and the others were already gone. We approached the counter where the ‘grumpy goblin’ was frantically sorting out some papers. He saw us and stood up.

- Hello mister TC. I was just getting your quest reward ready. - Noraak reported.

What? - I was flabbergasted. - What was in that tea I had? I must be hallucinating.

I pinched myself in the arm.

- I apologize for being rude to you earlier, please forgive me. - apologized Noraak.

- Did he apologize just now? - I asked Eve pointing at Noraak still in disbelief.

- Yes, he did. - Eve chuckled.

That Orgob’s head in front of him must’ve changed his attitude towards me. Maybe he’s scared about his head lying on the counter next time, haha.

- Apology accepted. - I said.

- Thank you very much. Now regarding your quest. Can I have your name tag please? - Noraak asked politely.

I got used to him being grumpy. He sounds kinda creepy when he’s being polite.

I took out my tag and passed it to him. Noraak stamped it three times with a strange small pen. After he returned it, I saw three small stars engraved around the corners of the tag.

- What does that mean? - I asked.

- You completed a higher difficulty quest, which increased your Adventurer’s Rank by one star. And two extra stars for killing Orgob. - he explained.

So they measure ranks with stars too? Big surprise...

- And this is your reward. - Norack handed me a handful of coins.

Wow! - I gasped.

He saw my surprise.

- You get two gold coins for killing Orgob. Fifty silvers is a quest reward plus a bonus because of your Rank increase.- Noraak explained.

Two gold coins for Orgob’s head? Where can I find more of them? Then again... carrying ten Orgobs heads back with me might be a pain.

- Nice. Thank you. - I was pleased with the reward.

- That’s wonderful Master TC. Congratulations on your Rank increase. - Eve congratulated me.

I certainly did not expect two gold coins for Orgob’s head. Just so happens, I know exactly what I want to buy.

- Let’s go beautiful. - I smiled to Eve and turned to the door.

- Yes Master. - Eve responded with a smile.

I still had Orgob’s fangs with me. Robert said they can be sold to blacksmiths for money. I thought maybe Sieran will be interested in them. I decided to give him a visit.

- Hello TC and Eve. - I heard a familiar cheerful voice.

- Hello Farla. How have you been? - I greeted her.

- Hi Farla. - Eve was happy to see her. - We came back from a quest not long ago. It was super fun.

- Wow. Tell me more about it. - Farla was curious.

- We were invited to join a group in order to kill some goblins. - started Eve.

- Goblins? - Farla checked.

- Yes. There’s a village to the south that was attacked by them. We went together with Robert, Angi, Stan and Rori. - Eve was having fun telling about it.

- Oh yes. I know them. I met them a little while ago. Robert is always so serious and Rori is so fun to talk to. - Farla was having a good time as well.

Hah. I bet she is.

- So we were fighting goblins. - Eve continued. - There were a lot, but my Master was unbeatable. He killed so many of them.

- That’s wonderful. TC must be really strong. - Farla smiled at me.

- But then Orgob showed up. I ran to help my Master fight him, but got hurt instead. I was no match for him. - Eve made a sad face.

- Oh no. - Farla gasped.

- However my Master started shining, then made a sword out of dark cloud and defeated Orgob in an instant. - she went from sad face to heroic story teller in an instant.

Pfff... shining is one thing, but ‘made a sword out of dark cloud’? Haha, that’s too funny. - I tried to suppress my laugh.

- Then he carried me in his arms back to the village. I was so happy. - Eve touched her cheeks with both hands and her face went all red.

- Ahhh... That’s so romantic. - Farla’s eyes brightened. - Did something else happen?

- After that I was asleep for most of the day. And Master TC stayed by my side until I woke up. - Eve was really into it.

Hey! You didn’t have to tell her that. That’s a little bit embarrassing. Oh well. I’ll let Eve enjoy it. No harm to it.

- Wow. He’s so caring. What happened next? - Farla was eager to hear more.

-Hmm... - Eve thought for a moment. - We had a celebration in the village, but after that...hmm... Ah, yes. I had such an amazing dream too.

