Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 19. A Life Worth Living For.

Nialan brought us to a house and knocked on the door. A pleasant older lady showed up at the doorstep.

- Hello Nirane. Here are the guests I told you about. They are adventurers from the Guild. This is Sir TC and Eve. - Nialan introduced us.

- Welcome, welcome. My name is Nirane. Please come in. - she invited us inside.

- Well... goodnight Sir TC and... Eve. - his face went all red again.

Hah. I’d say pull it together man, but Eve makes me blush and beyond from time to time.

- Goodnight Nialan. - Eve smiled.

We went inside and Nirane closed the door. The house was clean and cosy. Only minimal furniture and décor was inside.

- I live alone right now. My husband died a year ago. I don’t get many guests, other than neighbours, but I try keeping it clean. Please forgive me if the room is not up to your standards. - she spoke to us while going upstairs.

Up to our standards? Who does she think we are? Some kind of aristocrats?

- I’m sure it will be fine. - I responded.

- Wow, such a big bed. - Eve was impressed after we entered the room.

- I’m glad you like it. - Nirane smiled warmly.

I, for one, was actually worried. Eve and a bed – that combination usually ends up in me looking for a cold water well. You can never underestimate Eve and her ‘innocent’ seductive behaviour.

- I prepared some pajamas for you. I hope they will fit. - Nirane pointed at carefully folded clothes on the chair.

- Pajamas? - Eve was puzzled.

- Clothes you were when you go to sleep are called pajamas. - I explained.

- Really? We never wore those before Master. - she said it casually.

Bah. Here we go again. Your wording couldn’t be better. And Nirane is standing right here next to us...

- Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll be leaving now. Call me if you need anything. - Nirane turned to the door.

Did she work as a maid before? Her attitude and service is impressive.

- Thank you Nirane. The room is perfect, you’re very kind. - I followed her to the door and closed it after she left.

When I turned around I was rooted in place and couldn’t move. It’s as if Eve cast invincible Thorns spell, which entangled my feet that held me in place.

You can’t be serious...

Eve was already half naked taking off her clothes. She bent down to take of her skirt, which exposed her perfectly heart shaped behind. Curves of Eve’s sexy hips were enhanced by the lines of her panties.

I think I’ll die and sleep in heaven tonight...

Lightning struck me again and I was speechless. All I could do was stare at her. My eyes followed her every move. Eve reached for her pajamas.

- Is this one for me? - she held up a bright, almost transparent, white shirt, which looked like a dress.

Looking at her from the side made my blood boil... everywhere. I thought I will explode or melt from the heat inside me. The room was so simple and so empty, there was nothing for my eyes to get distracted with.

I was standing there starring at Eve like a hungry lion looking at the rabbit. Only in my case, Eve was the lioness and I was the rabbit, soon to be devoured by her body’s seductive, entrancing melody.

My eyes were soaking every inch of Eve’s body. Every time she turned, every time she move, made me hotter.

Eve gently brushed the hair with one hand, which made them fall on her magnificent breasts. Her hair reminded of a waterfall, falling down beautifully shaped ledge. The ‘water’ run down Eve’s smooth skin, gently ‘washing’ her cute, hard nipples.

I tried to swallow remaining saliva in my mouth, but it was so dry, it made my throat sore. I bit my lip instead, but that didn’t help much. I’ve already had million and one fantasy in my head, and they kept coming.

Eve finally put on the white pajama dress, but it didn’t make any difference. The image of her body and the ‘waterfall washing her naked breasts’ was already engraved deep inside my head. On top of that, the pajama dress fit her perfectly and she looked even more attractive.

Once again I was enchanted by Eve’s dazzling beauty and irresistible charms. The gates were raised high up and the castle was about to fall...

As I tried to step forward, I felt my right hand still holding onto the door handle, which made my eyes to turn to it.

Huh? What? - it made me return to my senses for a second. - This is my chance. Now or never.

- I’ll go get something to drink. - I mumbled quietly, starring at the door.

- Ok Master. I’ll wait for you in the bed. - Eve jumped on it.

