Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 13. The 'Extra' Details.

I woke up first this time. Eve was still sound asleep. The sun was already high in the sky.

I must’ve been more tired than I thought. None the less, I had a really good night’s sleep, despite the fact I shared the bed with Eve. I know I was hugging her and she was cuddling close to me, but I don’t recall any ‘climbing’ dreams.

It was late morning and I wanted to pick up another quest from the Guild. But we had to visit Sieran and Norel to collect our orders first. As peaceful and as sweet Eve slept, I had to wake her up.

Let’s try out the oldest trick in the book. - I grinned.

- ‘Tickle, tickle.’ - I tickled her feet.

- Mhm... - she quickly retracted them, but didn’t want to wake up.

Tough one, eh? Let’s try something else then.

- ‘Tickle, tickle.’ - I tickled the sides of her waist going up to her armpits.

- Ahhh! - Eve kicked back and forth few times, then sat back up hugging herself with both hands.

She was looking around confused, not realizing what happened.

- Hahaha! - I laughed. - Good morning sleepy head. I got to ambush you this time. Haha!

- Hey. No fair Master. - she bit her lip. - I was having such a nice dream.

- What kind of dream was that? - I asked.

- I dreamed my Master was about to kiss me. - Eve blushed.

I leaned forward and kissed her on a cheek.

- Good morning. - I smiled.

- Aaah! - Eve went all red.

She jumped on my neck and hugged me joyfully. I almost lost my balance and fell down.

- Good morning Master. - she was beyond happy.

Hah. I should’ve expected this to happen.

- Why don’t you get ready and let’s have some breakfast. - then I realized, getting ready for Eve, means putting on her shoes and a cloak.

- Ready Master. - Eve announced cheerfully.

Super excited hot forest nymph. Good start of the day.

We went downstairs where Grog was already busy serving customers.

- Good morning. - he greeted us.

- Good morning Grog. - Eve responded with a smile.

- Breakfast will be served soon. - it was busier than usual and he didn’t have time for a chit chat.

I guess that upcoming tournament is getting attention.

The whole idea sounded appealing, but I didn’t think it will be that simple. It’s not like a Five Star Golden companion will agree to form a pact with just anyone. I bet she would give anything to have Gorren back on his feet. At least that’s what I thought.

We didn’t waste time and ate our breakfast without any distractions. After thanking Grog for the meal we went straight to see Sieran.

- Good morning. - I said as soon as we entered his shop.

- Good morning to ya lad. Good to see ya too lass. Ya look quite lively today. - Sieran noticed Eve’s excitement.

- Hello Sieran. - Eve smiled her cutest smile.

- I must thank ya for coming later. It was so busy from early morning. I had to refuse few orders to complete ya swords. - Sieran went to the counter.

- Hah. Upcoming tournament? - I grinned.

- Damn right. Those newbie adventurers think some new shiny equipment will win them the fights. - Sieran took out two swords from bellow the counter. - Here ya go.

- Oh nice. - I picked one up.

It was simple design, yet felt good in my hand. I picked up the other one and stepped to the side.

- Can you give me some space Eve? - I asked her.

Eve moved away a bit.

- ‘Swoosh!’ ‘Slash!’ - I swung few times with both swords.

Solid grip, sharp blade, easy to wield. I noticed big difference in quality, compared to the sword from the discard pile.

- Great work. - I complimented.

- Why thank ya lad. - Sieran was pleased.

Then he reached for the belt hanging on the wall and gave it to me.

- Take this as well. Ya need to carry the swords safely, don’t ya? - he said.

- Thank you very much. - I thanked him.

- That’s alright lad. I already received an order to make a claw weapon from those Orgob fangs ya brought me. And the buyer is quite generous with the payment as well. I must thank ya instead. Ya could’ve sold those fangs to somebody else, but ya brought em to me. - Sieran smiled through his beard.

- I am sure it will be one fine weapon. - I put my new swords away. - Thanks again Sieran. See you later.

- Bye Sieran. - Eve waved.

- Take care lad, lass. - Sieran bowed his head respectfully.

Next stop – Madam Norel’s shop. However, one part of me was a little worried about going there.

The shop was even busier than before. However, we didn’t have to wait outside. She had two assistants helping her.

A lot of people were browsing and negotiating to get a good deal. Madam Norel saw us and approached immediately.

- Mister TC, dear Eve, welcome. - she greeted us politely.

- Good day to you Madam Norel. Your shop is as busy as it can be. - I pointed out.

- Hello Miss Norel. Nice to see you. - Eve was happy to see her.

Hah. Eve treats everyone on her own terms. She even calls Norel ‘Miss’ instead of ‘Madam’. However, Madam Norel seems quite fond of Eve’s way of communication. That’s Eve for you, she will charm anyone.

- I was expecting you eagerly. - said Madam Norel. - Dear Eve your outfit turned out better than I expected. I took the liberty to add extra details in addition to what you requested.

- That’s so cool. - Eve got excited.

Extra details... can’t wait...

Right about the same time...

- What do you mean you don’t take silver coins as payment?! - ee heard an angry loud voice.

- I’m sorry, but Madam Norel takes only gold coins as a payment. And we advised you in advance about it. - the assistant explained politely.

- Will you excuse me for a moment? - Madam Norel bowed slightly and walked towards the angry man.