A dream? - I got all tense.

- We were in the bed sleeping. Our bodies were touching each other so warmly. Master TC was hugging me and caressing my breasts. He was so gentle and passionate. I thought I will melt from pleasure. It felt absolutely wonderful. - Eve was totally in it.

Wait! Wait! What?! I thought you were asleep. Nooo!

- Ahhhh! - Farla was so excited, she was beyond herself. - And? And?

I was about to grab Eve.

- Then I heard a loud scream outside and woke up. - Eve went super sad.

- Oh no. - Farla sighed.

Huh? Oh... phew. That was close. Ghm... Hold on. She thinks it was a dream. That’s not entirely bad. I better not interfere for now or it might look suspicious.

I stepped a side and let them talk for a few more minutes. Luckily, the rest of the story wasn’t anything related to ‘touching and feeling’. Eve told her about Angi and Rori and how Stan got all wet in the morning. That made them laugh really hard. It was pretty funny indeed. Eve really enjoyed spending time with Farla.

They chatted for a while longer, but it was time to go.

- We will be going now Farla. It was nice seeing you. - I said.

- See you later Farla. - Eve couldn’t be more cheerful.

- I wish you more dreams like ‘that one’ Eve. - Farla smiled and then winked at me.

Huh? Does she know more than she says?

I didn’t know what to think. Farla was one person who was more mysterious than anyone else. I brushed it off and we went to see Sieran right away.

- Here’s the armor ya ordered. - Sieran was talking to another customer when we entered his shop.

- Wow. Looks great. - the customer was impressed. - Here’s the payment.

He paid and left happy. Sieran saw me and smiled through his beard.

- Welcome. Glad to see ya back in one piece lad. And who is this dazzling lass? - he greeted us.

- My name is Eve. Nice to meet you. - she felt happy hearing a compliment.

- Sieran’s my name, pleased to meet ya. - then he turned to me. - I take it goblins have seen better days?

- Yeah, they’ve been dealt with. Unfortunately, I broke the sword during the fight. - I replied.

- Hah, so it wasn’t that good after all. That’s why ya need a decent one. - he shook his head.

- Oh no. The sword was great. It sliced more than a few goblins. - I grinned.

- Huh? - Sieran was confused.

I opened the bag with Orgob’s fangs and emptied the contents on the counter.

- By the Dwarf King’s Hammer! Those are Orgob’s fangs! - Sieran was as much shocked as he was impressed. - Where did ya manage to get those?

- As I said, I broke my sword... but it wasn’t when I fought goblins-

- It was my fault. - Eve interrupted me. - My Master was protecting me and that’s why. - she lowered her head.

- Hey now. It wasn’t your fault at all Eve. - I never even thought of blaming her.

Besides, the sword didn’t cost me a single coin. Eve looked at me with a sad face.

Woah, I’m gonna melt here.

- Look. Don’t worry about it. It was only a sword. In order to protect you I’ll break thousand swords if I have to. I can replace any sword, but I can’t replace you. - I tried to reassure her.

- Oh Master. - Eve was happy again.

- The lad’s right. No weapon can replace a lost life, so don’t be too hard on ya self lass. Now then, - he picked up one of the fangs. - For the love of my beard, that’s a fine one. Haven’t seen one so big in a long time. Tell me lad, how did ya get those?

- Well... that’s how I broke the sword. - I started.

I told him about our quest to the village, about goblins and how Orgob was the one behind the attack. Sieran was listening intently without saying a word.

- That’s what happened. We completed the quest, and here we are. - I finished my story.

- Ya something else lad, I tell ya. Not many adventurers, who encounter Orgob, come back to tell about it. Alright, let me see here. - Sieran started counting the fangs. - Ya have seven in total – five smaller ones and two large ones. And they are excellent quality too. Hmm...

He thought for a moment, stroking his white beard.

- How about forty silvers each for the smaller ones and one gold each for the large ones? - he finally offered.

Woah. Talk about a gold mine. I didn’t expect them to be that pricey. Maybe hunting Orgobs isn’t such a bad idea after all?