Tsk... damn. Eve... Bed... Get a grip or you’ll be sleeping on the floor.

- I’ll be right back. - it took a mountain of effort to not turn around.

I stepped through the door and closed it behind me. Then leaned on it with me back.

Oh! My! Gosh! - I was beyond myself. - Evolution definitely increased her ’magical′ powers. I’d be done for if not for the door’s handle. Thank you, thank, you thank you.

I was patting the handle like an idiot. Then, realizing how stupid that must’ve looked, I laughed at myself.

- Hahaha. I’m totally messed up. - I scratched my head. - Phew. Let’s go find something to cool of.

I went downstairs and found Nirane sitting and gazing through the window. She saw me coming and stood up.

- Good evening Sir TC. Can I be of any assistance? - she asked politely.

- Good evening Nirane. It’s nothing really. I was hoping to get something to drink? - I asked.

- Unfortunately, I don’t have any alcohol... - she was a little worried.

- No, I didn’t mean alcohol. Simple water will do. - I smiled.

- In that case, let me serve you right away. - Narise poured some water from a big jar on the table. - Here you go.

- Thank you. - I drank half of it right away.

- You must be really thirsty Sir TC? - she asked.

- Yeah... a little... - I sighed, then asked. - Have you ever worked as a maid before?

- Indeed. You’re very perceptive Sir TC. I used to work as a maid in Saramis. It was lovely back then. - her face indicated she remembered something pleasant.

- You mentioned your husband died. Mind if I ask what happened? - I suspected it were doggons.

- Not at all. His name was Bernard. He was such a charmer. I met him at the market one day while looking for vegetables to buy. He was selling rabbit meat, which he claimed ‘was the most delicious meat you’ll find anywhere.’ I don’t know what came over me, but I bought some. - Nirane laughed quietly.

- And? Was he telling the truth? - I smiled.

- Haha. Yes, it was. - she laughed again. - Later I learned he was a hunter and lived in this village. Soon I was buying meat from him couple times a week. He didn’t waste the time and asked me out. I agreed to meet him and the rest is a history.

- From the sound of it, he was a great man. - I commented.

- Yes, he was. We moved to this village and lived a happy life. I was working as a maid in Saramis couple days a week. Bernard was hunting and selling meat. Those are years worth remembering. - Narine tried to suppress it, but tears were seen in the corners of her eyes.

- Sounds like a wonderful life. - I distant thought flashed from my past.

- But years went by, we both became older. Bernard couldn’t hunt as he used to. I was still working in Saramis from time to time. - Nirane sighed. - Then he became ill. I stayed home and looked after him. Bernard passed away with a smile on his face. He kept saying to me over and over, that he was the happiest man in the world to have met me.

Nirane turned her face and gazed into the window, as if trying to see someone in the distance. I wondered if she was remembering Bernard coming back home from the forest.

- Oh my. - Nirane touched her cheek. - I completely dozed off. Please forgive me Sir TC. I wasn’t able to talk to someone so openly for a while.

- No need to apologize. I enjoyed listening to your story. It was very inspiring. What do you do now? - I asked.

- Right before Bernard passed away, we bought some cattle with the savings we had. It was going quite well. Days were busy and I felt happy taking care of the animals. But doggons showed up few weeks ago and I lost everything. - she became sad.

- Doggons won’t be a problem anymore. We took care of them. - I assured her. - Your cattle will be fine now.

- That may be so. Unfortunately, we spent all the money we had to buy them. I don’t have anything left. - her voice was sad.

- I see. - I finished my drink.

- It isn’t that bad, neighbours help me to get by. - Nirane smiled.

- Thank you for the drink. I think I’ll go to bed now. - I stood up.

- Goodnight Sir TC. Thank you for listening to an old lady’s story. - she thanked me.

- My pleasure. Good night. - I put the glass on the table and went upstairs.

Eve was sound asleep when I came back.

Hah. It’s becoming a habit for me to come back when she’s already sleeping. I just can’t get used to her ‘unintentional seductive behaviour’.

I picked up pajamas Nirane left for me.

Never wore pajamas before.- I thought to myself.