Hmm... I guess you get these type of people once in a while. I’m interested to see how she handles situations like these. Her wears are quite expensive, yet I don’t see any guards in the shop.

- May I be of any assistance sir? What seems to be the problem? - Madam Norel addressed the angry man politely.

- This, good for nothing, shop assistant refuses to sell me the robe! - retorted the man.

- Oh my. Such inappropriate choice of words. My name is Madam Norel and I am the owner of this shop. My assistant here is simply following instructions from me and if she refuses to sell something, it means there must be a justifiable reason behind it. - she explained calmly.

- That’s garbage! How dare you not to sell me something? I’m your customer! - the angry man shouted at her face.

- I’m afraid you are not. - Madam Norel raised her hand.

- Why you- the man’s voice was cut off and his face went pale.

Madam Norel’s eyes were glowing.

- You are not allowed to speak or even enter this shop ever again. - she stated in a serious voice.

Even I felt the chill in her words. The man couldn’t say anything. His eyes widened and face was covered in sweat. He dropped to his knees and couldn’t move.

- You are not welcome in this shop. Do you understand? - asked Madam Norel.

- Ye... s... - the man mumbled.

Madam Norel removed her hand and smiled.

- My assistant will walk you out. - she said.

Frightened man stood up slowly and quietly left the shop.

That’s some intimidation magic for you. I’ll have to watch what I say around here.

- I must apologize you had to witness such an unpleasant incident. - Madam Norel apologized politely.

- Not to worry. I would’ve kicked him out myself. You handled the situation more eloquently than I ever would Madam Norel. - I responded.

- I appreciate your compliment Mister TC. Now let’s get to the business at hand. Dear Eve, would you be so kind to follow me please? - Madam Norel addressed her.

Here we go. I better brace myself. Do they have any cold drinks in here?

I waited for about ten minutes. Madam Norel showed up first.

- Hope you are ready Mister TC? - I could hear excitement in her voice.

Of course not. It’s Eve we’re talking about here.

- Dear Eve, please step out. - Madam Norel uncovered part of the curtain.

Eve walked out gracefully.

Now I know what kind of details they were talking about.

I was somewhere between stunned and enchanted, or probably both. And I certainly lacked the words to describe my amazement. Eve’s breasts looked even more enticing.

Of course... breasts! That’s the first thing I notice. Bah... but how can I not, when she looks like that?

Maybe the outfit offered some protection, but it didn’t protect my eyes from staring. Eve looked even more attractive and voluptuous than when she wore her green leaf outfit. Madam Norel knew what she was doing.

Speaking of leaves. Madam Norel created two green leaves to hold Eve’s breasts. They were connected with two round pins. Smooth gold color ribbons were wrapping Eve’s waist and going around her back. They magnified the curves of her slim body.

The end of the ribbons were running down the middle bellow her belly button. It created an illusion of a trail towards forbidden garden, that any man would die to venture to.

The outfit had green shoulder pads built in and arm wrists with gold color ornaments. They added the cuteness factor in addition to physical protection.

Now the skirt was something else. I don’t know if I could even call it a skirt. It was made of many parts with a belt holding them all together. The front was cut off revealing her green panties. The back of the skirt had triangle shaped endings, that covered Eve’s behind.

Eve looked absolutely gorgeous. Madam Norel didn’t hold back. She touched exactly the right spots with the ornaments to draw out the beauty of the outfit. Eve looked magnificent.

- You look absolutely gorgeous. - I finally managed to say something.

- Really? You really think so? - Eve blushed.

Yes, of course. Add some coal to the fire. Now you’ll go all shy on me. Where will I find words to describe my amazement? I can’t even use ‘cute’ as a compliment anymore.

- Yes. I really, really think so. You look very attractive. - I answered.

- Ahhh... - Eve blushed even more.

- I am pleased to hear that as well Mister TC. - Madam Norel thanked me.

- You definitely put in a lot of effort Madam Norel. In addition to making it so beautiful, you also enchanted it with magic gems. I can sense a boost in magical energy emanating from the outfit. - luckily my senses weren’t completely out of control.

- You’re very perceptive Mister TC. I was inspired by Eve’s dedication to serve you better. She told me about the fight with Orgob and how she wanted to become stronger. It was worth putting in more effort to help Eve with her magic. That was her personal request. - Madam Norel explained.

So that’s what it was. And here I was thinking only about Eve’s seductiveness. What a selfish pervert I am after all. Eve really cares about helping me. She’s so sweet.

I felt dumb and pathetic after hearing the real reason behind it. I turned to Eve.

- Eve, I appreciate you wanting to become stronger. The truth is, you are much stronger than you think. During the fight with Orgob, if you hadn’t pierced his foot with your magic, I wouldn’t been able to catch up and deflect his attack. With his hurt foot, he was much slower, which provided an opportunity for me to strike him down. You did more than you think. - I hugged Eve. - You were and are amazing. I am glad I have you as my partner.

- Thank you Master TC. - Eve was crying.

- I cannot help, but admire you. - Madam Norel said emotionally. - I have seen many adventurers share an amazing bond with their companions. But you two are really special.

- Thank you Miss Norel. - Eve hugged her warmly.

- Thank you for your work again Madam Norel. - I thanked her.

We said goodbye to Madam Norel and left her shop. I wanted to take another quest, since it was still early in the afternoon. Eve was so happy and her smile couldn’t been wider.

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