- If that’s what you say they are worth? - I basically agreed.

- Alright, fine. Fifty silvers each for the smaller ones, but that’s the best I can offer ya. - Sieran raised the offer.

Huh? I thought I agreed with his first offer.

- Sure. - I thought better not to push my luck.

- That’s a deal then. They’re hard to come by and I can make some decent weapons with them. - he paid me and collected the fangs.

- Glad I can help. If we’re on a subject, I could use a new weapon or two. And now I have the money to pay for it. - I put on a winning smile and jiggled the coins in my purse.

- Hah. I’ll be more than happy to get some of those coins back from ya. - Sieran replied. - What is it ya need?

- If I were to fight more goblins, I probably need two one handed swords. I’d like them to be longer than regular shortsword though. - I explained.

- So hybrid type eh? Ya want them more for slashing or stabbing? One or both sharp edges? Any other particular specs apart from length? - Sieran was getting into details.

- Straight that can cut well either side. - was my answer.

- I see. They will definitely cut well. Alright, I can have em ready by tomorrow morning. That’ll cost ya forty silvers each. - he sounded rather pleased when he mentioned the price.

- That’s fine. - I took out eighty silvers and placed them on the counter.

- Pleasure doing business with ya lad. - Sieran was happy getting a new customer.

- By the way. Do you know where I can get some quality armor for her? - I pointed at Eve.

- Aha. - he looked at her. - I don’t believe the stuff I make will fit her well, since I make heavier armor. Why don’t ya visit Norel? She makes good quality enchanted light gear. And her work is one of the best in Saramis. Of course, it will cost ya a gold or two.

- Not a problem. I made few gold coins a moment ago. Haha. - I was glad Orgob was paying my shopping expenses.

- Haha. - Sieran laughed as well. - Ya can find her shop on the main street, next to the market. Ya can’t miss it.

- Thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. - I thanked him.

- It was nice meeting you Sieran. - Eve smiled her usual cute smile.

- All the best to ya lass. I’ll see ya tomorrow lad. - he wished us farewell.

We went outside and walked towards the market.

- Sieran is such a nice person. - Eve commented.

We were walking down the street I was counting the earnings in my head.

Let’s see now. I received two gold coins and fifty silvers from the Guild. Add to that four gold coins and fifty silvers from Sieran. Minus eighty silver coins for swords. That leaves me six gold coins and twenty silvers.

Considering it costs only few coppers to sleep and eat at Grog’s Inn... Hah, that means I’m set for life in regards of my living expenses.

- What are you so happy about Master? - my thoughts were interrupted by Eve’s question.

- Oh, it’s nothing. We made six gold coins from only one quest. I was calculating our living expenses and it turns out it will be enough for us to stay at Grog’s Inn for about another two hundred years. - I just made that up.

- Really?! Those are such wonderful news. I’ll be able to stay and sleep with my Master in the same room for so long. Hopefully I will have more dreams like the one at the village. - Eve was daydreaming and talking to herself.

Heh, here goes my attempt at being funny. Eve does take everything directly like a child. And regarding your dreams – I certainly can’t promise that you won’t.

- By the way Master TC. Where are we going? - Eve asked me.

- We’ll go see Norel that Sieran mentioned. I want to buy some type of protective outfit for you. Heavy armor is a no go, but something light and sturdy will fit you well. And it will help you stay safer during the fights. - I looked at her after explaining.

Eve was sparkling with excitement.

- Thank you Master. - she jumped on my neck and hugged me. - You’re so generous. I’m so happy to have you as my Master.

And I am so happy your childish behaviour matches your mature body. Maybe I’ll take her shopping more often just for the share fun of it. - I was enjoying the pleasant softness of her cushions.

We reached the end of the street soon. Shops were open and the market was bustling with busyness.

Sieran said Norel’s shop is next to the market on the main street. And we are on the main street. That means it has to be one of those two shops.

I took a wild guess and approached the shop with a huge line of people. It had a sign on top of the entrance - ‘Norel’s Enchanted Robes’.

Yup. Of course it’s the one with lot’s of people waiting.