Back from where I came from it was a luxury too risky to afford. I always slept with my armor on in case of an attack.

This world sure is peaceful.

I changed to pajamas none the less. Surprisingly, they fit me well. However, it felt strange to wear them.

Eve looked cute and charming. Those girly pajamas really added the ‘extra’ touch. I laid down next to Eve, still thinking about Nirane’s story.

What a beautiful life it must’ve been. She didn’t mention anything about children, which probably means they didn’t have any. It’s sad she lost all the cattle. Now she spends her time gazing into the window, remembering young days.

I was drifting away into the sleep thinking what would it be living a peaceful life. All I knew was war and fighting. I tried to think about the one I’d like to spend my life with... but removed the thought away quickly.

That’s in the past. Let’s get some rest. - I closed my eyes and fell asleep right away.

Surprisingly, sleeping in pajamas proved quite comfortable. I woke up feeling faint wind blown into my ear. I turned to the side and almost touched Eve’s nose with mine. Seeing her face so close made me blush. I realized it was her soft breathing, that tickled my ear.

She was lying on the side and had her hand placed on my chest. I felt my left arm being gently squashed by something soft. I didn’t need to look down to figure what it was.

Yep. Good morning to you too Eve.

I gently removed the hair from Eve’s face with my other hand. It must’ve tickled her, which made Eve wake up. She sat up scratching her eyes.

- Ohh... good morning Master. - Eve stretched back, which made her chest stick out in front.

I held my breath to soak in every detail, including her nipples, pressed against the fabric.

Ghm... a peaceful life with a similar wake up each morning. It wouldn’t be half bad.

- Good morning Eve. Had a good night sleep? - I was still drooling, but I was able to speak.

- Yes. And I love these pajamas. They feel so nice and comfy. Can we take them with us? - Eve fell in love with them.

- I don’t think so. Nirane gave these pajamas for us to spend the night. We can’t simply take them. - I got up to change.

- Boo... - Eve was sad.

- Haha. I can buy one for you when we get back to Saramis? - I knew it will be worth it.

- Yey! - Eve clapped her hands.

I changed to my clothes with my back facing Eve. I knew if I look at her while she’s dressing up, I’ll be in trouble. She’s way too comfortable getting naked around me. It’s not bad, it’s simply too dangerous for me.

We were ready to leave. Eve picked up her new staff. She looked like a full fledged sorceress.

She either kills you with her charms or with her magic. One of the two. And you won’t be able to escape her.

- Why don’t you go down and help Nirane with the breakfast? I’ll check to make sure we don’t leave anything behind. - I asked Eve.

- Sure Master. - she answered cheerfully and left the room.

She worked as a maid, I’m sure it will be here somewhere.

Of course, in one of the drawers I found some paper and a pen. I wrote a thank you note for Nirane and placed it on the table. Then opened my purse and took out one gold coin.

I don’t know how much cattle cost here, but one gold coin might be enough to buy a few. I know if I offered it to her directly, she most probably refuse.

Nirane’s story was a beautiful example of happy life and I wanted her to keep living it. I closed the door behind me, remembering Eve with her pajamas. I had a memory of my own worth remembering as well.

Nirane and Eve were almost done serving the table. Hot tea and sandwiches were waiting for us already.

- Good morning Sir TC. - Nirane greeted me politely. - Did you sleep well?

- Good morning Nirane. Yes, better than well. - I didn’t have more suitable way to express it.

- I am glad to hear that. Please sit down. Breakfast is ready. - she invited me.

Morning tea and pleasant chit chat was a good start of the day. We finished our breakfast and were ready to leave.

- Thank you for your hospitality. - I thanked Nirane.

- Thank you for pajamas Nirane. I had a great nice sleep. - Eve was in a very good mood.

- Save travels to you two. - she bowed down.

- Now that doggons are gone, I believe you can start keeping cattle again. - I commented before closing the door.

- I don’t know about that. It’s not so easy anymore and I have no savings left. - Nirane smiled warmly.

- Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’m sure it will work out somehow. - I smiled secretly thinking about the gift I left for her.

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