Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 14. One Bowl Of Stew And Two Spoons.

The Guild wasn’t very busy. It was early afternoon and most adventurers picked their quests already. We went to the Quest Board right away. I didn’t expect to find anything exciting and was ready to pick any quest. Right before I was about to choose one, I noticed another poster hiding behind one of the quests.

Well, well. What do we have here?

- Investigate the Den of Doggons. - I read the quest description out loud.

What da hell is a doggon? Some type of dog? - I’ve never heard about them.

- The number of doggons has been increasing lately. We request immediate investigation. If left unchecked, they can grow to a dangerously large numbers. Quest reward is ten silver coins. - I finished reading the description.

Hey, ten silver coins is not bad. Must be important. And it says investigate only.

I got excited. However, this quest must’ve been sitting here for a while. Somebody pinned another quest on top of it and I wondered if it wasn’t too late.

I picked up the quest and went to the counter. Eve stayed close to me, still admiring her new outfit.

- Hello Noraak. I want to take this quest. - I said politely not knowing what to expect from him.

- Oh... it’s... I mean... good day mister TC... - Noraak corrected himself half sentence.

Hah. At least he’s trying.

- Let me see. - he took the quest paper. - Ghm... this one was requested a while ago. I wonder why nobody took it earlier? - Noraak was thinking out loud.

- It was hidden behind another quest poster. - I explained.

- I see. No matter. - he stamped it. - Here you go.

- Thanks. - I took the papers back.

Noraak sunk his head back to whatever he was doing. I didn’t give it too much thought. He still looked like a grumpy goblin to me. But I kinda liked him that way.

We went outside. It was afternoon already and I knew we need to get going, but I wanted to learn more about doggons first.

Maybe Grog knows something about them?

- Let’s head back to the inn and ask Grog about doggons. I have no idea what they are. - I said to Eve.

- Sure Master. - Eve said cheerfully.

Eve was almost floating when she walked. Getting the green cloak couple days earlier made her happy, but now she was walking on air. I still can’t believe how Madam Norel managed to put it together so gracefully. She even matched the colors with her shoes.

We walked inside Grog’s Inn and all eyes turned to Eve. She didn’t mind that one bit of course. All she cared was hugging my arm. It’s not like I can force stop others from staring at her. I was actually happy about it.

Hehe. - I grinned.

- My, my. Just look at you. You look absolutely beautiful. - Grog complimented Eve.

- Thank you Grog. - she was sparkling.

- Hello again Grog. - I greeted him.

- And you have new swords as well. - he noticed my new weapons too.

I appreciate Grog. He’s treating everyone equally and with respect. Always notices people and finds kind words to lift the mood. That’s why his inn is almost always full. He’s a great guy.

- Yeah. Sieran made those. Thanks for recommending him. He knows his trade well. - I took out one sword to show off.

- My pleasure. - Grog smiled. - So what brings you back here so early? I thought you’ll be away on a quest?

- About that. I did pick up a new quest at the Guild. But I have no idea what to expect, since I don’t know anything about doggons. I thought you might be able to enlighten me? - was my answer.

- Doggons you say? - Grog face became serious. - You’re not planning on going their alone are you?

Eh? If he’s asking about me going alone, that means they are worth something. Great! More money in my pocket.

- Why not? - I asked calmly not to give away my excitement.

- They are about the size of a goblin, but are much worse. I wouldn’t advise you going against doggons by yourself. Even if you are strong enough to defeat Orgob, doggons are faster and always attack in groups. They can outnumber and ambush even experienced adventurers. - his answer sounded like a warning.

- Really? That’s good to know. - I replied. - However, the quest says investigate only. I need to find out how many there are and report back.

- I see. But still, that doesn’t mean it makes the quest less dangerous. You see, as the name suggests, they are half dog and half human. Of course it’s hard to imagine anyone would call them humans. - said Grog.

Aha, I was right about the ‘dog’ part.

- The problem with doggons, - he continued, - they have excellent sense of smell, just like your ordinary dog. Which makes it very difficult to ambush them, but they can do it without much of a problem themselves. Doggons walk on two legs, but can also drop on all fours and outrun any man. That’s what makes them extremely dangerous. A pack of doggons can surround adventurers in no time.

That makes sense. If you’re not careful, they can jump from behind before you realize it.

- And differently from goblins, if they lose their weapon, doggons still have fangs and teeth, that can tear the flesh easily. To make matters worse, there were reports, some doggons can use magic too. I would advise you to form a party, even if it’s only a quest to investigate. - Grog finished with advice.

So that’s how it is. Hhm... they resemble the monster I am familiar with, except the part about running on all fours. If doggons are anything like them, it shouldn’t be a problem.