- Looks like we found it. - I wasn’t excited about the long line.

- Wow! So many people. - Eve was rather impressed.

Hah, I could learn few things from Eve. She’s impressed and excited about almost anything.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for the line to move forward. People were coming in and leaving rather quickly. I was getting impressed and curious about it. The shop service must be very efficient.

We entered the shop in no time. It was incredibly spacious and beautiful. We were mesmerized by so many wonderful raiments and robes stacked around the shop. Eve was super excited. She was gasping at the robes one after another.

- Ahhh! So pretty. Look at this one Master. Oh wow, see that one glitter? And what about this one here? It’s all red and shiny. - she couldn’t stop.

Eve will charm anyone with her cute and childish curiosity. I was enjoying watching her beaming with energy and excitement.

- It is truly a wonderful compliment to see people admire my work so much. - A woman showed up wearing an elegant fine dress.

Wow, she must be Norel.

- Are you the one who made all of these? - Eve was too excited to stand still.

- Yes, indeed. - she replied. - My name is Madam Norel and I welcome you to my humble shop.

Humble? Her elegance was surpassed only by her eloquence in words. She’s polite and respectful, even despite the fact I probably look like a homeless person.

I had to admit my attire didn’t match the clothes sold here.

- Nice to meet you Madam Norel. My name is TC and this is Eve. - I introduced us.

- Hello Miss Norel. - Eve was admiring her dress. - Wow, what a beautiful dress you have.

- Oh my. The pleasure is all mine. It’s not that often I hear such generous compliments about my work. - she bowed down slightly.

- What are you talking about? - Eve was surprised. - Dresses and outfits in the shop are the most beautiful I’ve seen anywhere.

- Your words warm my heart. Yet, you will be surprised how many people complain about my wares, especially the price. - she added.

- Great quality must match the price. - I commented.

- What a sincere thing to say. - Madam Norel smiled. - Now, what can I do for you?

- I want to buy something for Eve. Her current ‘outfit’ doesn’t offer much protection and she was hurt during our last quest. - I answered.

- You are so considerate of your companion. I can certainly offer my services and make an outfit for Eve. However, I must be up front and mention that only payment in gold coins is accepted. - she explained.

- That’s totally fine. - I responded.

- Very well. I would like to know more about what you require. I can do certain magic enchantments, but they won’t make the wearer invincible. - said Madam Norel.

- As you probably noticed, Eve has nature attribute and can use magic. But she is vulnerable to physical attacks. Anything that can boost her magic or increase protection from attacks will be of great help. - I explained.

- I understand. And what about the attractiveness factor of the outfit? - she asked.

- Huh? - that made me remember the recent ‘dream’ and I blushed. - Errr... From what I’ve seen in your shop, I’m sure the outfit you’ll make will look wonderful on Eve.

- I see. - Norel smiled politely. - All that’s left now is to take Eve’s measurements. Would you be so kind to follow me dear Eve?

Eve looked at me and I nodded in agreement. They went away to one of the rooms behind the stall. In the meantime I was checking out raiments inside the shop.

Impressive. All of them are very well made. Even the ones that aren’t enchanted look outstanding. Not a single detail was missed, everything is top notch.

After few more minutes Eve and Madam Norel showed up.

- Thank you Miss Norel. - Eve was super excited.

- Certainly dear Eve. I can add those details you requested. - said Madam Norel.

Huh? Details? What details? Eve? What did you ask her to add? - that made me worry.

- All is done. Your outfit will be ready tomorrow before noon. The cost is two gold coins please. - Madam Norel was polite as well as gracious when she spoke.

- Sure. We’ll be back tomorrow to pick it up. By the way, out of curiosity, what kind of details were you talking about? - I asked after paying her, pretending it didn’t really matter to me.

- You will have to wait and see Mister TC. I am positive you will be very pleased about it. - she wasn’t going to disclose anything.

I looked at Eve. She simply stuck out her tongue and made a silly face.

Oh man. I’m in for another surprise. The worst part is, I most probably will be pleased about it.

We thanked Madam Norel and went to Grog’s Inn for some food.

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