- Thanks for all the info. It was very useful. And we’ll be fine. I have Eve with me. She’s grown a lot since our last quest. Besides, it’s only to investigate, not to fight them. - even I didn’t believe my last sentence.

- Hahaha. - Grog laughed. - Of course it is. Just be careful, ok?

- Sure. - I smiled and we were ready to leave.

- Hold on for a moment. - Grog stopped us.

He went to the kitchen and came back in a few moments with carefully wrapped bag.

- Here you go. You’ll get hungry on your way. - his smile looked more like a cheesy grin.

- Thank you Grog. - Eve knew she’ll find some Croberry Juice in there somewhere.

I thanked him as well and we left. We turned east after we left Saramis. The weather was nice and sunny, but it was late afternoon. I knew we’ll have to stop for the night before reaching our destination. Eve was as playful as ever. Like usual, she enjoyed being outside.

I’ll never get tired watching her. Always cheerful and in a good mood. Not to mention, now Eve looks absolutely stunning. Yes, she was almost naked in her previous Green Leaf outfit. But now her lines and curves are even more apparent. Hah, it’s true what they say. When good parts are covered, you want to see more of them.

Eve bent down to pick some flowers. My eyes were stuck on her behind. But now it was hiding behind her skirt, only the tiny bottom part of her cheeks were visible. Without realizing it, I started bending down to the side in order to see more of it. Eve noticed my weird pose.

- Are you ok Master? - she asked.

- What? Errr... Where? - I didn’t even notice Eve was looking at me.

- What were you looking at Master? - she walked close to me.

- I was... - oh crap, I’m still thinking about her butt. Damn it, say something funny. - looking at your cheeks...

Whaaat?! Cheeks? Nooo!

- Really? How did you see my cheeks from behind? - Eve was curious.

Because I was looking at the cheeks of your ‘behind’. Thank god for her childish reasoning.

- Because I couldn’t see them... And that’s why I bent down... You were picking flowers and I wanted to see your cheerful face. - That should work, right?

- Ah, you’re so sweet Master. - she smiled. - I’ll make sure to face you next time I pick flowers.

- That’s a great idea. - I commented.

However, imagining her bending down while facing me raised a different type of fantasy.

- Master your face is all red again. Are you sure you’re feeling ok? - Eve was genuinely worried about me.

I covered my face with one hand.

- Don’t worry Eve. I’m fine. I’m totally fine. Let’s just keep going. - I better start picking flowers myself.

We walked for a couple hours. The sun started to set slowly. I wondered what Robert and Stan were up to.

Hah. Rori is probably teasing Stan like always. Robert and Angi must be training harder than before. If was fun meeting them.

Eve noticed me smiling.

- What are you smiling about Master? - she asked with a childish curiosity.

- Ah, nothing much. Was remembering Robert and the others. And was imagining Rori making fun of Stan. - I answered.

- Yeah, haha. - Eve laughed. - Rori is fun to hang out with. I wonder how they are doing?

- They must be on a quest somewhere probably. I’m sure we will run into them sooner or later. - I said.

- Do you plan on entering the tournament? - Eve asked me out of the blue.

Tournament eh? I actually forgot about it. Well, my full attention was on Eve and her... new outfit.

- Haven’t thought about it. Might be interesting to test my strength. I bet there will be lot’s of strong adventurers competing. - I replied.

- You’ll beat them all Master. You are super strong. - Eve cheered for me.

- Haha! I appreciate your confidence in me. I’ll win them all for you. - I added.

- Yey! - Eve lifted her hands up in the air.

Haha. She’s so adorable. Maybe I will enter the tournament after all. I do want to meet Gorren. I don’t want to believe his injuries can’t be healed.

Time flew as we were having fun. We reached a forest right before sunset.

- We will need to set a camp for the night. Let’s start a fire first. Of course, I don’t know if it’s safe to sleep on the ground near the forest. - I said to Eve.

- I feel safe as long as I am close to you Master. - her voice changed from childish to alluring.

I’m amazed how her attitude changes as soon as I mention ‘sleep’. She puts on her irresistible woman’s charm and before I know it, I am entangled into the web of intimate fantasies. On top of that, we’re outside in nature and the sun is about to set, and it’s only the two of us, and... aargh... and I need to get some wood to start the fire.

- I’ll go get some wood to start a fire. - I came back to my senses. - Why don’t you look for a suitable spot to spend the night?

- Yes Master. - she responded with a big smile.

The forest was quite thick with huge tall trees. The branches reached high and covered sun rays.

That is one big forest. Judging from these big trees, it’s quite old too.

I started picking wood and noticed footprints of many different animals. The forest was full of life. I picked another log and saw a footprint that didn’t resemble any small animal.

Ghm... this one might be left by a bear? A bit too small for a bear though. A cub maybe?

I wasn’t sure. It was a weird footprint. I knew very little about this world and what kind of animals or monsters live here. None the less, finding alternative sleeping spot was an option as well.

With a stack full of wood I returned to the outskirts of the forest. Eve was nowhere to be seen.

- Hey! Master TC! - Eve shouted and waved standing further away.

I walked towards her.

- Look Master, this can be a great spot for our camp. - she extended her arms for extra emphasis.

The spot was next to a big tree. It’s roots sprung around the ground, creating a moon shaped cover from both sides.

- Very nice. Excellent spot. - I complimented Eve and dropped the logs on the ground.

We started the fire right away. Eve unwrapped the package that Grog gave us. And, of course, we found a bottle with Croberry Juice inside.

- Ahhh! Croberry Juice. - Eve was excited.

- Haha. Enjoy yourself. - I took out my bottle with water.

Grog was generous in putting some rabbit stew for us. It was so well packaged, the container didn’t leak and the contents were still warm.

- Smells so good. - Eve’s mouth was watering.

- Mmm... aaah... It sure does. - my mouth was full of water as well.

Our stomachs reminded us how hungry we were. There was one interesting thing about the package though. There was only one big bowl of stew, but Grog did include two spoons with it.

You sneaky snail. You did it on purpose didn’t you?

I remembered Grog’s strange grin when he handed us the package. I had to admit he planned it well.

- Oh no. Grog forgot to put another bowl for us. - Eve was surprised.

Yeah right, forgot. And I am not surprised you actually believe that.

- We’ll just have to sit close to each other and share. - I smiled.

Eve’s eyes sparkled.

Ah well. At least I can enjoy tasty meal with a cute, gorgeous forest nymph. I might actually thank Grog for it when we get back.

The stew was as delicious as it could be. We had fun taking turns eating from a single bowl. After half of the stew was gone, I decided to be a little cheeky. Right after my turn, I quickly dipped my spoon into the stew again, before Eve could take her turn.

- Hey, that’s not fair Master. It was my turn. - she puffed her cheeks.

- I’m more hungry than you are. - I grinned.

- You are cheating Master. - Eve disagreed. - You want more for yourself, because the stew is so good.

- Maybe... - I stuck my tongue out.

Eve quickly took a sip, then tried to take another one right away. I interrupted her attempt by gently hitting her spoon with mine. Big lump of juicy meat dropped back into the bowl.

- Nooo! - Eve cried out.

- Haha. - I laughed.

She tried it again. This time I placed my spoon underneath hers and lifted it up fast. Before Eve could react, her spoon, with the same piece of juicy meat, went straight into my mouth.

- Mhm... shoo... goood... - I munched.

- Nooo! Give it back! - Eve shouted.

- I can’t... - gulp. - It’s in my stomach.

- Aaaa! You can’t Ma-

Before Eve finished her sentence, I took some stew with my spoon and quickly put it in her mouth.

- Mhm... Mhm... - she couldn’t say anything with her mouth full.

She looks so cute, even when she’s angry. Haha.

- Ohhmh... You’re so cheeky Master. - Eve was rather pleased with my prank.

I dipped my spoon again and brought it close to Eve’s mouth. She blushed, then opened her mouth and eagerly took the stew. Her lips slowly slid through my spoon, leaving nothing on it. Eve was enjoying the food as much as the fact I was feeding her.

- Aaaa. - she opened her mouth again with cheeks as red as cherries.

I placed another spoon with rabbit stew in her mouth.

Wow. What a view. Clear, star filled sky, fire burning and I am spoon feeding hot forest nymph, who calls me her Master. What can go wrong?

Eve closed her eyes and opened her mouth just slightly. We were sitting side by side, with our shoulders touching each other. I could smell the freshness of her hair. Eve’s red cheeks were burning fiercer than the fire. And her wet lips were nothing less, but enticing. Eve was totally mesmerizing and I was pulled into her enchanting beauty. I almost wanted to kiss her, but something inside stopped me.

Hah, you’ll get me one of these days Eve. - I sighed.

Eve opened her eyes and looked at the empty bowl.

- What? It’s all gone? - she honestly wanted more.

- Of course, haha. We have to ask Grog to make us more when we get back. - I put the bowl away.

- It was so good. And my Master fed me with his spoon. - Eve licked her lips.

Why you cheeky, cute, little demoness.

We sat quietly gazing into the sky and listening to the fire burning. Eve placed her head on my shoulder and started to snooze. I looked at her cute, beautiful face and it brought back some memories from my past. When she completely fell asleep, I carefully helped her to lie down.

I took out a blanket from my bag and wrapped Eve with it. Then gently picked her up and laid Eve on the grass close to the tree. I made myself comfortable next to her. As usual, she cuddled up close to me. I hugged Eve with one hand and fell asleep fast. We slept holding each other like two teddy bears during winter sleep.

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